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Katherine Jackson to Produce MJ Movies

7/1/2010 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Katherine Jackson is knee-deep in a business deal to produce and distribute several movies on Michael Jackson's life, and she is on a collision course with the MJ estate.

Howard Mann, the guy who co-authored Katherine's coffee table book, "Never Can Say Goodbye," is also producing a movie that will feature video from Michael Jackson's childhood through the end of his life.

We're told Katherine has hundreds of hours of video, including the family's big move from Gary, Indiana to L.A. after The Jackson 5 signed with Motown.

We're told Mann just bought the rights to 26 hours of Michael Jackson video ... owned by Michael Jackson's former business partner/confidant Marc Schaffel.  We're told Mann has paid Schaffel in the eight figures for the video.

Now here's the problem ... the Michael Jackson estate has the exclusive right to market Michael Jackson's name and image.  We're told Mann and company are comfortable with their legal position, because the beneficiaries of the estate -- Katherine and Michael's kids -- are profiting participants in the movie.  In fact, Mann tells TMZ he and Katherine plan on releasing a series of movies.

The estate would not comment, but as far as our research shows, there's no loophole when it comes to marketing Michael Jackson's name and image -- whether Katherine and the kids are beneficiaries or not.


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KJ is not the main beneficiary of the estate. She is a life beneficiary of the trust. She will not receive 40% in one lump sum. She will get monthly installments of her 40% until she dies and when she dies what money is left from that 40% will go to the children who ARE the permanent beneficiaries. The lawyers also do not work for her. They work for the Michael Jackson Estate. The more money they make for the estate the more money there is for her, MJ's children, & the lawyers. If she would listen to them she will be taken care of for the rest of her life. The lawyers from that estate just paid the house off so she doesn't have a house payment to make anymore. And by doing that they saved the house from being repossessed. They were able to do this from the money they are making for the estate.
She should be able to do what she wants. She is the main beneficiary of the estate and it was her son. The lawyers working for the estate are working for her not the other way around!!! Michael left all his money to her and the children.

Posted at 12:44 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by Are you sure?

1539 days ago


I totally agree.


Your both wrong, The attorneys work for the

Posted at 2:51 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by cindee

cindee is correct-they represent the estate-to legally execute the instructions that Jackson set up in his will....
AND... the estate also controls the image/licensing of the image of Jackson

Posted at 4:36 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by Sloane

1539 days ago


For those of you who claim that when Joe says, "jump",Katherine says,"How High" why do you suppose that she doesn't have the good sense god gave a fly to do as she wants? And don't give me that crap about abuse, because you have to watch the quiet ones. I have no respect for people that allow others to control them. Joe can't be that bad because she hasn't divorced him yet.

1539 days ago


All of this needs to be in court...pronto! If the estate doesn't take it to court, then we can assume the Jacksons are doing nothing wrong and the estate is blowing smoke. If the estate is serious about their charges and believe they're right, take them to court and get a ruling! One thing is certain, when it comes to money, Michael's family doesn't give a damn and they will never give up unless someone with authority puts a stop to it.

1539 days ago


The estate would be very, very foolish to fight her publicly. Everyone knows that Michael simply adored his mother, and it will not look good at all if the estate causes her stress by blocking her every attempt to preserve her son's legacy. So she makes money off these deals, so what? So do the children. That's what Michael would have wanted. Sure, maybe the estate should have some say in the content of these deals, but to block every one of them? Not good PR. If they fight Katherine (and elderly woman taking care of Michael's children) on all these things, it will be very bad PR for them. Eventually, the court of public opinion will turn on them.

1539 days ago


More to come but for those that need this education, read this very thorough article.

Posted at 6:00 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by truth

Read more:

Thanks a million times for posting this!! This is what we WERE NOT TOLD by the press r/e the molestation allegations. An excellent synopsis. Don't want to dig for all this yourself? Here it is all laid out for you. Doesn't take long to read at all.

1539 days ago


I don't think the estate is trying to block every thing she does. They are only concerned with music, photo's and ect that are trade marked.

Which means if she wants to wright a book and add some of her personal photo's that were never trade mark she can do that. She just can use his music, photo's & ect that are trade marked.

I don't think they want to hurt her financially but they need to protect the estate.

Keep in mind at this time the estate didn't have to agree to give her an allowance until after the will is finished being probated, but they did by taking it to the judge for approval.

1539 days ago


I LOVE YOU MICHAEL J. JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1539 days ago


I am sure he estate isn't trying to hurt Mrs. KJ it's only trying to protect the MJ estate from any kind of person using Mrs. KJ or anyone trying to violate the estates exclusive rights, such as these shady characters. Remember how MJ was easily duped by jerks who only wanted to be close to him and profit from him, i.e., Uri Geller, Rabbi Shmuley just a few to mention.

Mrs. J should be careful but again we don't know what's the real story behind her getting together with these clowns, just fishy to me.


1539 days ago


Things that make you know I have noticed something in the last couple of days...CNN has been having repeat commercials about their cover story that they did on Friday night and the commericals always ask "do you think there was a conspiracy to murder MJ" and then they have Tito saying " I just want to know what happened to him" granted this interview took place last weekend amist the hoopla for the 1 year anniversary of his death, but I think to continously play that commercial with those undertones...means that something is amist...and CNN is looking at it again...because they could have moved on to any other story...but they are repeating this one...I think CNN wants to open peoples eyes to the fact that we have been duped by AEG about the state of MJ health and what really happened.

Remember...the truth is in plain site!!!

I would urge you all to get Leornard Rowe's Book...What really did happen to Michael Jackson...I have mind and it is really a page turner and an eye opening account. And for those who may detract from Rowe's account...remember he NEVER changed his story!!!! from day one it has remained the same...he has not added anything and he has not taken anything away from his account!

He was one of the FIRST people to speak out against what AEG was pushing down our throats!!! Check out the youtube footage of his interviews if you dont beleive me.

AEG, Dileo(whom I dont think wanted to harm MJ), Randy Phillips, and I hate to say this his choregrapher, and music director have lied to us...and each time they were interviewed there story got bigger and bigger and things were added and then taken away!

Remember...the truth is in plain site!
like that old cant see the forest for the trees!

1539 days ago


Michael left the ESTATE in charge of his rights because he trusted THEM, NOT ANY family member to make the best, impartial judgment about using his image, songs etc. He KNEW that Katherine/Joe and others who have mooched off him for all of his life would NOT have the best interests of him and his children at heart. I hope his estate sues his parents and gets custody of his children taken away from Katherine/Joe. Family member who are lower than used kitty litter should NOT profit off the death of a family member who happens to make a lot of $$ ON HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!

1539 days ago


Law And Order: The Jackson Files

1539 days ago


gay harvey is really getting on my nerves these last few months - you know the way he loves dr. massive nostrils and is paid to say so publicly.

gay harvey argued on his show yesterday that MJ estate should get the 25 million they have made cus of all the work they are doing and after all they are the ones who made the $250 million for the kids & katherine. HELL I COULD HAVE MADE THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR THE ESTATE! anyone could, it doesn't take a legal genius to make money off of michael freakin jackson!!!

I don't like Katherine selling her son's stuff BUT who can blame her with two crackers makin a fortune off her dead son & her and the kids getting a little bit of money.


1539 days ago



1539 days ago


51 Barb A .....

I agree.... As I said ,leave Katherine alone, It is her son and money and debt from MJ... Some so called FANS on here,should shut up. Do you really think MJ would like most of ur comments. about his own MOTHER. STOP JUDGING , when nobody apart from MJ knows the truth. We should stick together and not judge .We should get JUSTICE for MJ..

1539 days ago
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