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Tiger's Divorce

Cheaper Than You Heard

7/1/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Tiger Woods will be a single man by the end of day tomorrow ... and he ain't payin' anywhere close to $750 mil.

tiger woods & elin nordgren
Sources connected with the golfer tell TMZ his divorce from Elin Nordegren is a done deal, except for the official filing with the court.

We're told Elin will not get near the reported $750 million in the settlement.  As one source put it, "Tiger isn't even worth that much." 

The source added, however, "She'll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup."

In May, 2009, Forbes estimated Tiger's worth at $600 million.

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she'd make a lot more if she rejected the settlement and make a career out of the tell-all .. o well, blessed be both .. :)

1572 days ago

Rachel es una puta    

Waow so many bitter and angry comments towards Elin . Why ? Because she's going to be rich ..... Money ain't everyhing in this world and that's the problem of our society. Money can't buy you true love, integrity, honesty, values, character...
Wake up people just because the cheater is Tiger Woods we should give him a free pass. He's accountable for his actions like everybody else. I for one hope he never wins again another major because he doesn't deserve to be treated like a winner . He needs to experience failure, frustration, pain, anguish all those little things his soon to be ex wife has experienced thanks to him !

Someone says she wasn't classy because she didn't keep her mouth shut. Well I don't know in which planet do you live in but I have never heard this woman talk before this scandal and after. So before posting such a stupid comment get your facts straight OK

Two facts i wanted to clear : she's not a gold digger, she didn't pursue Tiger he wanted to date her and she turned him down many times so it doesn't sound gold digger to me.
Second : Princess Diana was a nanny before marrying Charles. Did that make her also a gold digger ?

1572 days ago


Billions? Please. ... not even close. ... stupid media hype with no facts.

1572 days ago


If old Tiger is worth 2.something billion, THEN ELIN SHOULD GET 1 BILLION, AT LEAST!!!

1572 days ago


Old Tiger's ONLY hope would be to have his wood fall off.

1572 days ago


That 750 million figure was a joke from the start. True, he has made about a billion, but 25% of that comes off the top to agents, management companies, publicists, etc. Then another what, 30% (?), for taxes... etc., etc. Even with good investments, the crash would have cut into those gains. So, the $400-500 total worth sounds right to me. Poor kids, I hope they can still afford college (Daddy, why can't you buy me Harvard?)

1572 days ago

JR Jake    

That is a painful picture to view of Elin. The look as though she 'just than' got kicked in the gut, or hit with bad news. Trying to hide the anger, and hold back the tears. Betrayal is a terrible thing especially when you think you have a 'marriage made in heaven'. Tiger and Elin will both be fine, financially and otherwise and I hope they both find their place and the happiness in which they seek. Elin is a gorgeous lady and I bet she has a really good spirit, but will probably take years before she can trust again. Best to both. P.S. The windfall went to the lawyers, trust me.

1572 days ago


Good for her. She stayed quiet this whole time. I doubt she will say anything later (even if no gag order was in place). She will most likely go home and never be in US media again. I wish her and her family the best.

1572 days ago


deserve to receive that kind of settlement. I did not see her on the golf course winning those tournaments.
I did not see her on TV with a Nike commercial. Yes granted her looked like a fool with all the cheating that Tiger did behind her back but there is no way she deserves 750 Million. I can see 100 even 200 Million but that's it. Freaking lawyers are ruining this world.

1572 days ago


One day a woman will say, 'I don't want alimony - Woman are equal and I'll earn for myself.'

...Fat chance.

1572 days ago


1) 5 years ago she was a nanny!
2) Nike ammased 645 million on Tiger's name alone
3) Tiger's video golf game has netted 700 million.
4) Nike continues to pay him 30 million a year plus %'s.

Tiger will continue to rake it in and Elin doesnt even have a college degree (she should be happy to take care of his kids, that is what he married her for. she is a professional nanny). I'm not shedding a tear. And how much is Charlie Sheen paying his wife for putting a knife to her neck? How much is Mel Gibson giving his baby mama for knocking her teeth out? If Madonna can give Guy Ritchie 90 million so she can bone younger men, I dont have a problem with Tiger's pre-nup. Elvis cheated on Priscilla and hooked her-up. Its par for the course!

1572 days ago

george fudge!    

His wife is so much more intelligent and beautiful than all of his hoe's combined, Tiger will be haunted for life now at what he has done to himself outside of golf.

1572 days ago


But if shes smart she'll stay with him once he is worth more than is said. Because he's more popular now than he was when we all thought he was a goody 2 shoes

1572 days ago


Sure, I believe he's not worth much. Remember when Donald Trump was going through his divorce with Ivana - he was broke! After the settlement, he suddenly had money again.

1572 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Well, he was a lousy husband - let's just hope he is NOT a lousy dad. Now he can date anyone he wants to.

1572 days ago
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