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Shanna Moakler -- Still H8'n on Carrie Prejean

6/30/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler refuses to let her beef with "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean die down -- and TMZ has learned she's gonna send the anti-same sex marriage poster child a wedding present ... with a big, gay twist.


Keith Lewis -- co-director of the Miss California USA pageant along with Shana -- tells us they bought Carrie the Waterford Crystal picture frame from her wedding registry

But in pure cat fight fashion, we're told they're going to fill the frame with a picture from Shanna's photo shoot for "No H8" ... the campaign dedicated to fighting the ban on same-sex marriage. 

Lewis also tells us the people from the pageant "know Carrie 'very intimately' ... if you know what we mean ... and we didn't want her special day to be forgotten."


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go home!    

wow. shana really needs to get a life and a REAL job. Her obsession with prejan is beyond pathetic. OMG im embarrassed for her, but i guess she has nothing else in her life to focus on.

1579 days ago


Please. Shanna Moakler has nothing to hold on to or make her famous so she is grasping at straws to keep herself in the news. LOSER.

1579 days ago


Moakler buys Prejean a $150 Waterford picture frame. Moakler's picture can be removed in, oh, 10 seconds after opening the gift.

Or, with all this publicity, how about Prejean selling it on eBay with the picture in it? I'll bet she'd get more than $500 for it!

Either way, Moakler is the loser.

(I've never seen TMZ commenters agree more on a topic. Wow.)

1579 days ago


so, Liberals want equality, respect, understanding and tollerance...

yet they don't believe others should have differing opinions, freedom of speech and religion if it doesn't meet their agenda, they don't understand nor do they tollerate those who don't agree with their opinions.

Yep. That's the liberal way. Thanks Moakler for showing the liberal true colors.

no wonder 3 USA today, Rasmussen and Gallop polls have showed voters are leaning conservative more now than ever. who would want to be associated with the insane clown pos... I mean the liberal party?

1579 days ago


The only way that Shanna can get any press is to hop on a Z list celebity's coattails. ShaMMa should really look at her own conduct and behavior before she judges others, lousy role model for her own daughter let alone everyone else's.

1579 days ago


Shanna is nothing more than a little TWIT, why don't you take care of you little children instead of being as a-hole. Carrie Prejean is laughing at you because you are just jealous of her and that she is moving on with her life and happy.
Shanna you are a miserable "SKANK".

1579 days ago

Moe Greene    

Shanna Moakler needs to get a life. How miserable that this is the only way this never was can get publicity.

Grow the f up Shanna, you classless waste.

1579 days ago


Typical liberal douchbags. Only liberals have freedom of speech according to them. God forbid you speak your mind and not be a liberal. They preach about tolerance but they are only tolerant of other liberal douchbags who share their opinions.

1579 days ago


Seems to me all that Carrie Prejean did was answer a question with a perfectly reasonable answer....and then she was called a bigot and heaven knows what else by the likes of the goober squad.

Her opinion has nothing to do with "h8" (if we're going to be juvenile about it) other than sealing her fate as the recipient of it.

1579 days ago

Lynada Hendrick    

Shannon, get over it. That is so immature to want to castigate a girl with an opinion. She was asked her opinion and she gave it. Since when are you perfect. I understand you aren't a very good mother. You want people giving you a hard time?

1579 days ago


tasteless publicity stunt from a Dethroned D Lister. Get over yourself. Yes Prejean made a private tape that was exposed. Moakler exposed her privates to the public for money, and she was co-director of a pageant at one point? MIGHTY high standards in that biz. Let the girl get married in peace, the real tragedy was ambushing a contestant to choose a side on a cultural issue that's highly divisive. Whats next Glenn Beck asking if the Obama Admin is respecting the 10th amendment? Or the Council of La Raza asking about immigrant rights? Lets leave the nutters in thier straight jackets and ask something that might unite rather than divide us, such as "do you agree Perez Hilton looks like the Kool Aid man had a kid with Jack Osbourne." I think all americans and members of the world could emphatically say YES!

1579 days ago


Not too professional for Keith Lewis - he needs a talking to and maybe he needs to be replaced. Shanna Moakler lives in a glass house, I'm surprised she's throwing stones.

1579 days ago


Moakler comes across as an crabby old broad. Angry beyond where it should matter. She looks like one of those women who refuses to age gracefully, and still think they look 20. psssst: Honey, you don't!!

1579 days ago

Pound Sand    

Good lord how immature and juvenile is this woman! Grow the F**k up b**ch!!!

1579 days ago

Pound Sand    

Cause this b**ch is such an expert on happy marriages, same sex or not!

1579 days ago
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