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NAACP: Mel Gibson

'Out of Control Racist'

7/1/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Chapter of the NAACP just reacted to Mel Gibson using the "N" word in an explosive fight with Oksana Grigorieva ... calling Mel "an out of date and out of control racist."

Leon Jenkins, President of the L.A. NAACP tells TMZ it's unfortunate a man "who has made his millions off of women, African-Americans and Jews harbor such racist, sexist, and anti-semitic feeling against people who have admired and respected him for decades."

Jenkins says "An apology is insufficent given his history of racism, sexism and anti-semitism."  Jenkins adds, "No amount of words will change his image as an out of date and out of control racist."

Jenkins does end, however, with this:  "Only a sustained period of positive acts can his legacy be redeemed."


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wonder what Danny Glover thinks...

1576 days ago


I am so sick of everything being black and white!!! so what he used the word in a what he thought was a private conversation. Just because he is a actor does mean he owes anyone a apology! get over it! I have used the word you have used the word everyone has, and if they say they don't there a liar. You should be more bothered by the trash who is recording something that she can later use in the media.

1576 days ago


Why is it that blacks can call other blacks the n word and get away with it, but when a white or someone other race does it it is wrong and racist. When blacks call other blacks racist they are being racist as well. Why should blacks get away with it and not whites or any other race. That sounds like a one sided opinion but there is more than one color in this country and world. I am not a racist because I have individuals who are black that I think a lot of and consider my friend. I don't think no one should call anybody racist because of their skin color. Wonder how many that call others racist if they are really the ones who are racist. Sure sounds like it to me. If you don't like Mel Gibson than pray for him thats the thing to do and thats what God expects of Jesse Jackson if he is a preacher or man of God like he claims. God is Mel Gibsons judge not Jesse Jackson or anyone else. I am sure that Mel needs God just like others do. We don't need to judge Mel Gibson until you look at yourself and make sure you are not doing it as well. I mean not just saying the n word but calling others a racist. This race card has been going on long enough. It is time to get over it and get along. We have more serious things going on around the world and in this country to worry about. If you want to change the race thing than make sure you are not doing it before you judge others.

1576 days ago


It's nobody's business to censor or take personally whatever elderly BUTCH MEL says to his wayward baby momma, correcting her social habbits and appearance in the privacy of his home unless he is threating to kill someone and is setting them up to fight him by racist intimidation. She is not black, and it seems as a warning he is telling her she will be attacked by blacks for whatever reason he felt was wise to issue this 'u dress like a ho' warning. Blacks are calling each other ho's, ni$#ers, ***s, lesbo's and worse. This site is also familiar with racist headlines and induendo they use. MAY I SAY JIGGERS? as one example and tearing down OCTOMOM as a human? or the Druggars because the mom gave birth to many children? Is that not hurtful to her and her children, others trying to have some dignity in life by not reading or hearing the racial slang perpetuated? Now many are hypocrites to point this incident with Mel and his sweetie out considering the words and feelings from him are meant towards them personally?
as far as racist behavior and the laws of civil rights are concerned; with slurs, slang, derogatory comments about race, cultures, religion and sexual preference, you will find they are found in many races within their music, speeches, teachings in writings and on films today.. HEY, it's okay it's art, or history. Should these rememberance and words all be banned and kept from mention ever again to stop this? That's a lot of history and culture to remove from sight and mind. IF IT IS DONE there should be no history of it henceforth. If you don't like what he says or does, give him the cold shoulder and move on, because there are millions of bigots and racists out there with their own prejudices against one thing or another and you can't stop them all.

1576 days ago


Mel is a douche-bag but the NAACP is a racist organization. They'd string up my cracker butt in an instant if they could do it without getting caught and losing possible donors.

1576 days ago



1576 days ago


Just exactly who did Mel offend? He was at home having an argument with his wife not out in the streets yelling ****** ****** everywhere and frankly, why would any black be offended by the use of the word if he was? Blacks use it in their daily speech all the time at home and in public and in media. Everyone knows this yet anytime the word slips through the lips of a white the whole country goes beserk and everyone starts demanding an apology. Mel doesn't owe anyone an apology and I hope he doesn't suc***b to the pressure to issue one.

I am so sick and tired of the DOUBLE STANDARD...NAACP, BET, Miss Black America, Miss Black (All 50 States, Black Police Officer's Association, Black History Month,Black America Web, the list just goes on and on and on. But the biggest example of this and most laughable has got to be "The Reverand" Jesse Jackson's reaction stating Mel has a "fundamental character flaw" and truly needs help.

Let's go back to 2008 when Jesse HIMSELF referred to black's as ******S during a Fox news interview when he thought he was off the air. PALEEEEZE Jesse are you kidding me?AND this came AFTER he come out condemning Michal Richard's and calling for all of America to expunge the word from their vocabulary. What a freaking joke this is..I am so tired of everyone walking on eggshells around blacks, when will it ever stop?

1576 days ago


NAACP = ******s across America Causing Trouble. Mel Gibson is only telling the truth.

1576 days ago


Who the hell cares what Mel says, and the NAACP is a racist orginization like somebody already said. I get sick of this kind of crap, celebrities saying ridiculous things and all the press that follows idiots!!!!

1576 days ago


Ah,yes ,NAACP, only Whites are "out of control racists".

As opposed to(keeping within ShowBiz): Martin Lawrence,Spike Lee,Paul Mooney,Dave Chappelle,rappers galore,Kal Pen,Tom Joyner,Wanda Sykes,Oprah Winfrey,Danny Glover,Black "Awards" shows galore,Denzel Washington,,etc,etc.

In other words: And me calling Black a RACIST LIAR)

1576 days ago

Bombshell McGee: Waste of life    

Love Mel Gibson! LOve him. The NAACP is the biggest group of frauds and racists. They are jumping for joy that they can now have an 'official comment' from their ridiculous organization.


1576 days ago


i`m sorry but his misogynist comments r even worse than his racist ones.

1576 days ago


well said dawn

1576 days ago


Defintion of racist:

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

Did Mr. Gibson do any of this?? I think not...

1576 days ago

Cynthia J    

Hey, face it, Mel Gibson is a racist PIG. But I don't believe he practices what he says. He is an uneducated, short, little man with a lot of money. Osanka is a golddigging pig herself., What a ****ty world. And to think he has all this momey and power: Disgusting.

1576 days ago
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