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Kelsey Grammer Was Done with Marriage

7/2/2010 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Kelsey Grammer made it clear to his wife ... he didn't want to be married anymore, and his actions on Father's Day pushed Camille over the line.

Kelsey Grammer
TMZ broke the story ... Camille Grammer filed for divorce yesterday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... the 13-year marriage started crumbling when Kelsey moved to New York earlier this year to star in "La Cage Aux Folles" on Broadway.

Camille stayed with their two kids in L.A. and flew back and forth to visit him, but sources say it became apparent "Kelsey loved New York, his friends and his freedom more than his marriage."

We're told the tipping point for Camille was Father's Day, when Kelsey was 2,475 air miles away from his family and didn't call his kids. 

As one source said, "She doesn't know what Kelsey is doing in New York, but he's made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with marriage anymore," adding, "She didn't see it coming."


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I know them both and I can say that she is the bad guy here. She was and will always be a star f'er and is pissed that she never became a star. An example is that she's going to be on that awful 'Housewives' show. Once that is on the air her true colors will show. Kelsey will be WAY better off without her.

1543 days ago

R Coke    

Your status as a decent guy who I enjoyed watching on television has just gone down the drain, out in the sewer with all the other "stuff" Grow up. Do all the women in the world a favor and never, ever get married again . All women and children deserve to be treated better than the crap you spew out.

1543 days ago


I understand fully. She can't possibly get any more cosmetic surgery, so why not end the marriage? Duh!

1543 days ago


kelsey come out of the closet and play, its out, nothing wrong with being gay, I am gay myself, but to pretend that your enjoy women, come on honey, get out, get down and boggy on your knees, I think they have pads in your size

1543 days ago


I don't doubt KG is a jerk. But he also has a track record of marrying bimbo after bimbo all of whom enjoy breast implants

1543 days ago


Kids call their fathers on fathers day and mothers on mother's day. That is how it is. Now sometimes a parent may help our but it should be the exception and not the rule.

Once I called to check on my grand-kids and when my grandson said happy fathers day, my daughter took the phone away and apologized for forgetting. That was once in 30 years so all is forgiven.

1543 days ago


Being a divorced Dad it’s particularly sad for me when kids
become weapons of war. Don’t know the details.
Like how old the kids are. But “Fathers Day” is suppose
to be for fathers – right? Kids call dads. And if they are young
responsible mommies help them make the call.

1543 days ago


I was away on business on Father's day as well. My WIFE gathered up the kids and she called my cell and the kids sang their version of HAPPY FATHERS DAY! And they sent me a text with a sign for Father's day!! It was my wife the mother of my children who had enough thought to put the action in motion to give me a great Father's day gift! So you bit@hes on here who want to blame tha man for everything....try this on for size! SHE FORGOT SHE WAS MARRIED AND WAS THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN.....AND HE FINALLY SAID...OK I GET IT....... So now you can go blame him....She is a tart with huge boobs who was an MTV dancer back in the day....

1543 days ago


Sounds like bipolar.......

1543 days ago


Look at his pass this guy probably is with a new pole dancer.

1543 days ago

Jackie Bean    

Pongo, You just killed this comment session. Way to be that guy.

1543 days ago


Am I the only one who has always thought he was gay? I was surprised that he was with a woman at all! I agree that his kids should have called him on Father's Day though.

1543 days ago


These aren't grounds for divorce. Something else is going on. Wait and see.

1543 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Sounds like Kelsey may have fallen off the wagon or maybe a little mid-life thing...Who knows. If he is drinking and partying then everyone should watch out. I used to see this guy at Captain Jacks in Huntington Beach about 10+ years ago...and he's would get FUBAR...If it a little mid-life crisis maybe it will pass maybe not...either way the "K man" is having some fun. As for Fathers Day??? Have the kids call him.

1543 days ago


To all those complaining that it was Father's Day so the kids should have called Frazier to wish him, oh, wait, sorry, they should have called KELSEY to wish him Happy Father's day: C'mom, the kids are 5 & 8, and all the botox, collagen and peroxide have seeped into what little there was of Dianne's brain leaving nothing more between the ears than that vapid dear in the headlights look. Oh, yeah, CAMILLE, right.

1543 days ago
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