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Naomi Campbell Hits a Rough Patch

6/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While usually no stranger to getting into hairy situations, supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest scandal is all about her bald spot.


During a photo shoot in NYC on Monday, the 40-year-old showed off what appears to be unbeweaveable hair loss.

Forget the headlines, this time she's ripped from the hairline.



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I don't understand why she can't afford a hair-loss club or something! This looks bad, but it can be fixed with the help of her rich married boyfriend!

1555 days ago

ugly hot mess    

thats a wig on her head. And the little peas at the edgeare her real natural nappy hair. Black people were born with that type of hair, unless they are mixed with another race (then they have curly or straight hair). Thats some bad nappy hair!!Black people need to love themselve more, and quit wearing weave, take care of the hair God gave ya!!

1555 days ago


Something I learned after moving to LA, when a black person straightens their hair it is called a perm. This took me a long time to understand because when my mom got a hair perm in the 80s, she was making her hair curly. A hair permenant. I think it's really nice when people trade info in this fashion. Poor Naomi, all those years of glue and stress on the head must've hurt.

1555 days ago


Sure, if this is indeed her natural hair, the comments about her being an ape and a baboon are totally unnecessary and borderline racist. What do you look like?

1555 days ago


Just goes to show these supermodels and celebs are SO overrated. They can seem like they have it all and everything is great about them and for them, but then you see things like this and that image and that lie all comes crumbling down.

I have never wanted to be anyone else because I realize that even though I am not famous I am still blessed to be beautiful and a great person with my entire life ahead of me AND I am black and have a full head of hair that's down my back. LOL. No one will ever see baldy shots of my head. Lmao.

1555 days ago


Sorry that us whities aren't experts on African American hair and how it grows or what happens when you ruin it with weaves/hair extensions. It's VERY different from ours, if you weren't so ignorant, YOU would know that...

1555 days ago


19. Hey people...I may have a beaded nappy hairline....and to some/many I may not even be attractive.....I wear wigs all the time! I may not meet your standards....I'm sorry for that....BUT ONE DAMN THING I DO KNOW IS.... THAT "I'M RICH AND YOUR NOT!"

Posted at 10:15 AM on Jun 29, 2010 by Donna

Get down with your bad baldy self girl! LOL LOL LOL

1555 days ago


After reading through most of the comments, I just wanna say:

Black women are NOT the only ones that wear hairweaves, nor are the only ones that suffer from IMPROPER MAINTENENCE of them!

NO WOMAN, whether black, white, red, or yellow, wants to go around blabbing about her beauty "enhancements". If that were the case, why would Caucasian women spend so much to have full lips, breasts, tan skin, blonde hair and celulite-free bodies?!

Most African-American women commonly have a kinky-curl hair texture that is chemically relaxed to get a straighter texture. Hair weaving alone does NOT cause the above damage. It's excessive stress/pulling whether from heat, chemicals, braids or weaving. Even wearing your hair natural can cause severe damage if there is a lack of proper care.

A lot of white ppl ARE stupid, and alot of you are complacent with your stupidity, but that's besides the point. Black people are just as stupid as I read alot of the comments of the "Black blog" sites as well.

@24, I agree to an extent. I'm a firm believer that a child should NOT get chemicals applied to their hair until their older. I disagree with the fact that you've excluded in your comment that ALL WOMEN use some form of chemical processing to enhance their looks, whether it's perming (Caucasian women "perm" or add curl and body, while Black women "relax" to loosen the curl texture to make the hair supposedly more manageable), color-treating (BLONDES, HELLO?!) or relaxing.

BTW, although African-American woman are the number one consumer of hair care products, CAUCASIAN WOMEN are STILL the highest rank of beauty enhancements PERIOD! Just saying....

1555 days ago


wow. Im in disbelief that her hair is gone. She has so much $$$ so why hasn't and why isnt she taking care of her hair underneath her wigs & weaves?

1555 days ago


#36 you are one idiot! A racist one at that! Not ALL black folks have the kind of "nappy" hair she has! I am 100% black and my hair is wavy! So again, I just lost some brain cells replying to ur ignorant comment. Another person downing another race because u have some self esteem issues of your own...SAD

Naomi, Please shave ur hair off and start all over again!Thanks!

1555 days ago


Seriously, are all you people this ignorant?? Clearly she has a medical issue.....Lupus causes this type of hair loss, as do countless other conditions,or possibly she has that disease Alopecia. Certainly no laughing matter,then again, maybe she's just literally pulling her hair out,kwim?.....while stomping her feet,cussing,throwing things.....since she seems to be such an uptight,tempermental biotch.

1555 days ago


oops, I forgot to add eating disorder a possible cause, or even certain meds. I tried checking her eyebrows but couldn't tell,. I'm believing a med condition or eating disorder......but come to think of it, maybe it's simply Karma.....

1555 days ago


Is there something we are missing here? Is it a big no no to be the world’s prized beauty to have a physical flaw? Sure it’s okay to scream and beat up your servants and whoever comes in your way that you disapprove of, but are we not willing to overlook our collective hero when she starts to resemble the thing we’re told is bad for us? But are there solutions?

1555 days ago


Oh the irony...That nasty "blood diamond" lover Naomi has been wearing the fur scalped from poor animals for years and now she herself looks "scalped". Karma is a bitch.

1555 days ago


I dont know - she got mad and ripped out her own weave? - LOL

1555 days ago
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