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Shanna Moakler -- Still H8'n on Carrie Prejean

6/30/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler refuses to let her beef with "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean die down -- and TMZ has learned she's gonna send the anti-same sex marriage poster child a wedding present ... with a big, gay twist.


Keith Lewis -- co-director of the Miss California USA pageant along with Shana -- tells us they bought Carrie the Waterford Crystal picture frame from her wedding registry

But in pure cat fight fashion, we're told they're going to fill the frame with a picture from Shanna's photo shoot for "No H8" ... the campaign dedicated to fighting the ban on same-sex marriage. 

Lewis also tells us the people from the pageant "know Carrie 'very intimately' ... if you know what we mean ... and we didn't want her special day to be forgotten."


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Look...hat on this Prejean all you want but we voted in Cali to keep only traditional marriage. I agree with the previous post. If you hate on her than hate on Obama and the rest of the 50% plus people in Cali who don't want Homo marriage!

1523 days ago


A picture of Shana and the other ex Miss Cali's posing for the no H8 campaign? That's appropriate - it might inspire Carrie. Could have been worse - they could have used some vidcaps from Carrie's solo video!

1523 days ago


If she spent half the amount of time on her own life as she does harassing someone for voicing their FREEDOM OF SPEECH view point she might still be married. Everyone has the right to their own choices in life, right or wrong. What’s wrong is protesting or harassing another for their personal choice like she apparently seems to think is ok. Maybe someone should send her a picture of all of the soldiers that died fighting for that freedom to voice your own personal opinion….she’s weird and apparently has nothing better to do..maybe she should make that gag in her mouth a permanent fixture. In the future if one doesn’t want to know a person’s view or opinion on something, don’t ask.

1523 days ago


Go Shanna!!!

1523 days ago


Let's see Carrie is just about forgotten by the public. No one cares about her and her opinions anymore. Here comes wannabe Shanna. This is her best way to get publicity because nobody cares about her either. Shanna's what 34 or 35 now. This is the antics of a 22 year old. She just wants to keep her small degree of fame.

1523 days ago


People who say they are "open minded" are really saying they are open minded to you agreeing with their opinion.

This is a "petty, I have no life of my own" task. Is SM and this other person gonna meet at their lockers before hand to discuss their final diabolical gift plan? sheeesh.....some folks should consider what life might be like as an adult.

1523 days ago


Maybe she should reconsider her ad "N8" as a sublimial message from her self to her self.... Maybe Shana should be the one to stop H8'n for a minute.

1523 days ago


lol where did carrie p. register? Wouldn't it be funny if someone actually gives her that photo and photo frame. OH GOOD GOSH NOOOOOO SOMEONE GOT ME SOMETHING OFF THE REGISTRY!!! (impersonation of my best friend the bridezilla who registered at and filled her registry with lame things when she was able to add anything she wanted and then was surprised that no one wanted to get her $2000 cookware lol). Oh Carrie and Shanna grow up ladies. TRUCE!

1523 days ago


Shanna reeks of maturity!

Listen, whether you like Carrie or not, sometimes it's better to just let go. Every time Moakler does something like this, it makes Prejan seem like she was right when she stated that the Miss California Committee was shady. In any case, two wrongs don't make a right and Moakler really isn't helping the cause, it's just making people that support gay marriage seem really petty and immature!

1523 days ago

Mike Powell    

Shana Moakler is such an irrelevant white trash skank. Go away sloppy whore...That Prejean girl is probably wrong with her opinions, but Moakler is trying to use that to stay relevant. Back to the 909 derelict!

1523 days ago

Mike Powell    

Shana Moakler is such an irrelevant white trash skank. Go away sloppy whore...That Prejean girl is probably wrong with her opinions, but Moakler is trying to use that to stay relevant. Back to the 909 derelict!

1523 days ago


Shanna should just let it go.

1523 days ago


Sounds like stalking to me.

1523 days ago


This is just looks like the H8 is geared towards anyone with an opinion different from theirs! Let the woman feel and speak as she wants. There's no h8 on her end, the h8 is purely coming from Moakler and her people. This is just pure stupid...get a life, a real job AND a healthy marriage Moakler.

1523 days ago


Carrie Prejean who? Shanna should ****ing worry about taking care of the three kids she has. We all heard how she parties all night and cant even be bothered to get out of bed in the morning to take care of her kids. Disgrace! Someone with so many problems should quit worrying about some dumbass nobody who dosent believe that everyone has the right to be married and misreable!

1523 days ago
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