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Kelsey Grammer Was Done with Marriage

7/2/2010 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Kelsey Grammer made it clear to his wife ... he didn't want to be married anymore, and his actions on Father's Day pushed Camille over the line.

Kelsey Grammer
TMZ broke the story ... Camille Grammer filed for divorce yesterday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... the 13-year marriage started crumbling when Kelsey moved to New York earlier this year to star in "La Cage Aux Folles" on Broadway.

Camille stayed with their two kids in L.A. and flew back and forth to visit him, but sources say it became apparent "Kelsey loved New York, his friends and his freedom more than his marriage."

We're told the tipping point for Camille was Father's Day, when Kelsey was 2,475 air miles away from his family and didn't call his kids. 

As one source said, "She doesn't know what Kelsey is doing in New York, but he's made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with marriage anymore," adding, "She didn't see it coming."


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LyricsExpress...he's the only one trying to smear anyone here. "Please respect our privacy", though he's out talking about it and being quoted everyday always with a dig against his ex. Have you seen one word out of her?.....THE ANSWER IS NO! She's the only one with class in this pair.

Kelsey's game plan.

Phase 1) Media statement about respecting their privacy especially the wife. Look like the hero.

Phase 2) Go to media and make statement to diminish his wife and clear his name of any wrong doing.

Phase 3) Have a story released to a media rag about his wife or girlfriend to have the publics view of her so low. This is were he shines. He collaborates with others and has the final say on what's to be released. It always must be juicy! The last go around was she was crazy and tried killing me and herself. This time? Drugs, adultery or what? We are waiting for this phase, it's always the most scandalous. I'm sure this heartless person even gets physically aroused by hurting his duped woman. What an awful despicable excuse for a human being....

Phase 4) Play coy about phase 3 knowing full well he was behind it. Never deny or admit that it's untrue because the damage to the ex has been accomplished.

Phase 5) Work on and publicize any acts that he can which are contrary to the damning truth about him. You'll see pictures of him doing mundane things that no one cares about. His PR people are great at getting this BS out to the public.

Phase 6) Be seen out with his new girlfriend***. "Who he just met!". That's the comic relief. Anyone with a brain knows the new girlfriend is one he's been sleeping with for months.

(***whomever you may be dear lady, I beseech you to get your fastest running shoes on and head for high ground, YOU ARE HIS NEXT VICTIM, ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!)

Phase 7) Publicly defend new girlfriend to the world.

Phase 8) Push the envelope on having more torrid things said about his ex. You know just in case people see through the first round BS. He always needs to be the one who has done no wrong, heaven help us, if only he could just be a man.

Phase 9) We don't have to worry about at this point as everyone is sick of the man.

As it goes, it's exactly the same thing every time with this narcissistic misogynist a-hole. Please see his other break ups in this regard. Always a different pretty lady hung out to dry by the same ugly insecure man and his cold soulless character.

1534 days ago


to #140, and to some of you other people, these comments are trivial, and this site is ridiculous. HE IS AN ACTOR, AND THATS WHAT THEY DO, I realize his family usually resides in CA and he is in New york, you do not know him personally and those who do will say he loves his family and would never ignore his children. He isn't the first actor to go away for months at a time and he certainly won't be the last, I honestly dont understand why it's a big deal, because it isnt. boo hoo she gets to sit up in those huge homes with unlimited credit cards all day and go shopping. I realize some people like to spend a lot of time with their husbands but come on, it's not like they're average. Noone knows what really happened but sometimes things just dont work out. it's not something that should make anyone not be a fan of him anymore. you act as if he was beating the crap out of her or something. this,,, nothing to go bonkers about. its normal. and whether you care about fathers day or not, kids that age usually get help from their mother or whoever raises them to call their father. not the other way around.

1533 days ago


to 204, if you've read ANYTHING ABOUT THIS lately, you would know that in no way, shape or form has he bashed his wife. Why would he, I don't doubt she was the "terrific partner" he said she was. And he respects her and means her no harm. those are also quotes. He has no reason to hurt her. things just sometimes dont work out. we don't blog about average peoples divorces do we?? would be stupid, it happens everyday all the time, with much much worse surrounding cir***stances. but he felt he had to defend himself, i personally would as well and im sure others out there feel the same. I'm pretty sure only a complete moron would sit idly by while people bash their name and toss around false accusations. anyone, anyone would do it if it meant themselves.

1533 days ago


to 199, almost every man is insecure with some part of himself, inside or out, and most women are too, second, i think it's quite "cute" you decide to use phases like you've analyzed behavior among people all of your life and you know how this will play out. And most everyone who is born goes through some sort of rough patch in their life. his ended long, long ago. and these other women, who i'm sure you also do not know, were probably not great people to do what they did to him and they've admitted it. and i dont think misogynist is the word for someone trying to find love. I wish more guys were sensitive and not so arrogant. It isn't a huge turn on in the end. Also, anyone that has worked with him or knows him well has said he is nothing but very kind and friendly. He is not a jerk, and I don't know why his divorce has everyone in a frenzy.

1533 days ago


Also, who's this Alex from HIS new TOD website who's been posted about on other sites to have sold stories, false stories, to the tabloids? He's is quoted to one saying Kelsey is who he gets his information from. What's that all about? Yeah real great guy, he and his informant! I'm sorry but he's lower than sc um. Right Wing bottom of the barrel.

1532 days ago


ash you barely know him, he's a monster. The public persona is nothing like the true man. MONSTER!

Kelsy. You want to have people feel bad for you? How about the poor young girl who you RAPED and then paid a large sum of money to make the story disappear and her family drop the chargers? You have to live with that everyday and you and a handful of people know the truth. You're the lowest of the low. Do you ever think about how messed up the girls life has been since you RAPED her. She was 15, you were in your thirties. She was a child of your good FRIENDS and daughters babysitter! You're beneath s***. Money and fame got you off the hook with that one but the money you paid to her family to have the chargers dropped has done nothing for her well being! Her life is ruined! How do you live with yourself? By going out and spreading malicious lies about your current wife? Karma has a way of equaling things out! Remember they're required to keep with the "hush" agreement/ gag order but it doesn't prevent others from digging up the financials on this. The "trust" can be located without much of an effort. You were lucky no one has done this yet.
As the story goes with Mr. Grammer this will be more of the same. He and his overpaid crew along with his friend "leak" hurtful and untrue stories to slander his "wives and ex-girlfriends" He's all about playing the victim and cares less about the people he's moved on from including his family, children etc.
The man is the lowest of low his ego knows no bounds.

1532 days ago


I only wrote the top 2 sentences the information about his heinous deed was from another poster here on TMZ. It's scary when you read it, makes you ill! What if that was your daughter? I don't know what I'd do! It wouldn't be taking gag money that's for sure.

1532 days ago


ok, well, i can't find the real post on the site, but to this Kate person, I will not engage in slander, although, I am sure that you do not know him personally. Second of all, people sue others all the time for money, and it has been proven many times. I have written proof that the case was abandoned in two jurisdictions and the girl confessed to have lied. it happens everyday. anyone that actually knows him, knows that he is one of the kindest people out there. he is not selfish and HE IS AN ACTOR, THEY TRAVEL SOMETIMES AND SHE IS NOT THE FIRST WIFE OF AN ACTOR TO EXPERIENCE THIS. it happens and i don't feel bad for her being all alone in those gorgeous, huge homes with all that money and nannies!. please. i would never have a nanny for only two kids.

1532 days ago


Kids are supposed to call their father on Father's Day. For a father to call is an insulting reminder. It's like calling your kids to remind them to wish you a happy birthday! Kelsey's wife certainly should have reminded the kids to call their dad. For her to instead get upset is an unflattering reflection on her character.

1528 days ago

Dave J.    

My kids (7) didn't call me on Father's Day either, and I was very upset about it. I guess Camille was too busy to remind them to call their father on his special day. Where's the love?

1527 days ago

fray-sure loofer    

I think that Camille filed for divorce because Kelsey was giving it to Roz and Daphne on the

1524 days ago


Kids are supposed to call their dad, but since he is out of town, it wouldn't have hurt him to pick up the phone. All this business with a pre-nup? I remember reading about all of the negotiations that took place and their wedding was scheduled around the legal wranglings. Did he later opt out of it after his heart attack?

1500 days ago


The kids are rather young to make a call like that on their own and it's possible that she was unable to reach him on Father's Day as he may have been busy impregnating his new girlfriend.

1436 days ago


It was her responsinility to respectfully have her children call their father. She claims to be humiliated but she humiliated herself when she went on television and claimed she craps herself uncontrollably. She is disgusting, snoody and I always thought this is just another bad decision made by Kelsey.
I cannot believe he didn't have a pre-nupt.
You never see ugly until you get divorced. I cannot believe she is on televisio. The only one who is attractive on this show is Kyle, the other ones look old with bad plastic surgery and their lips look like swollen vaginas

1433 days ago


Kelz looks like u got a junkie there on ur hand ,
Didnt u just fall off the waggon bumped right into that girl woke up and found out she is pregnant,OK, take a deep breath,say I am sorry u got pregnant but I am going back to reality , someone who is willing to pick me up off the floor.

1429 days ago
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