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Kelsey Grammer's Wife

Files for Divorce

7/1/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer's wife, Camille Grammer has filed for divorce.

The divorce petition was just filed by her lawyer, Neal Hersh. She is seeking joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their children.

Camille -- a member of the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- is citing "irreconcilable differences" and is seeking spousal and child support.

The couple -- pictured above on June 13 at the Tony Awards -- was married in August, 1997 ... they have two kids.

UPDATE 2:42 PM PT: A rep for the couple just released the following statement: "Kelsey and Camille value privacy.  They understand that private lives sometimes get played out in public but ask on this occasion that their privacy -- and the privacy of their children -- be respected."


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Ok, come on. On the show all "Camillian" can do is brag about how many houses they have. Her little boy toy, so called family friend is always there. She didn't even carry her kids, didn't want to "ruin" her body. She is the gold digger for sure. Who the heck needs FOUR nannies!! Lazy women who don't want a thing to do with their kids, thats who. I hope she gets nothing in the divorce, she needs to learn what working is all about, and being a mother. She only has what she does because of Kelsey. Get a life!!!

1396 days ago


Isnt she ****ing that little boy she had in vegas with her?

1390 days ago


CLASSIC1-2-3-4-5 !-She gets no credit for sticking it out. 2-r u kidding She didnt have the kids,3-She Has 5 nannies, 5-conceded,6-flirt,7-ho,8-classless,9-gold digger,10- craaaaazy,11- thinks people r jealous of her,12-no girlfriThes r just a few red flags.Run as far away from this crapping her pants classless bitch love your mother-inlaw

1388 days ago


This comment is for the person in comment #89

It amazes me you can not figure out who doomed the marriage. Yes she may have helped him with the drug and alcohol issues but that does not give her the right to go on T.V. he drop his name everytime she spoke. She talked about having her own identity but it always ended up my husband this, and my husband that and what we own. She doesn't own anything! Talking about I have 5 nannies and three housekeepers. Well wanna keep a man do the things yourself. Stop throwing around how much money you have! She lived in the comfort of his home(s) he supported the family she just benefited.

When it comes to her plastic surgeries she should have asked for a personality. She constantly looks like a deer caught in the headlights of a moving vehicle that is about to run her ass over! She doesn't even blink anymore. You stated that he is an pompus ass, has it ever occured to you that maybe he was tired of the bull**** she was putting him through? If I was married to her I would want to drink. It does not matter who wanted the divorce in this situation or who filed first, he had just come to the realization that he did not want to be married anymore and she is pissed because and she is bitter because she will not be able to throw his name around anymore like she did constantly on the Realhouses of Beverely Hill. BTW, who cares about these peoples lives it is just another indication of how these types lives and pretty much rub their noses high profiled life. The only one on the show who has any sense about her self is Adrienne and Paul.

One Final Thought, When you act like trash, you get treated like trash, well I guess for both Kelsey and Camille trash day has arrived. No matter what you think Kelsey has done and said what he wanted to Camille about not wanting to be married and you do not hear anything more about it. Lust fades away, but the love will remain. So when you make a comment about Kelsey doing a scene about gay's and he being in the closet then maybe your just upset that he isn't giving you any play! Think before you speak. Camille needs to realize he is not in love with her anymore she should just accept that and realize it would be better to know now then find him cheating all over the place, Give him some credit.. She makes no bones about flaunting her ass all over the men in the show talking about her breast implants and hugging and kissing her friend that is (married) hanging out at her house with her husband!

1378 days ago


#121 Are you that crazy medium from the reality show...she seems to kiss camille's ass too. I'm just sayin'......

1371 days ago


Kelsie should be thanking his lucky starz!! It may cost him but the good thing is he is going to be free of that nut. If anyone has seen the reality show, that woman is Delusional with a capital D. Kelsie was OBVIOUSLY used by the money hungry hoe.

1371 days ago


what took u so long ???????? you couldnt b sober

1368 days ago


I've watched Kelsey for years and hope to for a long time. As far as him divorcing Camille, I can certainly understand it after watching Real Housewives. She does come off as phoney,cruel and very much aware of the drama she creates to direct attention to herself. Unfortunately, she doesn't get it. It's negative toward her, it shows her true colors and they arent pretty. Shes not too bright, she sets people up to knock them down, and ends up looking even more foolish.I'll continue to watch RHBH but not because shes on it, but in spite of it.

1360 days ago


O...M...G...I hate Camille! She is such a slut...the way she acts w/ her "friend" Nick, it is disgusting for a married woman. Of course they are getting divorced, she sleeps with other men and is constantly flirting and talking about other men. Good for Kelsey to get himself away from her. NOW, for her to have custody of her children, WHY???? So her 4 nannys can take care of them while she is out sluttiing it around? GROSS SKANK!!!!

1359 days ago

southern gal    

After watching RH of BH Camille is about 1 short of a 6 pack!
Seemed to me she was a little too friendly with her pretty tennis instructor. I agree what she has Kelsey has paid for, where would she be if she hadn't married him? My only sympathies are for the kids.

1359 days ago


so glad she divorced,from the old man, she'a hot woman,who needs a hot fireman. tmz help a brother out

1359 days ago

Jennifer Kersey    

wow, all this speculation(and that`s all it is)the only people who know the real facts are the two people concernrd!
This world would be a lot calmer place if people minded their own business and only gave advise and help when it is asked for or apparent that the persn concerned needed it!

1217 days ago
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