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Tiger's Divorce

Cheaper Than You Heard

7/1/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Tiger Woods will be a single man by the end of day tomorrow ... and he ain't payin' anywhere close to $750 mil.

tiger woods & elin nordgren
Sources connected with the golfer tell TMZ his divorce from Elin Nordegren is a done deal, except for the official filing with the court.

We're told Elin will not get near the reported $750 million in the settlement.  As one source put it, "Tiger isn't even worth that much." 

The source added, however, "She'll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup."

In May, 2009, Forbes estimated Tiger's worth at $600 million.

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Well said, Debra.

1576 days ago


"She'll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup."

He gave one of his whores Rachel 10M$ to shut up so why can't he give her more ? After all she was his wife and the mother of his kids. She deserves even more after putting up for such a creep for so long.

I loathe this guy with all my heart. What he did is beyond cruelty. Treating your wife and your family like a piece of garbage without any regards is nauseating. What kind of man he is ???? Still there are idiots who keep on making excuses for him.

He didn't kill her ! Big deal what about AIDS or HIV...? She will have to get tested for at least the next 10 years just because she married a nasty little bastard who couldn't keep it in his pants. He was such a disgusting pig he didn't have the decency to use condoms ... What a poor excuse for a man.

If I were Elin I will leave him with his money and the kids. Let's see how the great TW can handle the education of children under the age of 3 ....

1576 days ago


Thanks. Finally a media group that did not actually believe that he was really giving $750 million and called BS. That was 3/4 of the best estimate of his net worth in the past year. But the rest of the world loves a high number without really thinking about it. Jump on the $750 million and sell papers or gets viewers. But inside they no its not real.

1576 days ago

big ball    

celebrity gossip is really crap...THe guy is worth $60...0mill he lost millions in endorsements...plus the economy sucks...Where is he going to get $750mill from? In America we pay taxes, a **** load.
I will be surprise if she gets $150.00

1576 days ago


I am sad to hear this, I thought she was a gold digger but after the golf club incident I think she really loved el cheapo. If he would have embrace his own kind this never would have gone so public. But I applaud him for not trying to run to black people for support.

1576 days ago


Whores are cheap everyone knows that..Its cool tiger now your single you can do what you want.

1576 days ago


Good luck Tiger. You are well rid of the gold digger. Now you can get back to yourself and do whatever you enjoy and I think your golf will be back to normal again.
Someone said she has acted very classy. Well if she wanted the money which is all she wanted, she had to keep her mouth shut.

1576 days ago


He's a douche for his cheating but 750mil..that heffa aint worth that much, especially since she didn't bring **** to the table.

1576 days ago


Back to banging diseased sluts for Eldrick Woods. He sure isn't a 'Tiger' if he runs away from women wiedling golf clubs aimed at his head.

1576 days ago


He is easily worth a billion if not more....

1576 days ago


What hilarious comments. OFC she wasn't getting 750M. Not that Tig had 7 fitty to give her anyway.

El has to get STD tested for the next 10 years? Are you CRAZY? Send your M.D. back to the diploma mill you got it from.

Tig should have been just like Jeter and now he can be. Date the model of the week on the up and up out in public. No worries. Super-rich, super-star athletes for the most part are just not wired to be family men. And clearly Tig was not. His mistake was even paying that old bag Gloria Allred the 10M. He should have just told her to go pound sand.

Since we are in rumoville anyone want to take a guess as to how many times El was giving it to Tig since she started popping out the kids?

1576 days ago


Elin is nothing more than one of the skanks that Tiger had cheap sex with She's not worth the Payless shoes she is standing in. And, she's ugly Throw that Carp back in the sewer

1576 days ago


congrats to Elin on her windfall profits. i wonder if the trickle down will be in effect? i can see all the flys flocking to the honey, the so called european playboys, wannabe celebs, dirty trailer park trash, fla developers, and so on. it must be nice to buzz around the crumbs from this half black man. will it matter? now he can just go out and make another 300 mil., but can she! will she marry for money again, or can she live off her divorce settlement. if i was tiger, as soon as she starts with the skeezos, i'd file for full custody of the children.

1576 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Reason for divorce is a mainstay but in points of view held by many is that inter-racial marriages are to infuriate populations, and encourage cultural diversity in marriage when we all now know that inter-racial marriages do not work well and should be condemed instantly instead of dragging the dog along at an exorbinate price held by the owner of the relationship!

Get real stay away from each other, Pimp and Hoe act!

"Stay divorced and a far way away from one another!"

Get a clue!

1576 days ago


What is the use in having a prenup if they don't mean anything in a court of law?I keep hearing about people having a prenup then when they get divorced they never go by the terms of the prenup.

1576 days ago
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