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Mike Epps -- Mel's N-Bomb was a Cry for Help

7/2/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody is writing off Mel Gibson in the wake of his N-bomb scandal -- in fact, actor Mike Epps tells us he wants to help the guy out ... before Danny Glover beats Mel's ass down.


Epps was in South Central Los Angeles yesterday at an event for the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute -- when we asked him about Mel's hate-filled recordings.

Epps, along with the members of the organization, agreed that Mel's outburst was merely a cry for help ... and that if he truly wants to be forgiven, he needs to work with the African-American community.

But the comedian also had one last message for Mel -- joking that if he doesn't straighten up, "We gonna get Danny Glover on you ... he gonna whoop you!"


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The N word has no value, so why are white people so obsessed about being able to use it? Why can't they respect black people and simply not use it. It is because white people (not all white people), have a sense of entitlement and want to have access to anything and everything, including something as stupid as the N word. Yes some black people use it towards each other. What does that have to do with the whites who are so obsessed with using it. Absolutely nothing, but there are still white people on this blog who are trying to create a rationale for themselves having unfettered access to the N word. Allow Blacks to have the N word and allow Blacks to be the custodians on the word. If you find the right one, they will let you use it when you are with them.

1512 days ago

I guess Im an exception to bad blacks...    

I understand your question. Yes it is a complicating situation (really?) but let me attempt to clarify for you. It is not a matter of “if a white person says it, it’s a problem” so please don’t make that faulty assumption. It is in the context in which the word is used, like every other word. If you call someone a bitch, im certain you will respond differently if it is a friend vs. foe.
Folks like Eminem, the makers of the “Mean Girls” Movie, Hispanics & Whites in New York are not crucified for using the term because it is not used with the intention the denigrate a person or group of people because of their natural characteristics. However, mel Gibson told said that the girl needs to be careful she doesn’t get raped by a “pack of ni***” In case you missed the in between…there is a difference when the word is being used to make a faulty assumption and perpetuate prejudices about an entire group of people because your are a RACIST…Mel Gibson in his comment associated a crime with blacks when in truth people from every group commits crime… and if you feel it is one more than the other then open your damn eyes and learn to understand PROPORTION…
.And as for all you foolish people who say that blacks should stop acting like the word hurts…well my response is look and the mirror and see your ignorance….that is why the word hurts….not because its just a word but because people like yourselves continue to assume that all blacks are bad people…HOW DARE YOU!!! One person had the nerve to say that blacks are “angry” and Insinuate that that’s why they don’t have jobs and tehn the blogger claims that there are “exceptions”…How dare you…”exceptions” ?????????
Once again many of you imply that blacks are a burden in this society when in truth its if blacks and other minorities weren’t historically treated like second class citizens then maybe we would all get together without this tension of race…and please you DO NOT want me to quantify MERIT and CONTRIBUTIONS made by blacks and all other minority groups in this society…
The word doesn’t hurt but living in a world with people like you does because you continue to castrate a group of people that works so hard to assimilate into this poor excuse for a “society”
Furthermore, if some of you educate yourselves on the precedence and current times then MAYBE youll see that there are much more “exceptions” to bad blacks… There are exceptions to society…those good those bad and those who are just sickening because the don’t realize that they are part of the reason why we are having this discussion now.

1512 days ago


N.O. Lady we all know you are not a lady but I will post whenever I feel like it and there is nothing you can do about it. Women have been called bitch by men for decades, now women talk to each other like that in a friendly way, no one is insulted, it's said all over TV. If some strange man or woman vs. a friend of yours called you bitch don't tell me you wouldn't be's the same with the n-word. If someone doesn't want to be called that why can't you respect their choice, but then again you are no lady!

1512 days ago


Hey I guess Im an exception to bad blacks,

Well frickin' said...

1512 days ago


Well if you don't have Al or Jesse then use the ACLU or Gloria Allred or who the hell ever I could care less. Plenty of lawyers take cases if you need one find one.

1512 days ago


@Sticks and stones: Please realize that as the dominant race who has conquered the whole world (except the middle east) derogatory terms do not carry the same weight. Although no one should be calling anyone something that they don't desired to be called. When a white person calls a black person the N word, it can be percieved to come with a lot of subtext (even if they meant it in the same way blacks do to each other) Most of these underlying meanings are not complimentary towards blacks. It's hard to understand that when you apply a derogatory term from a white perspective because a Honky is a honky tonk guy (not that bad) a cracker is (contrary to conventional wisdom) the master of a plantation who cracks the whip. Even if a Cracker was a saltine cracker, how bad is that? Yeah, you don't have an Al sharpton or Jessie Jackson filing law suits to keep everyone in check. This is because everyone is already in check. Just a little food for thought.

1512 days ago

Yeah, I said it.    

Notice how every black person is SO WILLING to bad mouth Mel and give their two cents but when TMZ was asking what they all thought of CHRIS BROWN BEATING RIHANNA they wouldn't say a peep.

Remember the entire 9 months of the OJ trial? When the verdict of "Not Guilty" was read every black person in America stood up and cheered.

And TMZ, stop searching out every black person you can find just to ask them about Mel Gibson. It's pathetic. What is it accomplishing?

Uh Oh!! I said "black person" more than once! That's probably RACIST, right?!

1512 days ago


Wow what a bunch of jack-asses!! I can say ******, but calling her a pig and a **** is despicable? I'm a Mel Gibson fan, but this guy's got some serious demons. I wish everyone could switch races for 3 months betcha the pseudo-backhanded "intelligent" comments would dissapear, probably not, we all need some to hate i guess

1512 days ago


Seriously, fail mike epps. get over it. a nig-ger is a creep/douchebag/piece of ****, the color of your skin doesn't matter, it's your attitude. Grow up black people, it really makes you look ignorant when you constantly claim that the whole world is racist.

1511 days ago


So, Ron, you are saying that black people have the right to free speech and white people dont?? umm welcome to america. if a word offends you, grow up, get over it, or move to a country where you are not free to speak your mind. no race owns any words.

1511 days ago


I'm gonna say whatever the f u c k i want, tray! Can't hold me down! You racist!

1511 days ago


@omgsammi, I'm not sure if you fully read my post. Perhaps you were reading it with a traditional European mindset. Here is the direct quote: "Allow Blacks to have the N word and allow Blacks to be the custodians on the word." The word "allow" does not mean that rights are being taken away from anyone. It is a request for whites to voluntarily "allow" blacks to have the worthless N word. When I say "traditional European", I'm referring to the roots of European culture where in Europe resources were scarce and they had to fight and impose laws to stop desperate people and societies from violating each other. Perhaps this is why a word like "allow", for some reason made you feel that some type of rights were being abridged from whites. If you are American, you are covered by the 1st amendment and you can say what ever you want. If something DOES, however bother someone else (which the N word clearly does) you should take it upon yourself to not use it if you don't NEED to. As far as moving to another country, I spend much time in Europe and they don't seem to be as infatuated with the N word as you are. My European brothers and I recite rap music (uncensored) and it doesn't offend me at all. Have you ever tried traveling abroad?

1511 days ago


People that want to use the word n###ga because a black person uses it are some of the dumbest people. Italions call each other names that a person of another culture wouldnt call them to their face. If you want to use it, use it, if that is one of your goals in life. But dont be a coward; say it so everybody can hear you.

1511 days ago



I agree with your point about saying some can use it and others can't. NO ONE SHOULD BE USING IT PERIOD! But the reality of it is that people will keep saying it and the world will keep turning.

And you and I and millions of others can agree to disagree regarding the double standard us black folks use. Let me put it to you like this...

Would you be more offended if your brother or your sister or even your childhood friend called you an ******* or a f*cker or whatever than if a total stranger or someone not in your "inner circle" called you that?? Think about that...You would probably get mad at your brother/sister/friend but you'd get over pretty quick because it's might even laff it off. But you'd probably wanna beat that "outsider's" azz if they called you something right? Well that's as close to an analogy as I can give as to why we live that double standard.

I'm not saying that we in the black community all feel like relatives or that we know each other, but we just don't get as mad when it comes from someone just like us. But let an "outsider" say it, it's just different. I know that you know where I'm coming just might not wanna admit it. It's cool...that's why we live in America...we have our own opinions.

I'm not excusing it. But I'm just explaining the double standard that exists. And I hope my example helps you better understand where we're coming from with that...

Read more:

An outsider you say...hmmm now that excuse takes the cake. We're your saying we're not like you?
Let me tell you something, every black person is not your "brother/sister/friend" as you put it. What you preached here was pure separatism, as an excuse for using the word. Your half our half. Funny how when whites want that, we're denied that privilege or called racist. How do you feel immune to the same rules we have to play? Cause your black? So what! We all know what the word means, there isn't no fancying that up...I've also seen some peoples comments on how "Cracker" isn't the same. It's just as hateful & hurtful, how dare you say it's not. I would never use the N word and not expect it to hurt. You should expect the same reaction with cracker.
Their are a ton of things that separate blacks and whites, other than the words we use, or oppressions of the past.
In my opinion, it's more about people on both sides who won't move on.

1511 days ago


f he wants to be forgiven, he must work with the African-American community?

Screw forgiveness, and screw the African-American community. Likewise Danny Glover and this Mike Epps character, whoever he is. What Mel said was perfectly appropriate in the context of a private fight with a woman who was (and is still) behaving badly. If he apologizes, I will be very disappointed.

1511 days ago
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