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Sandra Bullock and Jesse

Trust In Divorce

6/30/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock may have had her issues with Jesse James, but in the end she trusted him and vice versa when it came to deciding who got what in their divorce ... this according to divorce documents obtained by TMZ.

Sandra Bullock
TMZ broke the story .. the couple's divorce became final Monday.  According to the docs, Jesse and Sandra trusted each other when it came to coming up with a value of the assets they each held and the debts they each owed.  They waived their right to independently investigate the true value of the items.

They entered into a confidential property settlement agreement -- in Texas it's called a Partition Agreement.  And they each waived alimony.

The docs note that there are no minor children.  As we first reported, Sandra wanted to get the divorce over quickly -- 2 months from the time she filed -- so she can complete the single-parent adoption of Louis.


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Tiggy Tow    

Dude I still cannot believe that d-bag cheated on Sandra Bullock. That dudes got some serious issues man.

1540 days ago

get a life ho    

JJ may have been a douche , but at least he didn't fight SB for money and or support when he well could have .

1540 days ago


@electriczipper Thats funny. After one too many drinks, it does work, closing one eye and tilting my head. Double vision. I'd be seeing 2 electriczippers. Hahaha

Posted at 9:52 AM on Jun 30, 2010 by Trish

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ahhh Double vision,excellant FOREIGNER Song

1540 days ago

Hugh Jass    

I agree with Muppet (presently post #1) and loulou (presently post #7); a civil resolution by both of them for what was a mistake on his part that played out in public. He has said "whatever happens, happens..." as to their future and I say we leave them be.

1540 days ago


Classy Lady....Congrat to Sandra and lots of love
to you and lovely son.

1540 days ago


She is a classy, intelligent lady!!!

1540 days ago


maybe it was **** before but they sure did a graceful parting for the media masses,


1540 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Good for you Sandra. I hope you and Louis can move ahead with your lives in peace.

1540 days ago

either or    

Nice she trusted him to come clean with values of debts and assets, but given his "trustworthiness" she might have been wiser to have a whole team of lawyers and accountants crawl up his a** to make sure he's being truthful.

1540 days ago


I think it's great! She needs to get on with her life. The divorce is behind her now move on!

1540 days ago


Now that it is done and over, I hope that Sandra can live in peace. She divorced James. She moved away from James. She is taking care of the baby by herself. Now I heard he is moving to Texas to allow her to be near his children. If she wanted to be near his children, she would have stayed in CA. He is trying to keep the children away from their real mothers, and trying to use the children to emotionally blackmail Sandra. He such a control freak.

1540 days ago


There's no alimony in Texas.

1540 days ago


And THAT is how a divorce should be done when children are involved. Regardless of whether or not these children are "her" biological children, she has raised Sunny since she was born and Jesse Jr. and Chandler know her as a second Mother. They waited for all those months for baby Louis to come along (4 years really!) so regardless, it is their baby brother-Divorce or not! THAT IS WHY HE IS MOVING TO TEXAS TO BE CLOSER TO HER!

All along, thgey have kept their money seperately. If you have read any of his articles over the years, he's talked about it. Funny, how she's never talked about it, but he's had to. I do feel bad that he's always had to defend that, like every one thought he was a gold digger or something, when he makes $200 million a year from West Coast Choppers, clothing deals, TV shows and his Restaurants! He may not look like it, but His total net worth is $100 million. See the link below for more details about his net worth....

Sandra's net worth is only $85 million! There's assumptions that just aren't true about who would "get" alimony and its really just ignorant. I absolutely ADORE Sandra and am appalled at what has happened to her because of his actions. In the past few months though, a stronger woman has emerged and if she and Jesse decide to embarke on something more, then so be it. The way that they have conducted themselves throughout this divorce speaks volumes. This should have/could have been the messiest divorce in Hollywood, yet it wasn't. There is a genuine TRUST there that we "just don't get". Well, THEY DO, and that's all that matters-For THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN-ALL FOUR OF THEM. I wish them the best of luck as they embark on their newfound friendship and responsible co-parenting. On the outside looking in, He associated with trash and made the worst decision of his life in letting her go. He obviously loves her enough to do whatever he can to keep his FAMILY together and make this as painless as possible for her sake and his children's. I'd say that's a pretty classy move.

1540 days ago


#9 is correct ..... I can't figure out why more aren't commenting on that exact thing ... there are 3 other children involved that she was a stepmother to. And he was instrumental in her adopting Louis. she will go back with him but not remarry

1540 days ago


I bet the they hate that fact that everybody can read all their business on the internet.There should laws for privacy. I think the divorce is just for her career anyway. I bet they get back together in the long run. At her age she not going to want to start another relationship, she has her baby and I think that she is going to enjoy every minute of him growing up.

1540 days ago
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