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Elena Kagan - Death Sentence for Bad 'Twilight' Joke

6/30/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan isn't a fan of "Twilight" ... 'cause at today's Senate confirmation hearing, the gun critic shot down a terribly delivered "joke" question about "Twilight" like she was Annie frickin' Oakley.


The super uncomfortable exchange all went down when Sen. Amy Klobuchar had the floor ... and informed Kagan that she had just watched the "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie ... and wanted to know if Kagan was Team Jacob or Team Edward.

She chuckled ... but it didn't seem like Kagan was amused.


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Listen I am a fan of the Twilight movies I really am but, why was that question even asked. Seriously, why?! That is such a stupid question to ask. The person who asked it should not even be allowed on the panel ever again. Her home state must be embarrassed, I would be if she came from my state. Of all the questions to ask and she asked that one.

1544 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Is there a rule that you have to have the ugliest women in America to be on the Supreme Court? Apparently there is such a rule. Is she a Lesbian? Is she really just 50 years old? It's amazing that Republican women are so much more attractive than Democratic women.

1544 days ago


DID nobody catch the lady called her mister?!!!!


1544 days ago


Too Bad Senator Amy from Minnesota wasn't sleeping like the other MN Senator Al Franken..who either sleeps or draws pictures during the hearing. Now we have Sen Amy asking stupid unfunny questions about a movie.
If franken was awake I am sure he would have a Perry Mason Question for the Judge to be.

1544 days ago


She hasn't held a judgeship. That alone should disqualify her from being on the Supreme Court.

1544 days ago


UGH!!! I can't stand politicians!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of hypocrites and hacks!!!!!

1544 days ago


This Senator is from Minnesota, and unfortunately she isn't even as embarrasing as Al Franken...

1544 days ago


What? No one could dig up a pubic hair on the Coke can question? Is the real test being conducted by the Senate to see if a nominee can withstand endless inane commemnts and questions without jumping up and striking someone repeatedly? If so, so far Ellen is passing!

1544 days ago


Funky Chicken,

Did it ever occur to you that most of America does not give a rat's a** about "Twilight"?

The question was juvenile and insulting. Kagan's response was appropriate!

1544 days ago

Cody Pequin    

Come on, this is such a waste of news. It was most likely a light joke which everyone has blown out of the water. No need to get all worked up over. Guessing is wasn't the primary topic of the whole meeting, and most likely wasted 10 seconds. Move on.

1544 days ago


Now this is weird. Why aren't we doing more to stop the situation in the Gulf? Twilight or Oil Spill? Oil spill.

1544 days ago


she is not good girl that sould just lave every one lony

1544 days ago


Kagan has dedicated herself to teaching and the law. The senator is an idiot with the movie stuff. And TMZ, STFU with this "team" stuff. America is being divided because everyone thinks they have to be on a "team" this, or a "team" that about EVERYTHING that happens in a day. It is insane and juvenile. Think for yourself and think of BOTH sides of an issue.

I like Kagan because she admits when she got it wrong. Plus, her comment about Scalia. ;)

1544 days ago

William Eldred    

Sheeesh! What a bunch of killjoys! Lighten up,folks.

1544 days ago


UGH. That senator is from Minnesota. We only have her or Al Franken to choose from. It's a lose/lose situation...

1543 days ago
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