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Elena Kagan - Death Sentence for Bad 'Twilight' Joke

6/30/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan isn't a fan of "Twilight" ... 'cause at today's Senate confirmation hearing, the gun critic shot down a terribly delivered "joke" question about "Twilight" like she was Annie frickin' Oakley.


The super uncomfortable exchange all went down when Sen. Amy Klobuchar had the floor ... and informed Kagan that she had just watched the "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie ... and wanted to know if Kagan was Team Jacob or Team Edward.

She chuckled ... but it didn't seem like Kagan was amused.


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To those of you who are slamming the nature of the question - Ms. Kagan has been answering super tough questions for the last 3 days, it's been an extremely grueling process. What Senator Klobuchar was doing by asking such a frivolous question was trying to lighten the atmosphere a little and to give Ms. Kagan a much needed break.

1515 days ago


That was retarded.

1515 days ago

No comment    

Are you kidding me, we are talking about a Surpreme Court Justice one of the most important jobs in the country. Minnesota has idiots for senators, as yesterday Al Franken was sleeping and drawing pictures during the hearings. Way to go Minnesota send your twits to congress. Is this the best you have to offer?

1515 days ago



Do you have any knowledge of history? Being a judge was never required, and used to be not that common. In fact William Renquist was never a judge before joining the court. I don't hear any conservatives bashing him.

1515 days ago


She would be outstanding as a Supreme.

1515 days ago


Geez, I guess if you are the Dean of Havard Law School, you can't be ready to be the next Supreme Court Justice????
I don't care if she like a set of novels for 13 year old girls. I want her to understand Congressional and Constitutional Law.
Cmon Harvey mention what qualifications she has, instead of saying she has no sense of humor.

1515 days ago


Uh that was embarrassing. Trying to lighten the mood?? By being an imbecile? Didn't work.
Jeez, I've taught some 4th graders that I think would do better in congress than the crap we have in there now.

1515 days ago


As much as I loathe Twilight, thirty seconds of movie banter during a Senate hearing snoozefest won't be place the nation in jeopardy.

You tidied up your website, TMZ. It runs much more smoothly.

1515 days ago


Is this the best the U.S. has to offer? She's probably a nice lady to have a cup of coffee with or run an office, but the Supreme Court? Come on! She has no judicial experience, and her writings might take 20 minutes max to read. Who cares is she knows some current event fun facts!

This woman is totally unqualified for a position on the Supreme Court. Let's hope and pray she doesn't weasel her way in so we're stuck with her for the next hundred years!

1515 days ago


AMAZING! What was the senator thinking? Being nominated for the US Supreme Court and being interviewed by US Senators and this one thought this stupid crap mattered? What an effn' jaw dropper that this woman would even ask this ! Who the F cares about this movie? Kids. No kids here being nominated for the US Supreme Court. I'm going to email the stupid senator.

1515 days ago


No Sense of humor!!

1515 days ago


This woman is MORE than qualified to be on the court. It appears that most of you don't know what it takes to qualify or your party politics dictate you trash her for hers.

She will make an EXCELLENT justice and I am qualified to judge her.

1515 days ago


i made it throught he first 15 minutes of that crappy twilight movie. kagan should have slapped her. btw i am team jacob, the dude is hot. and what is it with this stupid poll on whether she is qualified or not? twilight people must not have liked her answer. SHE'S MORE THAN QUALIFIED YOU DOLTS.

1515 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

Wow! Chaz is looking great since the surgery! The makeup really makes him look good!

1515 days ago


Well, blah, blah, blah. It's a pretty small thing in the big sense of it all. I'm more interested in what she has to say about significant issues than trying to make some story about little side bar jokes.

1515 days ago
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