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Chace Crawford Rolls into Court for Weed Case

7/1/2010 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford rolled into a McKinney, Texas courthouse just moments ago -- where a judge will formally charge the actor for allegedly having an unlit joint in a car he was sitting in.

Chace was technically charged earlier this month -- but Texas law requires the actor to appear in court so the judge can make it official. Chace is facing one misdemeanor count of weed possession.

TMZ broke the story -- Chace was busted in a Plano, TX parking lot after cops claim they found one unlit joint in the car he was in with a friend.

If convicted, Chace could face up to 6 months behind bars.

UPDATE 8:15 AM PT: Nothing happened in court today. Chace will not have to show up for the next court appearance, scheduled for August 20.


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My friend Jess is a clerk for collin county and got a picture with him; she just posted it to facebook. Said he's real nice :)

1514 days ago


He FACES up to 6 months, that's just how the law is written in Texas. He will more than likely get deferred adjudication with probation and he will have to stay out of trouble for 6 months or a year or else he will face the full charge again... Most first time marijuana offenders get this sentence in Texas.

1514 days ago


Up to 6 months in jail... for a JOINT!!!!! What kind of moronic country is this? Rapist go free after a few months in jail, killers get paroled child abusers a few weeks... IT AINT HARD DRUGS!!!! The prison system is failing the population because they keep on punishing the wrong people! MAKE WEED LEGAL AND GET BETTER JAIL SENTENCES FOR THOSE WHO DESERVE IT!!!! I mean the population pays to keep them rapists, abusers and killers to be in there, why waste our money on a weed offence??!!!

1514 days ago


I'm friends with a few cops in Texas and they say that as they get older they chill out a little. They let the young rookies that are gung ho do all the crazy stuff. They are so arrest crazy, they will chase kids for small amounts of pot while the older ones will let it slide.
If its raining, everybody slides. :)

Except for the black and whites(they are vicious)

1514 days ago


He won't do ANY time. I guarantee it.

1514 days ago


6 months? for a joint? really? That is wrong on so many levels.

1514 days ago


He absolutley will not do anytime. This is complete BS not just for the joint but for the fact the friend has never been named or charged that was with him? So who is he covering up for & why? If it was found in the vechicle & not on his person himself then both occupents should be charged.

This story has major loop holes so was more then one joint found but cops gave a break. Doesn't matter. Wealth talks.
Amazing & suspicious that the other occupent has never been named or charged.

1514 days ago

Clyde Anthony    

Texas is the most backwards state, but then again the BUSH family is from there, so that says it all... why couldnt La La La Lohan get busted in Texas??? ****, she'd be be in the joint gettin caught like weezy with an ipod...

1514 days ago


Not proud of my city for charging him, but proud that he was busted next door to my office and proud he's in my hometown for court... too bad I didn't see him either time!!!

1514 days ago


I am totally shocked that the sentence for a doobie is 6 months! So crazy ridiculous! I guess if Lindsay had got busted there she would have got the death penalty!

1514 days ago



1514 days ago


ROFL so not only is our tax payers money used for CRAP like this..But

"UPDATE 8:15 AM PT: Nothing happened in court today. Chace will not have to show up for the next court appearance, scheduled for August 20."

ROFL they delay a simple easy court date that should of been thrown out of they should of took action but they couldn't do that for something so simple? Where is our money going? Seriously?

1514 days ago


It's funny America's whole "get up" is Freedom this freedom that..Yet people in Washington take it upon themselves to deem what is good or bad for us or right or wrong and make it illegal. In the end it all comes down to money. It's sad, We work our entire lives to pay off our home only to end up continuing to pay for it every year and they can decide what we can and cannot do in the privacy of our own home..Its complete and utter bull****.

California makes 100 million a year just by having it legalized for medical use. Ok, So lets say its completely legalized and lets just guesstimate and double that number to 200 million a year for ONE state. Now lets multiply that by 50. That's 10 billion a year. That would just be for taxing/selling..That wouldn't even include the amount of tourism we would get in..

But its unfortunate we have no real respectable people to bring forth these easily winnable arguments. No doctors/lawyers/politicians will come forward..Instead we have to rely on people like Snoop Dog, Willie Nelson, 16 year old surfer dudes from cali..It isn't helping.

Politicians claim they are christian folk with good values. we have "In God we trust" stamped on our bills. Last time I checked weed was a plant, thats been growing since the ice age. So, Someone running for office will continually tell people "I'm a god fearing man blah blah I live by the book I have good christian values blah blah" but..They are making something illegal that was put here by their so called "god"? Kinda hypocritical and dumb IMO.

1514 days ago


Forget Chace ...the guy with the sunglasses get me hot.

1513 days ago


What kind of example is this young man setting for today's spoiled, over-indulged, bored, suicidally depressed, bi-polar, attention deficient, ennui-laden, spiritually lax, atheistic, epicurean, glue-huffing, tee-shirt wearing, torn jean-sporting, vintage clothes wearing, iphone texting, designer drug using, if-there-were-a-draft-dodging, alternative music listening, hip hop imitating, Nick McDonnell reading, Mac Store visiting, online dating, herpes blistered, tattooed, pierced, and rehabbed youth?

1144 days ago
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