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Kelsey Grammer's Wife

Files for Divorce

7/1/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer's wife, Camille Grammer has filed for divorce.

The divorce petition was just filed by her lawyer, Neal Hersh. She is seeking joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their children.

Camille -- a member of the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- is citing "irreconcilable differences" and is seeking spousal and child support.

The couple -- pictured above on June 13 at the Tony Awards -- was married in August, 1997 ... they have two kids.

UPDATE 2:42 PM PT: A rep for the couple just released the following statement: "Kelsey and Camille value privacy.  They understand that private lives sometimes get played out in public but ask on this occasion that their privacy -- and the privacy of their children -- be respected."


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Kelsey did not announce it on Twitter First - like so many people are claiming - he, in fact, posted it on his own website:

Just thought you'd like to know.

You can meet the Celebrities there on - in case you wanted to know that too - feel free to come over - Grammer is an excellent person overall - and you'd find him to be friendly, kind and interested in helping others.

1582 days ago


I know that Kelsey wants his divorce issues to be private and that he want all of us to respect him, Camille and his children, but he should know that no matter what, his privacy is still going to be put out in the open for everybody to know. I am sorry to hear that both Kels and Camille got a divorce. They were a fine married couple at first.

1582 days ago


Please! Stop with the IBS jokes! I have IBS, and although it's sometimes a very painful condition, I have never ONCE 'crapped my pants'! I've also had 2 kids, so I know she was lying when she said that was the reason she couldn't have her own children. In fact, my IBS got a lot better while I was preggers. (It came back once I'd given birth, though.) At any rate, there are millions of mothers out there who also happen to have IBS. She just didn't want to 'mess her body up'. (I have the same measurements now as I did when I was 20, no stretch marks and my boobs are still plenty 'perky' IF you take care of yourself while pregnant, you should be fine.)

1582 days ago


WOW! The man basically abandoned his wife and children and now is using his divorce to promote his new fascist right wing website. Is he not the most self absorbed pompous blowhard?! Come on Kelsey show a little more class! He's a great guy, what a joke! One of the nicest people around...? SPARE US ALL! Who handles this guys PR? Nice tactless way to use his divorce to promote his lame sites. How truly pathetic and sad. These acts make it so blatantly obvious what this guy is all about. HIMSELF. on Demand in HD. "Please respect our privacy during these difficult times but by all means sign up for my websites so I can cash in and promote my agenda." Heartless bastard, have you no shame?!

1582 days ago


It is shameful! I've been married for 12 years and marriage is HARD! We have been through career change, minor infertility, excessive travel for work, long work days, all kinds of financial I ask you, WHAT in the HELL CAN THEY NOT RECONCILE? Of course they drive each other CRAZY! - THAT'S PART OF THE DEAL!...BUT IT PASSES! The thing that these couples are missing is that the money SHOULD make it easier to weather the rough spots. These women get divorced because of the money. It's to the point where many of them don't even EXPECT to stay married! Face it our culture has lost almost all of it's "stick -to it ness regarding EVERYTHING! The unfortunate part is that regular women watch this crap and think they can do it too! WRONG!

1582 days ago


She's seeking spousal and child support. Of course she is. That's why nobodies marry somebodies in the first place.

1582 days ago


That's too bad. I was hoping they would last. She will get a big payday !! Time for another BIG show Kelsey!!

1582 days ago

Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower    

The announcement his wife is to be on the semi-reality show has been out for months. No correlation with the divorce. Those involved with the show informed us that Kelsey was the driving force behind his wife accepting the role,"He wanted it more than she did, he's the one who landed her the role". She wanted out prior to the start of filming and he convinced her to stay on the show. The question at hand now is - What type of man would want to subject his wife to the drama involved in one of these programs? Certainly not the nice caring warm hearted individual bearing high moral standards that he alleges to personify!
Several more likely scenarios are as follows:

1. A method of keeping his wife otherwise occupied so that he could gallivant around in NYC, shunning all family responsibilities.

2. To set his wife up for embarrassment and public attacks which comes with the territory of being part of that type of show. A good strategy for one planning a divorce in the near future perhaps.....

3. A marketing plan to promote his Broadway musical, since the Bravo cameras were reportedly filming in NYC outside and around the Longacre Theater, one could only assume Kelsey's role on the reality show. As was reported the cameras were rolling on the day of the premier. He fully knowing set his wife up for all the abuse for the free advertising, the epitome of deceit. Keep in mind the show started filming prior to the play's premier, after two bombs on the tube, the success of the show was no guarantee....
Whatever the case may be something is rotten in the Big Apple.Poor Kelsey, a desperate soul willing to forsake all others to revitalize his flagging career. Further proof that he's a card carrying member of Hollywood's Fraternal Morons of Arrogance. Bravo Kelsey for showing the world your true colors!
Keep up the good work Neo-con!!!

1582 days ago


This was Grammer's third marriage. His first produced one child, actress Spencer, and his second, to a stripper, lasted only a year. During the second marriage, he had a daughter, Greer, also an actress, with another woman.

Stand up guy. Please neuter the dog.

1582 days ago


Needs repeating.

Neither Kelsey or Camille have said anything beyond asking the public to respect their privacy yet people are writing the nastiest things about both of them. There's really no need for any of this. They have children, young children. Time to move along to those whom may indeed deserve the disparaging remarks. Show some class, they both are.

1581 days ago


I met them in Seattle when he was filming Frasier at a cast party and wondering who she was. She definelty had an aura of a stripper or escort or both.

1581 days ago


What a bitch. Poor Kelsey :(

1581 days ago


She was a gold digger right from the start and now she wants her $pousal security!

1581 days ago

Niles Crane    

Kelsey Grammer Dumps his Wife for Fake Television Network

1581 days ago


She's not at fault. It's HIM. He just loves his single man lifestyle in NY and forgot completely about his family. He just doesn't want to be a husband and full time father anymore.

I was suprised he came out with "not to say bad things about her"; as if he has nothing to do with it.

He's a bad guy. She's just celebrity wife.

1580 days ago
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