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Mel's Lawyers to Make Extortion Claim Against Oksana

7/9/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers will meet with the Sheriff's Department and not only present evidence that Mel is innocent of any crime against Oksana Grigorieva ... but that she committed the crime of extortion.


TMZ broke the story ... Mel's lawyers will make "a presentation" of evidence to the Sheriff's Department that is investigating Mel for domestic violence, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon -- the presentation, we're told, will focus on evidence of Mel's innocence.

We're told in the presentation, the lawyers will also present evidence that Oksana allegedly tried to extort Mel by telling him she would sell him the tapes she secretly recorded during their nuclear arguments.

We're also told Mel's lawyers will present evidence that Oksana lied to Sheriff's deputies by knowingly making numerous false statements.

Our sources say ... during the presentation, Mel's lawyers will formally ask the Sheriff's Department to open a criminal investigation against Oksana,  focusing on alleged extortion and making false statements to law enforcement -- both felonies.


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big bang boom    

umm... i am totally type casting here.. but are we dealing with a crazy eastern european bitch? those women are the arbiters of crazy. you see one, run in the opposite direction. they're pretty but damaged in the worst ways. fight the good fight mel. if you hit her, then you're an *******, but im more inclined to believe you, anti semitic douchebag that you are than a product of empty soviet materialism.

1525 days ago

Jack Cook    

Well well well, a little bit of time and people begin to wake up, this filthy Russian Jypsey skakn is lower than snake crap. I bet she threatened to run off to Russia with Lucia and that would make any decent fathers blood boil and say any manner of stupid things. Excepting for the self righteous, and probably J or N feminists who are voicing favorable opinions on the side of this skank the world is finding out the truth.
Looking at this filthy sluts history she will just shrug it off and move on to the next one. Dalton must be pretty desperate for a ******* if he's actually supporting her.
Charge the extortionst slag and jail her ass then send her to loive a life of exile at Chernobyl.

1525 days ago


I think the only one that stinks here is Mel Gibson, and I was his fan, but I am very dissapointed of him, whatever she had a script or no, he could remain in silence and he didn't, all i have seen in those comments, is pure RACIST all of you people, and about the person number 83 yes she has some problems with her english (I understand her i speak 4 leanguages not one perfect) by the way english is not my lenguage, and i think i have better spelling that you, so please fix your problems before to critize somebody else.

1524 days ago

Little Lost Linden    

Holy Moly!!

1520 days ago


It is funny that he never treated his previous wife the way Oksana is claiming. I heard the tapes and was disappointed, but I think she provoked him. When did she start recording? Maybe after she said something she knew would “set him off” to “set him up”. And, this was not days of recordings (at least that is my understanding). This all happened on the same day. And the mark on the baby’s face, good grief anyone who has had babies knows babies have little pimple things come up on their face all the time; you just have to keep it cleaned so it doesn’t get too irrated. The picture was a joke to me and proved nothing of child abuse. I also think some of the things on the tapes were misunderstood in context; which again I think she munipulated. I think Mel was talking about one thing and she brought up something else to tie it in. Also in one tape I thought I heard Mel say something about her hitting him? Did anyone else catch that?

1519 days ago


What a shame that he had to dump his wife for a gold-digger like her. Yeah, he's a crazed horndog, but I'm sure those tapes she's dribbling slowly to the public are uber-edited to make her look completely innocent. Like most young women who marry older guys, she was in it for the fame and fortune.

1494 days ago
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