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Team Oksana:

Mel's Untruthful

on Child Support

6/29/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers are lashing out at Mel Gibson's lawyer for claiming Mel has been more than generous in supporting her and their baby.

0629_mel_oksanan_EX_Getty_0Oksana's lawyer, Marci Levine, tells TMZ, "The statement released to TMZ on behalf of Mel Gibson is based upon complete distortions of the truth regarding Mr. Gibson's financial contributions toward the parties' child and conveniently ignores his obligations to the parties' child under California law."

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny had stated that Mel has opened up his wallet for Oksana, putting her up in a multi-million dollar house, buying her a car, providing health insurance and giving her "tens of thousands of dollars to support her and Lucia over the past months."

Levine would not specifically say how Mel has fallen short, but sources connected with Oksana claim the actor has not paid child support since the couple split.

Levine says, "Mr. Gibson persists in attempting to 'litigate' this matter in the media, and continues to launch false accusations against the mother of his child."

And Levine says, "Unlike Mr. Gibson, Ms. Grigorieva has not, and will not engage in this type of undignified banter in the press."


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Mel....I hope you learned your lesson. Go back to your ex-wife who stuck with you throughout the years.

Oksana...get a F***** job you whore! Go back where you came from.....You have no talent unless you spread your legs you dumb bitch!

1472 days ago


Does anyone have a picture of Ox before all that surgery? she looks stiff and so plastic..

1472 days ago


Everybody knows that MG is an *******, but you never heard his ex wife talking trash about him and she sure has reasons to,because he cheated on her and left her for this whore.
This Oksana is tryong to cash in,the more **** she talks more willing he'll be to pay her to shut up. We just saw that Tiger's mistress doing the same thing...she started leaking those voicemail's and he faster than a flash paid her $10 millions. When all this guys will learn their leasson by just looking around them. That's my opinion.
MG is a anti-jew,a cheater,an *******,but I don't buy that he is a whore beater also.

1472 days ago


Uhhh...Lawyer Dude - she already did. We all think she's just another Ho.

1472 days ago


Thank you for the information Parker. I figured she was making a small fortune off these guys. I feel for Dalton and Gibson because they both have been taken by a pro.

1472 days ago


based on the fact that there are only 78 comments, my guess is people have grown tired of MEL and the Gold Digger.

He's a MORON and she's a manipulating bitch. They totally deserve each other. And if the baby isn't Mel's, why is he concerned about supporting it or sloppy vagina that birthed it

1472 days ago


Well it's not clear that TD ever planned it as a long-term thing. But as I said he always keeps things private. He may have had her legally "gagged" before she came to the US. It's possible she's only here bc he really wanted the kid. Officially they met '05 but he's seen at events w other people mid '06 where you'd expect a SO to be. It's anybody's guess really.
MG otoh has fewer options these days due to some significant problems but many things suggest he was looking at it as having more of a future. However the guy is unstable. Whether he struck her or not is an open question. But he does have a temper and it's hard to imagine him around anyone for long stretches without problems emerging. Robyn likely tolerated an arrangement of sorts. And having numerous properties probably eased some of the strain. A lot never made it into the press (and still doesn't), partly bc media was very different even 7 years ago.

1472 days ago


Uh - actually Levine, I think it was your soooo innoccent (not!) client who opened her mouth first hm?! She started it and no doubt Mel will finish it lol!! He has 7 other kids whose lives he's always been in so I don't think he's going to let her get away with the no visitation crap, so he's cut her expenses, tough she'll just have to find someone else to screw over lol!! He doesn't have to keep her, only his kid lol!!

1472 days ago


@Firefly. The dates in my above post that read '05 and '06 should have read '95 and '96 respectively.

Looks like this thread is dying down.

1471 days ago


He only wanted to have some fun (wear the same pair of shoes for 30 years).
She only wanted to seal the deal (with baby).

Only M

1471 days ago


Folks just so there's no more repeating false facts, Redgrave and TD split in '86! It's even stated in her biography. The press often gets things wrong and bad information that gets passed along by people who never read factual material. The British tabloids are notorious for inventing entire stories. They and certainly Pravda should never be taken as gospel.

1471 days ago


i love mel gibson no matter what shes nothing but a fame seeking whore like alot of most females in hollywood.

1471 days ago


WAH-WAH-WAH....just another adulterous whore crying for money. This is what you get for sleeping with a married and getting knocked up (on purpose I'm sure). Mel has been off his rocker for a long time and deserves what ever misery that befalls him for his adultery. But this is one cold calculating slut, I feel sorry for the kid, it is going to be a mess.

1471 days ago


That woman used to be the wife of an underrated James Bond actor Timothy Dalton! Maybe she needs to go back to Dalton, she has a child with him.

I'm a #1 Timothy Dalton fan!!! (I like him as Bond!)


1469 days ago

Lilian Cristina Pires    

No creo ni un poco de Mel es racista. Es mucho más probable que poseen Oksana es quien, como una lucha que hemos de adoremos perjudicar a nuestro oponente utilizando exactamente lo que él detesta, perforaciones usted, sus prejuicios. Yo ya he hecho un par de veces. Por lo que nadie puede garantizar este supuesto racismo de Mel Gibson. Como él fue agredir a su ex no me sorprende. Es evidente que el bebé era un golpe bajo ella para obtener su apoyo y asegurarle el futuro mediante la hija. De lo contrario no habría ganó al actor y director baba 10 millones de dólares en el nacimiento de la hija. Esto es una prueba más que amor de interés. Y para que poder decir que es falsa, también cosas buenas no descubrieron. Y que sea tomado como un antisemita, creo también que al juez indebidamente y que estar borracho si fuera de lugar, tanto que reconoció público y pidió disculpas. Esto también podría ser llamado del mismo modo aunque lamento todo el daño que han hecho y todavía pueden hacerse contra el judío. Pero quien lee la Biblia sabe muy bien que Jesús fue tomado la crucifixión realmente judíos, quien armado la cosa y que los romanos eran sádicos, judíos, con la aquiescencia de tortura que fue endilgado. Pronto, por supuesto, si los judíos hace más de 2.000 años habían aceptado a Jesús, el mundo sería lo que es hoy. Y esta visión no lo hace nadie antisemita! Es una realidad.

1468 days ago
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