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TMZ Live: Vienna Girardi, Beresford and Lohan

6/30/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Bruce Beresford-Redman's cell phone extradition defense, Lindsay Lohan being sued by a clothing boutique, and Vienna Girardi's wild spring break photos.


Plus: Chris Brown's breakdown at the BET Awards.


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Can't we claim imminent domain (is that what it's called?) and take over all BP propereties in the US and its' territories until all clean up is paid for?

1576 days ago


Does the cell phone defense trump conclusive DNA evidence. Why can't they find this mystrey killer's DNA on Monica's body?

1576 days ago


Did you see that Jermaine made mention of TMZ on Larry King Live?

1576 days ago

Just sayn    

Do you think that for all these years MJ's mother and father stayed apart to keep MJ paying......and happy. I have a gut feeling MJ's mom was just playn along.......and now she will do more of what she wants to do without the fear of the $$ being pulled away.....blackmale holds mom hostage?

1576 days ago

Hugh Jass    

wouldn't it be better to let go of the Jacksons and just ignore them now?

1575 days ago


Is Howard Stern going to sign a new contract?

1575 days ago


If it's not broke don't fix it... please the web
page back like it was.

1575 days ago



Would you rather be...... US Attorney General, Federal or Supreme Court Judge, White house Press Secretary or the President of the USA? Just curious.

1575 days ago


Who is your Webmaster? You site is so bombarded with **** that it takes forever to even scroll down through the articles.

1575 days ago


when are u gonna start making front of Miley Cyrus a little more

1575 days ago


Change the website back to the "way it was." This really does "SUCK!"

1575 days ago


I totally agree with what Harvey said about Katherine Jackson.
I think the last 8 minutes of today's TMZ is so true. I been doing a research about this family but the deeper I dig, the deeper it shows that they surround themselves with the wrong people.

Unfortunately deep inside of her there is that love for the money and by the looks of it she can't get enough. Can't she just rest and enjoy her grandkids?? I mean she is getting so much money thru the state..
She is a woman of faith; she knows that money is not the most important thing. Also, the kids were alone on MJ's death anniversary?? Was she with them or where was she??
God gave this family talent, AWESOME TALENTS, like no other family, why they get influenced by the wrong people??
I mean wake up Katherine!!! Brake the chain that has made your son Michael so miserable, pay attention to the most important things, your grandchildren depend on you....
Your son Michael Jackson already achieved so much, he did it all, he is the most amazing person in entertainment business, can you and your family enjoy it??
What is that your heart desires on top of that???
Human nature... who can understand them....

1575 days ago


Do you have an opinion on the news that Tyler Parry has fired all his staff and is Suing the "The Boondocks" for their satirical episode outing Tyler as a homosexual?

1575 days ago


the mel gibson thing bothers me over the fact that it was a tape to do damage.
i have had fights with past boyfriends and you know what they all say things in the heat of the moment.
that is why they call it a fight. words are said and want to be taken back
Mel G is a man who i would not do business with for the most part.
he is drunk and he has a right to free speech. if we do not want to hear it from him then dont live or date him.

how much do you want to bet that Tiger sent him a case of wine to thank him for taking tiger off the front page and putting Mel back on. i have one other question

does mel have a movie coming out soon ? or does the mother have a cd dropping soon ???

you guys rock

1575 days ago


ya'll really needs to leave chris brown alone i honestly do not beleive for 1 second that all that was said really happened rihanna played a big part of that but the media automatically made him a monster and made her a prince look at her videos she is no saint honestly she needs to stand up and be real not just for the fun and publicity and sales shes made at the end of the day she has to have a heart i dont know either of them but i am a true chris brown fan till the end i dont condone abuse but theres more that shes not telling and if she cared for him at all she would be real regardless of the music biz it's better to be ral upfront than later dont make the next person look bad while your rose trys to bloom

1549 days ago
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