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Naomi Campbell Hits a Rough Patch

6/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While usually no stranger to getting into hairy situations, supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest scandal is all about her bald spot.


During a photo shoot in NYC on Monday, the 40-year-old showed off what appears to be unbeweaveable hair loss.

Forget the headlines, this time she's ripped from the hairline.



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Let me be FIRST to say .... WTF ?????

1575 days ago

mrs etherl mertz    

Dammmnnnn!!! That's hair "loss" not breakage... it will NEVER grow back. A lifetime of hair extensions and weaves is nothing nice. Beautiful woman, but Wow!

1575 days ago


oh my god..its the missing link

1575 days ago


I'm sorry, but I don't find Naomi attractive at all. I have always that she was very homely looking and couldn't understand all the fuss over her. Not sure how she has managed to have a career as a supermodel....

1575 days ago


#3 You had me cracking up! ROTC!!! That's how her hair grows, since it's super curly/kinky. Can you imagine someone actually making those little balls, LMAO!!

1575 days ago


Looks like hairplugs, like Mile Davis.

1575 days ago


No wonder she is always pissed off.

1575 days ago


"It appears she decided to make little balls of hair at the edges, or perhaps this is how her hair grows before it's straightened?"

I'm trying not to say something racist here--not about Naomi Campbell or black people, but about how stupid and ignorant some white people can be!!!!

1575 days ago



1575 days ago

Cubs 2010    

A touch of Trichotillomania perhaps?

1575 days ago


She's had this problem for years. She was warned when it first started, but she needed da weavee lol. So she's paying da price. Her hair has fallen out. Those are bald spots, not designed. The hair in the back looks crappy and beady too. You can't just wear a weave or wig year after year and not take care of your REAL hair and scalp. A lot of models and celebrities either wear weaves, hair extensions or wigs, but most listen to their stylists about care of their own hair. Apparently this heifer didn't think she needed to listen.

1575 days ago

shut up i didnt ask    

Usally when a person starts out saying Im not racist, or Im not sereotypical they are the most ignorant, racist, unintellible person. Chris Rock got alot of slack with his do***entary on weaves. Most Black women do not want ANY one to know what there hair secrets are...So I would have to disagree with "WHITE PEOPLE ARE DUMB" In that comment I see racism, stereo typing and oh yeah IGNORANCE.

1575 days ago

shut up i didnt ask    

When you start a comment out with... I'm not trying to be racist, or Im not stereo typing etc... It just proves how ignorant, racist, and shallow you really are... regardless of your ethnicity !!!!!

1575 days ago


Hey people...I may have a beaded nappy hairline....and to some/many I may not even be attractive.....I wear wigs all the time! I may not meet your standards....I'm sorry for that....BUT ONE DAMN THING I DO KNOW IS.... THAT "I'M RICH AND YOUR NOT!"

1575 days ago


She really looks aweful..But need to ask about the racist issue...SO what these posters are saying is It's ok for a Black person to comment and it WILL NOT BE RACIST.. but when a White person makes a comment ITS RACIST...WTF???

1575 days ago
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