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Melissa Etheridge

Files to End Relationship

7/3/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Melissa Etheridge has just filed legal documents with the court to formally end her relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Etheridge filed a document called a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership in L.A. County Superior Court.

Etheridge and Michaels were registered as domestic partners in California. They had a commitment ceremony back in 2003.  There were reports they tried to legally marry in 2008 -- during the time when same-sex marriages were permitted in CA --  but they missed the window. 

In the docs, Etheridge cites "irreconcilable differences."

Etheridge is asking for joint custody of the couple's two children.  Their twins were born in 2006, after Tammy was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.

Etheridge's lawyer, Judy Bogen, is also asking the judge to reject any possible bid by Tammy to get financial support.

There are reports the couple split back in April.


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Melissa should be ashame of herself. Tammy is better off without her. It seams she can not make a longterm commitment. She should have to give Tammy financial support because she is the one who carried the children and now has to take care of the children while Melissa just walks away. Shame on you Melissa.

1573 days ago


yuck..the only one who truely suffers is the kid,,well TMZ will have more cannon fodder for years to come

1573 days ago


I worked in the club industry for years and many of those clubs catered to the gay community, and from what I personally witnessed, gay people are NOT a monogamous group. So why is everyone shocked when a gay couple splits?
There are exemptions to the rule, but gay marriages will never work, legal or not. Either way, I don't care what people do, just don't do it to me haha

1573 days ago


I commented earlier (around #23, I think)......let me clarify.....I am not against anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. I don't hate them or anything like that. I personally think they were born like this and can't help it. I just don't believe in the whole marriage thing between 2 people of the same sex. Just my opinion. Oh, well.

1573 days ago


whuh, signed in California on 6/29? I thought she was on tour in London on june 29..

1573 days ago


I like how Etheridge wanted to legally marry Tammy,but doesn't want the responsibility that goes along with it if they split up (ie support payments),that other couples have to deal with.

1573 days ago


They are her kids too....same sex child support issues should be the same as hetro couples. Dont be a deadbeat and pay for your kids lady.

1573 days ago


To you goofy homophobes...... Melissa Etheridge does NOT represent the vast majority of gays and lesbians. Most of us gays have traditional values and beliefs. The more I learn about Melissa, the less and less I am able to respect ANYTHING about her. If you read Tammy's blog, it's pretty clear how this whole situation played out. In my gay opinion, Melissa is a lying, selfish elitist. She owes Tammy and their children everything that a heterosexual divorce would equate to. I can't speak for Melissa's fans who seem to be able to justify Melissa's behavior, but to me, that idolatry seems very shallow and uninformed. Gays are NOT special and entitled to have it both ways. If you want to be treated as equals...... act like you are equal and stop expecting to have your cake and eat it too. Signed, A Conserative Lesbian

1573 days ago


I think Melissa should have to make some sort of payment to Tammy. Melissa wants joint custody yet wants to give nothing to Tammy. That's just not right. Tammy stood by her when she had the breast cancer and many years after that. Melissa is a user.

1573 days ago

The Watcher    

Don't weigh in on gay marriage predicated on the childish, churlish actions of Melissa E. I believed Tammy really loved Melissa. She stood by her, as many have pointed out, when she had cancer. She bore two children. I think Melissa used Tammy to further her own little fantasy of being a man. I remember Melissa talking about wearing a man's tux at the wedding and Tammy wearing a dress, saying, "I'm the only one who wears the pants in this family." What an arrogant ass. When the kids get older, I hope they cut Melissa out of their lives entirely. Melissa obviously doesn't care for them or their mom. Also, I bet that odds are Melissa is going to find someone even younger. The aging old broad can't handle a woman her own age because she wouldn't be able to hoodwink them as easily into playing house.

1573 days ago


The Watcher, Well said, my friend!!!!! I think it'd be funny as hell if Tammy got a vicious sum biatchin' attorney and took Melissa to the cleaner.... and then had all sorts of cute, little girlies parading around with her on Melissa's dime...... Wait, did I just fantasize that out loud?!?!?!?!

1573 days ago


Melissa better be giving Tammy lots more than the boot if she refuses to pay financial support to Tammy. If not, than Melissa you are a dead beat mom/dad

1573 days ago


Okay, this PO me off. She was a huge advocate for gay marriage, gay partnerships, whatever. And now she dissolves it. I see this happening more and more every day. If gays are so serious about it, why can't they stick it out - work it out. I know the average married couple doesn't last much longer, but if you're fighting for your so-called-rights-to have same sex marriages, then you better by dam serious about it.

Didn't Rosie drop her "wife" too.

So you want the right to get married, but ahhh...if it doesn't work out, so what. Makes me want to be an advocate - NOT.



1573 days ago


by anonymous donor you mean David Crosby I take it.

1573 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

And this is why NOBODY, no woman or man, should ever give up their life/career to be the cute little home-maker. Never give yourself up for someone else. Never get lost in someone else. B/c HUMANS get tired of each other (they call it "growing apart"). And when HUMANS get tired of each other, they are on the lookout for something better (they call it "falling in love with someone else") and will trade up at the first opportunity. Gay or straight, whatever. It's HUMAN NATURE. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone always wants better than they have. That's how we progress as nation. The people that stay loyal/faitful - it's usually out of guilt to "do the right thing" or laziness, or fear.

Look at it from Melissa's point of view. She comes from a dysfunctional family life. Mel worked hard for everything she had. Mel was abused, cheated on, etc. Yet she persevered. Julie Cypher dumped her - her ego was probably crushed. She rebounded with cute, young Tammy. Cute, young Tammy quit her career and became the stay-at-home mom. But let's face it, Tammy's fame was nowhere near Melissa's ever. And acting careers for women in Hollywood are VERY unstable and short. Basically, Tammy thought she hit the gold mine with Melissa. Tammy realized she probably would never find as good a "catch" as Melissa. Melissa had the fame, the social connections, the money.

Fast forward several years and Tammy's become a matronly soccer mom. Stays home and talks baby talk all the time. Writes some, okay. I'm sorry but who the eff wouldn't be bored coming home to that? What's Tammy going to talk about? How the poo from her twins looked that day? Actually, I think that's her latest blog entry. Um, okay. Yawn.

Let me tell you something. People who have gone through family and personal hell and then have gone through medical hell with Cancer...these people don't take life for granted. They want to be happy. And Tammy simply doesn't make Melissa happy anymore. The thrill is gone. The honeymoon phase is over. And Melissa wants better. You may call that "immature" and "selfish". I call it REALITY. It happens every day.

I mean, it's not like Tammy kept herself slim and sexy and interesting. She let herself get lost in her bucolic dream world. Whereas Melissa kept interacting with all sorts of interesting people, Tammy talked babytalk and poo and spent Melissa's money. Yawn.

Finally, as for support payments...unless Tammy can get herself established as primary caregiver of the kids, Melissa shouldn't have to support her ass. Tammy's not disabled, she can work. She's an actress, right? Time to get that promising career back on track girl! What did Tammy think? That she would be a stay-at-home wife/mom for the rest of her life? LMAO!!!! No ABLE-BODIED ADULT should EVER feel entitled to be supported for the rest of their live by another adult. Put the kids in Daycare like other working moms Tammy and GET A JOB. Oh, I don't work. Well, maybe after you get will. LOL! :)

1573 days ago
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