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Tiger's Divorce

Cheaper Than You Heard

7/1/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Tiger Woods will be a single man by the end of day tomorrow ... and he ain't payin' anywhere close to $750 mil.

tiger woods & elin nordgren
Sources connected with the golfer tell TMZ his divorce from Elin Nordegren is a done deal, except for the official filing with the court.

We're told Elin will not get near the reported $750 million in the settlement.  As one source put it, "Tiger isn't even worth that much." 

The source added, however, "She'll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup."

In May, 2009, Forbes estimated Tiger's worth at $600 million.

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Kunny Nato    

TO TIGER and ELIN: Pls read this comment: First and foremost, money can't buy love or happiness. Getting millions of $$ is not a guarantee for happiness! When all is said and done, I have to ask this: How come infidelity scandals on Mr. Woods seem to pop up when major Golf tournaments are about to be played??? As far as men and women sleeping around goes, it happens and has happened from time immemorial! If a woman wasn't a virgin when she got married, I don't see why she should complain when/and if her spouse discretely sleeps with other women. Unless of course, if he doesn't satisfy her and fails in affectionately fulfilling his chores in other areas of their relationship. I am just saying - that is just my humble opinion. ELIN don't forget (on behalf of your children and yourself) to sue all those mistresses who slept with your husband, the father of your children while knowing he was a married! There should be a law (family law) in all the states protecting families against "Marriage predators" in the form of mistresses!

1542 days ago


I think Tiger is nothing but a slime bag.. Elin has more class than him for sure. He doesn't even deserve her. I hope he catches crabs off his dirty whores he has been hooking up with. They are fake, and plastic... If that is what you want you will end up old and lonely in the end. Tiger you are all washed up. I hope all of your endorsements drop you and you go broke!!!!!
To Elin I hope you find a man who deserves you.. He has big fat lips and he is ugly anyway he doesn't deserve you.

1542 days ago


hey its Eldrick, stop hating on me. By the way any hot chicks available for $100 large

1542 days ago


To number 34: Pricess Diana comes from English nobility. Her father was an Earl. She was a Lady. She was working as a nanny to pass the time, not for money. Read a history book.
elin came from a good family as well, in fact her family is more upper class than tiger's family. her mother Barbro Holmberg is a politician and former Swedish migration and asylum policy minister, and her father, Thomas Nordegren, is a radio journalist who served as a bureau chief in Washington, D. C. and contrary to what you think, elin wasn't planning to work as a nanny forever. she was studying to become a psychologist and her stint as a nanny for their family friends the parneviks was meant to be only temporary, a summer job. if she hadn't met tiger, she would have become a child psychologist, her twin sister who also worked with her as a nanny ended up becoming a lawyer, and her brother works a white collar job in china. obviously, if she were really low class like his mistresses, tiger would never have married her.

1542 days ago

Carmen Quiogue    

Good luck to both of you. Elin if you ever remarried, please protect your money and the kids too . Tiger try to go on with your life love your kids and your mother very very much,they are the only people in your life.

1542 days ago


who cares! she's not worth $750 million and if she were black this wouldn't be news. she got cheated on big deal!!!

1542 days ago


who cares! she's not worth $750 million and if she were black this wouldn't be news. she got cheated on big deal!!!
i bet if she was black, you wouldn't be saying that. and btw, no one should be worth a billion dollars just because they're able to hit a ball with a stick.

1542 days ago


choco_latte, I agree. Woods is an over-paid, self-centered, arrogant jerk. Of what use in the world is his so-called job? The janitor is more useful than he is. LOL I think Elin is being too soft on TW, claiming he's a "good father". Poor Elin must be naive to think such a thought; it's what she wants to believe. No good father would disrespect his children's mother and risk giving her sexually transmitted diseases even while she was pregnant with his children! The man is lower than a snake.

1542 days ago


I'm never happy when people divorce! However this could prove a new beginning for the both of them.

They have been through HELL!!!

Tiger messed up! I hope peace comes from this one day.

1542 days ago


For the rest of Tiger's life he will have to pay whoever he is dating to keep their mouth shut. Every woman is going to expect at least 10 million per year or they will write a book. Is there such a thing as a privacy contract for someone you're dating?

1542 days ago


God willing, let us pray that this Swedish parasite will now take His Highness to the cleaners ! ...

1542 days ago


Anthony get lost f$$$ing idiot. I don't care what you think of me. He's still ugly ugly ugly ugly as sin not only outside but more importantly inside.
You are a degenerate .... like all Cheetah lovers.
BTW your super hero shot 73 yesterday +3 ; what happened ? No PEDs anymore and no whores ......
Well he has become another golfer like every other golfer on tour. No golden boy image again. No more magic. Just a stupid spoiled athleted who believed the world revolved around him.

How can a dumb guy who hit a golf ball with a stick can earn 1B$ is beyond me ????? Oh yes stupid american society who rewards liars, cheaters and jerks. No surprise this world has become a joke.

1542 days ago


tiger..you are a complete and utter fool!

1542 days ago

Robin C    

She's beautiful, confident, intelligent, and a survivor. He is robotic. Primed from childhood.

1542 days ago


Now, in the immortal words of Michael Douglas - that was the F@*k of the Century.

1542 days ago
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