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Mike Epps -- Mel's N-Bomb was a Cry for Help

7/2/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody is writing off Mel Gibson in the wake of his N-bomb scandal -- in fact, actor Mike Epps tells us he wants to help the guy out ... before Danny Glover beats Mel's ass down.


Epps was in South Central Los Angeles yesterday at an event for the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute -- when we asked him about Mel's hate-filled recordings.

Epps, along with the members of the organization, agreed that Mel's outburst was merely a cry for help ... and that if he truly wants to be forgiven, he needs to work with the African-American community.

But the comedian also had one last message for Mel -- joking that if he doesn't straighten up, "We gonna get Danny Glover on you ... he gonna whoop you!"


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@AnalogMan, I agree. Mel does not HAVE to apologize to the black community and what he says in private. This revelation does, however give us some more insight as to who Mel Gibson is. This helps us to determine if we want to support him as a celebrity. I'm sure that if my family(African American) knew that Mel felt this way towards Jewish people and African Americans, we would not have watched the Mad Max movies, the Lethal Weapon series (Danny Glover would have had to be collateral damage) and most notably The Passion of the Christ. As an African American with a bunch of Jewish friends, I was offended when I heard of his first rant during the traffic stop. In his newest rave, he clearly draws a distinction between a pack of men raping his girl and "A pack of N*ggers" raping her. As if one option is worst than the other. He should not be able to hold these views in private and still profit from unaware African American fans.

1579 days ago


For the idiots, members within a community always have more latitude to be insensitive towards that community. That is why it is more acceptable for blacks to use the N word as well as women to use the b word. When one from outside of the community does it it implies contempt, intolerance and or hate for that community. Also, there is no relevance or reason for Gibson to refer to "a pack of N" (quite interesting and unsual phrasing, I never new there are packs of N out there looking to rape the type of women Gibson chooses to have children with?

1573 days ago


This is the US and we have freedom of speach, the recording was done illigelly and truthfully Mel Gibson could care less of what we think, he proved that a few years ago. All this said, the man sounds like a confused, self-rightous idiot. It's either his way or no way. From his girl's boobs to closing the doors to his church to anyone he does not approve of. He is a control freak with mental instabliity. I feel sorry for him, all that money and prestige with a Hitler mentality. I pray for his soul. May God Bless him with some self insight before he destroy all that is good in his life.

1573 days ago


Just heard that an actor from "Hangover" is being sued for $1M for involvement in a bar fight that involved handguns and shots fired. When I heard this, I thought 'Who?!" Why is it that out of 25 actors in the movie Hangover, the ONLY black guy is the one involved with a shooting at a nightclub?

To quote '40 Year Old Virgin', "When your babies are born, are they already on parole?"

1388 days ago
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