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Mickey Rourke on Oksana: 'Screw the Bitch!'

7/2/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was the target of another verbal attack today in New York -- but this time, the man calling her a "bitch" was Mickey Rourke.

Mickey Rourke on Oksana

Moments ago in SoHo, Rourke defended Mel's N-word laced outburst -- the one in which he told the mother of his child she looked like a "f**king pig in heat" -- by telling us, "Sh*t happens."

Rourke continued, "I wouldn't believe everything you hear ... you know ... I think he's a good dude, you know. And ah, screw the bitch!"


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No, screw you!

1517 days ago


Mickey is the man - she's a proven user - Love Mickey and Mel - get over it haters who believe everything you read and hear.

1517 days ago


I am in support for Mel too.

EVERYONE of us have used racial slurs,said things racist in anger,or frustration,let alone even just cross talk..Blacks,White's..Indians etc,etc..

Racist is not name calling..It never has been.It's the actions one does that really classifies a person as a racist.

We're all two sided..Humanity always has been,and always will be.

Everyone in this country could be labeled as a Mel Gibson,and all of us would have our pictures on the tabloids if we were successful,and well known etc..

This is just a nasty divorce,and not a dam thing more.

Let the courts work out there spat,and just leave them the F alone..Geewhizz.

Oh..and I'm black by the way.So stop this bull****.

This is getting way blown out of proportion.

Everyone F'ing one of you,and including the staff at TMZ in there private time have used racial slurs...So stop this lynching of Mel..It's just pathetic.

1517 days ago


Well said Mickey!

1517 days ago


Oh Mickey your (WERE) so fine (BEFORE YOU SCREWED UP YOUR FACE WITH TOO MUCH PLASTIC SURGERY) you blow my mind - hey Mickie - Hey Mickie!

guess Mickey thought ole Mel could get him a job in Gollywood - it ain't goin to happen Mickey.

1517 days ago


There are 2 sides to every story.
How is it that she so conveniently had a tape recording of the inflammatory conversation?!?
And do we get to hear the full conversation... In context? Something tells me no, we do not.
It's too bad that Mel got taken in and set up by this gold-digger. :(
It is inexcusable what he said, but I’m sure he didn’t think the whole world would hear his private personal conversation.

1517 days ago


Another s***bag, like the one he's defending.

1517 days ago


Mickey is such an F-ing idiot! What guy in his right mind would call Oksan a "bitch" after Mel was the one who punched Oksana in the face and called her all sorts of sexist names. Let's not forget that Mel also wished his child's mother would get raped by a "pack of &&iggers." And Mickey calls Mel a "decent guy?" Give me a freaking break!! Let's also not forget that Mickey himself was arrested years ago for beating up his then-girlfriend, Carre Otis. Mickey was also convicted of stalking his girlfriend (Carre). It's not at all surprising that idiots like Mel and Micky blame the victim instead of being man enough to accept responsibility for their abusive behavior. Men are such immature pigs!

1517 days ago


typical bullcr@p from some rude dude like Mel. No excuse for racism and calling people the N word, I don't care how big of a bitch you are dealing with, you shouldn't use that word. And this a-hole is obviously just as lame as Mel is.

1517 days ago


What? You couldn't find any black people to interview today TMZ? How sad for you.

1517 days ago


My soon to be ex-husband beat me up more than once and is also legally responsible for the death of a little girl ten years ago. Yet all his broheimers callME a bitch? It's a f#cked up world.

1517 days ago


If it's not him then why go to court to stop them??? More than likely it's him, he's a racist and she's an opportuntist. Unfortnately there is an epidemic of these types of women out there...of course most of them have slept with Tiger, so that leaves just a few for poor mel :0(

1517 days ago


I believe Mikey's X wife left him because of abuse so I guess..birds of a feather flock together..except in this case its A holes instead of birds...not a great deal of intelligence between Mickey and Mel combined.

1517 days ago


I'm wondering why more people are outraged at what he said than they are that he was recorded without his knowledge, during a private argument in a private home. I find it akin to rape for someone to be recorded, the recording leaked, and the public weighing in with their personal opinions. I dare say not one of you wou...ld likw your PRIVATE conversations recorded and then played for others.

The simple fact that HIS rights were violated seem to be forgotten here. My husband and I have said terrible things to one another. I have threatrened to do dispicable things. But that is an argument - a PRIVATE argument. What I say in the privacy of my own home is no one else's business. I am outraged that the issue is played to be what he said, not the fact that she recorded him.

1517 days ago


Mickey, you only confirm what I thought about u all along. You a sleezeball with no respect for women. There is NEVER a reason to speak to anyone in such a disrespectful way. That is whats wrong with this world. Having a lot of money does not make you exempt from kindness. Mel is dispicable for preaching his religon and owning a church and then cheating on the mother of his children and being a racist.

1517 days ago
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