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Vince Neil's Dirty Laundry -- The Drinkin' Shirt

6/29/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just four days before Vince Neil was arrested for DUI in Las Vegas -- dude was boozing it up in Toronto ... wearing the EXACT same outfit!!!!

Vince Neil

TMZ obtained a photo of Vince hanging out at Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla Cabaret and Lounge in Toronto on Thursday night ... where he was seen sipping champagne for roughly an hour ... in that messy, floral button-down shirt.

You'll recognize the shirt from the photo of Vince partying in Vegas late Sunday night ... and from the mug shot he took on Monday morning after he was popped for DUI.

As we first reported, Neil's wife told us the rocker was sober for three years before this latest binge. Vince is currently out on bail.


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Oh wow! He is wearing the SAME shirt 4 days ago?! Who gives a f**k!! I guess everyone at TMZ has an extensive wardrobe that they never wear the same thing twice.

1546 days ago


Al Gore's massuses' friends told her to suck it up and keep silent or she'd be responsible for "global warming".
Love the comment Gore made to her about releasing his "chakra" LOL.

1546 days ago


Vince wife said he's been sober for 3 years. Hmm'kay.. Everybody knows champagne isn't really 'drinking'..neither is beer. *wink*

1546 days ago


sooooo, he travels lite and uses a laundry service. This is news?

1546 days ago


11. Rocker VINCE NEIL is still haunted by the car crash in which pal RAZZLE was killed and he confesses the prison term he served for his part in the accident wasn't tough enough.

The MOTLEY CRUE star spent 30 days in jail and was fined $2.5 million (GBP1.3 million) for driving drunk in the 1984 car crash, which cost his passenger, HANOI ROCKS star Razzle his life.

But he insists he should have been more severely punished, and now feels he literally got away with murder.

He tells BLENDER magazine, "I wrote a $2.5 million cheque for vehicular manslaughter when Razzle died.

Posted at 9:37 AM on Jun 29, 2010 by Z300Z300


What has been told about Vince, he has never apoligized for killing Razzle to Razzle's parents or his friends. Is that true? And he says he is haunted by killing him.. and still drinking and driving.. hmmm...

1546 days ago


AND YOUR POINT IS?????? Jeez, go troll Jermaine Jackson or somethin.

1546 days ago


Jesus Christ. HARVEY drinks out of the same straw on tv for a month. Post a piece about THAT.

1546 days ago


In 1984 Mr. Neil had a blood alcohol level of .17 hit another car head on, while going on a alcohol run. The two people in the car he hit, did not die but ended up in a vegatative states, while the person in his car died. He has already killed a person and put two people in a vegative state. How he could ever drive drunk again is beyond me. He knew from personal experience,what could happen. This dude does not care about anyone.

1546 days ago


Wearing the same shirt twice? I mean who does that? Who? WHO!!??

1546 days ago


Vince Neil = Old. Bloated. Drunky. Totally wrecked.

Not only has the years been completely unkind to this man but he hasn't made the best choices. Yes he cost a friend his life in the early 80's and was a pariah on the music scene, he then continued to live like a "rockstar" and partied like no tomorrow with booze and drugs. Later he lost his young daughter to cancer in the 90's, consequently got divorced and married a completely treacherous looking woman (no wonder he's drinking again).

Then he was so hard up he did a makeover reality show in the early 2000's in which he went sober, dieted and had extensive plastic surgery in a 6-week period--when he was unveiled he looked more like the current Mickey Rourke with about as much fashion sense a was worn in the movie The Wrestler.

Dude is a walking coffin...he's screwed if he doesn't get help.

Dude has been through a lot but no excuse to get loaded and behind the wheel to potentially kill another innocent person.

1546 days ago


I wonder if Dr. Drew is more interested in this guy's shirts, or that a drunk driver who already killed and hurt people happens to be caught driving drunk again?

1546 days ago


He's killed two people and permanently injured two others.

1546 days ago


Nothing new. Neil killed a friend in the 80's and has all kinds of charges. Just revoke his license for life & be done with it. If one of us had all these DUI convictions,and a DUI/Manslaughter, we would not have licenses.

1546 days ago


Wow! And I thought I was bad about "recycling" outfits.

1546 days ago


Woot these are MY pictures....well they were before I gave them to TMZ

1546 days ago
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