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Mel Gibson/Oksana Court Hearing -- It's a Wrap

7/1/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva court hearing is over, and everyone was mum on the way out.

We're told the hearing was set yesterday -- before the incendiary tapes were leaked -- and both sides had issues they wanted to discuss with the judge.

We're told the judge is interested in the tape leak, because there's a restraining order in place prohibiting Oksana from divulging info on the substance of the secret recordings.


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Still confused why this big bad tape isn't on the net for us to hear... sealed doesn't mean crap now.

Its all more BS...

Because she lives in a house he pays for and drives a car he bought and hell TMZ got him buying diapers before anything came out a few weeks ago...

Then all the Dr's and Dentists and Nurses all protected their jobs and turned Mel in got knocking out her teeth that look great now... someone had to put them back in and funny they look real not fakes...

this smells of bs... He never hit his ex or any of his kids...

oh wait I forgot this hooker did the same crap to her last guy too...

1572 days ago


Two pigs in a court room. La de da. These two ho bags deserve each other. I hope he did bust her in the mouth and I hope she does take all his cash. He was just using her and she was just using him. The only one I feel sorry for is the child. Both the racist and his gold digger can go to hell on the next bus; and please, take your money-grubbin skank lawyers with you.

1572 days ago


Still amazes me on how many people say he is a mean drunk?!?!?!

how the hell do they know?

It was one cops word that said it. There is no tape or anyone else just that one cop. Who cares if he blamed it on jews.. Hell the crap they say about their own race is band enough... Then again we all say **** thats not right. Everyone of us.

But now Mel is a mean drunk who beats women and hangs black people and funny there is no proof on any of it.

Hey lets start a new one that says he did all of this because he is gay and is in love with prince...

1572 days ago


Ok, I don't understand, why is everyone calling her a Gold digger and saying all this negative stuff about her?!?

They are BOTH GOLD DIGGERS, Mel Gibson is a gold digger when it comes to LOOKS (young beautiful women) and Oksana is a gold digger in Money (wealthy famous men). I am so fu**ing tired of this double standard. It is always on ****ing women..... men can go out at the age of 80 and try to hook up with a young 20-year old, but hey when they finally do... All the eyes are on the girl because she is the GOLD DIGGER, F*** you! What about him?

How about this, how about men stay faithful, look for women their own age, their own wealth status and their own intellect and then we can stop calling people Gold Diggers.

Oh and by the way, TMZ are pricks, there are about a dozen degrading women slurs he used to call her and all we can concewntrate on is a word N*gger?!?! Please Help Stop Violence Against Women!

1572 days ago


everything he said about her on the tapes is total truth about her
she has to get over it and mobe on with her low life

1572 days ago



1572 days ago


In an age of CGI and being involved in Hollywood all Mel has to state "That was not me on that tape", were all aware that anybody's voice can be created electronically.

Simple solution, if there's no video to dub that audio, no case and where is his freaking Public Relations person.

Make note, we've overestimated Mel's intelligence, anybody with common sense could have anticipated that Bimbo's next move, in other words HE"S AN IDIOT.

1572 days ago


That Bimbo signed away her monetary rights after the split, he has so much ammunition to throw these tapes and allegations into so many different spins she'll never be able to prove anything.

Too freaking simple but to this gnat he'll sink, I say again " He's an Idiot".

1572 days ago

Mel oh Mel    

Anyone notice that Mel is beginning to look like Soupy Sales?

1572 days ago


It is time for Mel to take some responsibility for his self destructive tendencies. I wrote off Woody Allen the only way we can and have never supported his career in any way..Sadly I will have to do the same for Mel. It is time he disappeared into the sunset.. I feel for Robyn and his children.. This guy is a nut. He had everything and flushed it down the loo..

1572 days ago

marshall g.    

mel making outrageous comments again? should not be a surprise to anyone. he was stone sober during this outburst.alcohol was the lame excuse last time. mel must have found out the baby's mom has jewish grandparents and went ballastic. fortunately they will split before he psychologically and physically harms her.
this will not be the last time mel gets in trouble. at the next outburst he'll be tazered and that will be funny-

1572 days ago


she is one weird looking woman.

1572 days ago


Such a gold digger!!! Team mel.

1572 days ago


Yea, yea.... Mel. G is probably an *******.
That being said, today's women can not be trusted with recording devices, and they seem to be much bigger *******s than the men.

Seriously, it seems that every woman whom is dating, baby-mama of, married to, or just screwing a rich and famous man, has some premeditated plan to do***ent him on some sort of recording device. Coincidentally enough, right when the man is saying or doing something he would rather the world not know.

And what is up with women that keep text massages for months, and sometimes even years???

Call me paranoid, but I think the women of today go into a relationship with a certain type of man $$$, with hidden agendas. For the poor men that may find themselves reading this, you have nothing to worry about.
However, to the rich, especially famous men that do read this. Here is some unsolicited advice...

Strip search any female before you say anything incrementing, and never, ever ever, text any female, other than the old ball and chain. And only text her, to tell her you're on your way home, so to have the vodka on ice, and dinner on hot. Oh, and to tell her to make sure that her- you know what- is squeaky clean. Because you're feeling kind of adventurous tonight.

Fellas, the females have a plan, and that plan is blackmail or bust. Keep a close eye on your bankbooks, because the female sharks of today ain't playing around. And they all have
Gloria Allred on speed dial......Artofwar

1572 days ago

Mel oh Mel    

Don't you think Mel is starting to look a lot like Soupy Sales?

1572 days ago
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