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Tiger Woods Divorce

Elin Nordegren

The $100 Million Woman

7/2/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Elin Nordegren will walk away from her marriage with Tiger Woods with approximately $100 million.

Elin Nordegren
As one source with direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce tells TMZ, "She'll be getting close to $100,000,000." 

There have been reports Elin would score $750 million, but we have confirmed that figure is wrong.  Indeed, as we first reported, Tiger is not even worth $750 million.  We're told his net worth is somewhere between $500 and $600 million.

The $100 million is way more than Elin would have received under the prenup.

Sources say Elin will receive child support, but we do not know the specific amount.
As for the $100 million figure ... this is not speculation ... it comes from sources with direct knowledge of the property settlement agreement.

To put this in some perspective, Elin will be getting 10 times what Rachel Uchitel scored from Tiger.

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Fred Farkel    

LMAO - OK now that Tiger will be single - he'll be a single male stud and won't have to pretend he's a "sex addict".

Looking back... even you uppity ridiculous fool females can't deny that.

Married and love sex??? Something is wrong with you.
Single and love sex??? You are a healthy male.

OK. I have to go now and try to forget that females are all crazy.



1574 days ago


100 Million is a joke hes a pos she should of got much more hes a dirt bag to cheat on That HOT ASS

1574 days ago


Boner who cares if she was a house maid or a nanny ! You are an idiot. She was his wife and the mother of his children. Is this the way to treat your partner who gave birth to your kids ?
Treating your family as a piece of garbage is nauseating to say the least.

I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that this dirtbag never ever wins again a major championship and Jack's record is safe for a long time. And if there's some justice in this world he should catch a lifelong STD to remind him his poor choices for the rest of his miserable life.

I wish Elin and her precious kids all the best. She has wasted 8 years of her life on a total POS !!!!!!! Sad but true.

Mr Woods must be so happy now. He can go back to his harem of whores and golden showers. Karma is a b$$$tch and it will catch you Eldrick sooner or later. Never ever forget that.

1574 days ago


Tricia I couldn't of said it better myself!!!!!!!!

1574 days ago


Elin deserves every penny of that $100,000,000. What pisses me off is Tiger keeps saying that he "made a mistake." He did NOT make a mistake, he chose what he did! A mistake is accidentally bumping another persons car with your car, not sleeping with 15 different whores while married to Elin. What a jerk!!

1574 days ago


Tiger got off cheap..... Oh wait- that's been his problem all along, hasn't it?

Wait till the STD's kick in in a few years- we'll see then how "fair" she feels this settlement is.....

1574 days ago


Most Men cheat, Most women cheat! All you tiger haters, look miror because i'm sure you have done plenty of things that would be considered immoral, but it just hasn't been brodcast all over the world because no cares about you. Elin should be happy that Tiger gave her more money then the pre-nup required!

1574 days ago


He got screwed. Tiger wasn't getting any from this golddigger so he went elsewhere. Elin is a pure golddigger. Coming from such a good family, and with a twin sister that actually is a success and not a golddigger, Elin is just a pathetic case.

1574 days ago


one of my friends who's a porn star Needed rent money he wouldn't even help her ....But yet he paid some 40grand and Nay it was much more then 15 chicks

1574 days ago


@ Nay

his mistake was marrying a house maid that wouldnt let him jump anything he wanted.
maybe elin can hire jesper to babysit her kids now

1574 days ago

Good riddance!    

Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger....

1574 days ago


59 she was rich before him you can't call her a gold digger when she has money without him ...you stupid idiot

1574 days ago


100 mill?!?!?!? for what ?!?!??! wtf does she get 100 mill?!?!? america is one ****ed up country !!!

1574 days ago


For a women who had no hand in amassing Tiger's collective worth, this settlement is enormous. Even if Tiger convinced her to forgo a carer of her own, there is absolutely no way she could have earned anywhere near $100 million in the short time she was married to Tiger. Whatever wrong was committed against her, $100 million is far too much compensation and exemplifies why our family law system is flawed.

I feel bad for her, but having to turn over a sixth of your worth to a women who is only 30 violates the spirit of the American legal principal of equity in my opinion.

1574 days ago

Chun LI    

Golddigger. She probably knew he was cheating and was holding out for the big payoff.

1574 days ago
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