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Naomi Campbell Hits a Rough Patch

6/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While usually no stranger to getting into hairy situations, supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest scandal is all about her bald spot.


During a photo shoot in NYC on Monday, the 40-year-old showed off what appears to be unbeweaveable hair loss.

Forget the headlines, this time she's ripped from the hairline.



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Wow! These comments are hilarious. For #70 GodlySinner, Your'e not Godly at all. Your'e a Sinner and a pathetic one at that! You gonna argue with me now?

1543 days ago


Poor Naomi. You're still hot!
For GODLYSINNER; How you could joke about hairloss is beyond me. That's what some people's hair looks like after chemotherapy. Karma's going to bite you in the ass if you don't get your life together. Take some time to reflect on yourself and come up with a better personality. You seem to be a hateful hated woman.

1543 days ago


Poor Godlysinner
You're a douche! I'm a Brit and I think you've done enough to embarrass us today, thanks.

1543 days ago


Naomi Campbell is rotting from the inside out **smiles**

Now the whole world nows!


... and breathe

1543 days ago



1543 days ago


With that head Naomi looks like a dog thats been boiled, fried and then ovened.


... and breathe

1542 days ago


Comment on 62 is not for blacks or people of color. The people I am references are not all black, 2 of them are white, 3 are Indian's, 3 are Spanish and 2 are Black. Just needed for people to know, this is not a race issue. Naomi keep the faith.

1542 days ago


well ladies let me be the first to say this is what happens after years of wearing hair extensions. If you don't want this to happen to you, stop it now.

1542 days ago


Poor girl! Society puts crazy thoughts of "good hair" into the minds of black women. I love my good, natural hair...kinky and curly as it may be at least it is healthy and on my head! Perms and straighteners are for the birds, burn your hair right off your head. Even if it grows back, there is still damage that will never completely be repaired. Some things just aren't meant for hair...glue and perms are those things!

1542 days ago


U r so right Terri! This is not a bad hairdo, but a condition. And for any women, no matter what color, is embarrassing and devastating to her self esteem. It is not a joke and definitely not funny to her and all others with this problem. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves for posting this pix. She should remove the weaves, seek medical advise, and if her hair can grow back, wear a wig til she can pull off a natural do or 'fro. With her looks, she could pull it off and look great doing it!!

1542 days ago


It is hair loss around her edges due to her extensions being so tight and never allowing her real hair to breath. Whoever does her hair should have taken better care of it. African American hair is very sensitive! You cannot continuosly bleach it, straighten it, weave it, etc... without expierencing hair loss.

1542 days ago


#1 your is IMPOSSIBLE to tell from a damn photo whether or not her hair loss is due to the "extensions" being too tight. I don't think she has extensions she has a WEAVE. They're two completely different things. A WEAVE DOES allow your hair to grow. You then have to treat it in some way eventually or you'll have a fro & it will break off.

1541 days ago


The heaviness of weave causes baldness. The hair around the temples WILL go bald from wigs,braids and the likes. So people like- allegedly Beyonce and NEM who allegedly wear fake hair a lot. It is good to take off the weave as much as possible. On tv Wendy Williams -- When she is off work and get's in the door of her home -- Her weave comes off. Allegedly She said this on. THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW"

When a perm is applied to natural african american hair and then the hair is braided on the same day. And needless to say dyed too. This is too much chemicals and pressue on the scalp. When too many packs of braids are braided or croqueted or sewed or glued into the natural hair, this too looks good but is too much for the scalp to handle it goes into shock. Glue will pull hair out from it's roots also. When a lot of packs of weave are applied -- well some females use a lot of packs of hair. This is a way to go bald over the years. When I watch the OPRAH show I sometimes wonder if that is her hair because it would be bad to have too many packs of hair pull out anyone's hair. A lot of guy's like the guys' in the NBA and all allegedly date women with lot's of weave and with silicone implants and plastic this or that and if a female takes the weave outta her head and no implants and all they would look regular perhaps and well-- The Price of Beauty is Painful. Hopefully Tara Banks will not keep allegedly wearing front lace wigs she has beautiful hair and all because as beautiful as they are - the wigs and all - in the long run - it's just a way to go bald. As for Naomi she may have cut her hair for a modeling project or anything. So, no one knows in that instance. Models do a lot of things to make all that money.. Naomi is beautiful nevertheless.

1540 days ago


Those are called "buck shots" "nappy"

1535 days ago


I am in total agreement wit h the person behind comment#5. I have always thought Naomi Campbell was truly gross and hideous. How is that monstrous creature a model?! And especially with that messed-up scalp. As for the bigot who is going off about white people being "dumb," uh, I very much doubt that my (all-white ) wife ever once encountered you on campus while she was studying at Harvard. Yes, that's how "dumb" she is! Where did you go to school? "KJown Kollege"? You pathetic bigoted mess/loser.Does your boss know what a drooling nose picker he/she hired?

1534 days ago
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