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Melissa Etheridge

Files to End Relationship

7/3/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Melissa Etheridge has just filed legal documents with the court to formally end her relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Etheridge filed a document called a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership in L.A. County Superior Court.

Etheridge and Michaels were registered as domestic partners in California. They had a commitment ceremony back in 2003.  There were reports they tried to legally marry in 2008 -- during the time when same-sex marriages were permitted in CA --  but they missed the window. 

In the docs, Etheridge cites "irreconcilable differences."

Etheridge is asking for joint custody of the couple's two children.  Their twins were born in 2006, after Tammy was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.

Etheridge's lawyer, Judy Bogen, is also asking the judge to reject any possible bid by Tammy to get financial support.

There are reports the couple split back in April.


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Tammy, I've got two words for you...Gloria...Allred! Call her!

1574 days ago


They should get joint custody and Melissa should pay financial support as the b-otch is a freaking celebrity making big bucks and seems to be playing her partners, by promising to love them forever and having the partner have the child, and when she gets tired of them she wants to walk and not have to pay for the lifestyle that she used to win them over in the first place. I have lost all respect for her and she should remain alone, stop looking for other women. Become a single mother and carry your own child. What a B-0tch.

1574 days ago


That picture is a couple of years old kiddies. She doesn't look like that now. Now she's rocking hot again. Best you all mind your own business since it really isn't your business. There are thousands of divorces and splits everyday. Oh and it's also 2010. Time to let go of all the derogatory words towards lesbians. You make yourself look like an adolescent loser when you use them. Now you can make fun of me all you want for saying what I did. Call me your childish names, whatever. I won't be back to see them. Just like when my kids were little and obnoxious. Ignoring them got the better results than feeding into them. I'm going to bet I would not want to see what the name callers look like since apparently they don't do much but sit in their computer chairs and make fun of others. Have another oreo chunky.

1574 days ago


Okay so she want to get married as a man and wife would she had a family as such and now they are getting "divorced" well honey then that means that you are going to supportt her she is the one that pushed the kids out of her vagina u owe her!!!!!!!!!

1574 days ago


#105 Denise: ..."by promising to love them forever and having the partner have the child, and when she gets tired of them she walks out on them"
Denise, do a bit of research before you type anything. Melissa has had 2 notable long term relationships. One with Julie Cypher who dumped Melissa after the birth of their second child and after 10 years together. She dumped Melissa because she suddenly decided she was straight. Umm,yeah, right. You can't turn gay off and on like a light switch. Tammy was Melissa's next long term relationship. Due to their age difference, I'm surprised they made it as long as they did. **NOTE, MY OPINION HERE: I believe Tammy wanted an at home partner. Melissa is a work-a-holic and loves being in the studio creating. She also loves being on the road like a lot of married OTR truck drivers do. Truckers just happened to pick the right wives I guess if they're not divorced yet.

For those of you reading Tammy's blog, her words come from a very painful place so don't take them as gospel truth. We all say mean spiteful stuff that may not always be honest or truthful about the other when we're hurting so bad. Though they are TAMMY'S "right now" truth, they may not be Melissa's.

1574 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Floyd: Everyone who gets married promises to love their spouse forever. Yet divorces are greater than 50%. I guess all those who file for divorce are liars and hypocrites. GROW UP. People fall out of love (in this case only Melissa) and move on. "No, don't divorce me, don't break your promise to me!!" SOB!!! Geezus, how pathetic.

1574 days ago


Melissa owes this woman monies. She was in a relationship with her, Tammy carried two of Melissa children. She had a career and became a stay at home mom while Melissa left home to work. So Tammy was at times the sole caretaker for the children.

As a straight woman who believes in Gay Marriage and voted against Prop8, I expected the Gay community to not only have the same rights, but also have the same responsibilitys to thier families. Melissa now has 4 children that she had two different women carry. She was allowed to work and move around the country. Tammy sstayed home took care of Melissa when she had cancer ( Melissa's own words)and Tamy also took care of the children. And Melissa thinks she owes nothing to Tammy. Heather McCartney received millions, was a maniac, and took care of only herslef. If you marry you not only take the person in good, you take the responsibility in bad. Melissa take your part in this marriage/union.

1574 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Floyd: Thanks for the love, honey, but it's not returned. You know, the same way your partner doesn't return your love and dumped your pathetic, needy ass? Yeah, that way.

No one OWES anyone to love them forever. And if you think they do, then you are the one who is selfish...which makes you hypocritcal. If a person falls out of love with another person, there are no VICTIMS as a crime was NOT COMITTED.

However, I am not calling you pathetic. Just stupid and desperately needy. Your feelings of entitlement to be loved are a symptom of what is so very wrong with this society. Love yourself you dumb biatch...then you wouldn't feel someone OWES you their love. SMH. "Broke her promise" What are you 12?...mean it. :)

1574 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

However, I will say that Melissa is a coward as I do believe Tammy was blindsided by this. Melissa handled the breakup HORRIBLY. But the fact that she fell out of love with Tammy does not make her selfish or hypocritical. It makes her human. Humans fall out of love and get tired of each other. It happens every day. But Melissa should have treated Tammy with more respect when breaking up with her. They should have discussed it more.

1574 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad.... HOLY COW!!!!! An issue with anger management perhaps? You seem to be intelligent but TOTALLY missed the mark in your assumptions about whom I might be. I am an elderly lesbian that happens to view the world in an ENTIRELY different light than you. Although I have never been diagnosed as a sociopath, I must admit that your vitriol expression of emotion makes me very sad. If you feel some relief from that anger by abusing people on blogs, please feel free to use me as your whipping boi. I hope you find the peace you seek.

1574 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Gee Floyd, by your age I'd have hoped you had gained some wisdom at the very least. Oh well. Good luck to you....gurl.

1574 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad, I wholeheartedly agree with you that Melissa and Tammy horribly mis-managed this break-up. A little more communication would have gone a long way in this situation

1574 days ago


Damn Melissa,Tammy stood by you when you had cancer, bore you two kids and you want to take NO responsibility for her or the children? Woman, you are no better than any deadbeat man who does that to his wife/girlfriend. If this is indeed true, you've just lost another fan!

1574 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Floyd, now I feel bad for getting all up in your face. I just do not believe in demonizing someone for falling out of love. A person can't force someone to love them. All a person can do is allow themselves to be loved but if it's not forthcoming the person must move on. Melissa staying in a loveless marriage is not healthy for anyone involved, especially the kids.

And I'm sad to see how people (usually women as I'm hetero and coming at it from that perspective) will say "I gave you the best years of my life. I gave up my career, my youth, etc." Whose fault is that? Tammy should have been smarter in keeping a part of herself for herself. And Melissa should have been kinder in taking Tammy's feelings into consideration.

And I'm sorry but Tammy is able-bodied and can get a job like most divorced mums out there.

1574 days ago


Quote Floyd: " SA..... I think some of your Melissa orgasm got on my shoe."
As you told Sociopaths are Sad, "You missed the mark as to who I am." I am not sexually excited by Melissa. I respect a lot of her humanitarian work. She is a great musician and songwriter for the most part. I am not a fan of all her work, her latest cd specifically. She is on tour this year, I will not be seeing any of her shows as I'm not such a loyal "fan" that I need to go see her for every tour. I missed her last tour too because I didn't like the venue she was playing at. An orgasmic fan would have gone anyway. Now stop being childish. I don't think I missed a mark there.

I will always see there are two sides to every issue. Here, I try to see Tammy's side and Melissa's side. Neither of which is anyone's business nor anyone's right to make opinions over as to who was right or wrong in this. That is between Melissa, Tammy and now a judge. We all can only guess and surmise but I see people taking leaps and bounds in attacking Melissa when they themselves can not know for sure why the two broke up. IT'S NONE OF ANY ONE'S BUSINESS. Not yelling, just making sure you all see the point in that statement. Maybe Tammy was too demanding. Maybe the two weren't as suited as they thought due to the 13 year age difference. Maybe there wasn't enough to make the love last. Who knows? It's guessing and surmising, not facts so therefore you (generalized you) can not condemn either. It doesn't matter in the long run as their lives do not affect any of our lives personally. To those wanting to make them responsible for the way gay marriage looks to the rest of the world (read back), don't. They are not solely responsible for opening the minds of haters and bigots. If their breakup has caused strife in your personal life, then it is you who has issues. Seek help.

Off Topic to Floyd:
If you're a woman, why do you call yourself Floyd? Just curious.

1574 days ago
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