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Oksana Grigorieva

Under Oath in

Mel Gibson War

7/2/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva showed up at her lawyer's office this morning, before heading over to have her deposition taken in her nuclear custody fight with Mel Gibson.

We're told Oksana will have to testify under oath about her relationship with Mel, her demands, and we're certain she'll be asked if she leaked information about the explosive secret tapes in which Mel screamed, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."

The deposition is on right now.



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I'm afraid _she_ the LESSER of 2 evils.

1518 days ago


she is typical extortionist and predator
I hope she get deported back under the rock from where she came from or be put in jail

1518 days ago


Who else would've leaked the tapes. Gibson may not be innocent in all of this, but neither is this b*tch.

1518 days ago


What is Octomom's involvement in this again?

1518 days ago


Wow... just wow! He seriously needs some counseling and perhaps an exorcism

1518 days ago


I hope she gets what she wants from this insane racist ignorant fool. The sad thing is Hollywood will still kiss his ass.

1518 days ago


I agree with the first part where she dresses like a pig in heat. But the second part...
hopefully it's a typing error and it was suppose to read pack of tigers.
Mel, bad choice of words to throw out when your mad. Just because you want to say something that is so hurtful and is meant to sting doesn't make it right.
I guess I keep hoping that he would go back to being the old Mel but he keeps proving me wrong. Also he needs to stop drinking, it brings out the mean and the worst in him.

1518 days ago


How come is he alowwing her to stay still in his house???

1518 days ago

This woman will be the death of Mel (his career).

1518 days ago


The story always have two sides. This is her side. I wander what was Oksana saying or doing to push him to say these nasty things to her? And why exactly she was recording it?

1518 days ago


1) Mel gibson's career just ended. He's a drunk, he's a racist, he's a mysoginist, he's out of his freaking mind. And, he's violent. What a moron.

2) This russian bitch is a gold digging, star f*cking whore. She's already had a baby with Timothy Dalton; this is her way of making money. Spread your legs, get pregnant, shake down & extort the baby daddy. Obviously, it was her that released the tapes; psycho Mel has nothing to gain by releasing them. As she was under court order to say or do nothing regarding the proceedings, she should be jailed for this...

Posted at 10:42 AM on Jul 2, 2010 by Idiot!

Ya know it may be true that she is a gold digger...but where do any of you get off calling her a wh0re? So what she spread her legs...big deal. Men crawl between a wh0res legs every night. Also if men don't want a child with a possible gold digging wh0re. Why not use protection you fools? As for Mel, i use to adore this guy. Now all i see is a racist old man, that is hell bent on destroying his daughters mother. Mel should allow his daughter to be with her mother, unless this woman is a threat to the child. Clean your act up're not getting any sympathy from me.

1518 days ago


Is this what he left his wife of 28 years for? Karma.

1518 days ago

Duane Garrett    

Mel has met his match, and she will be the death of him.

1518 days ago

Duane Garrett    

Looks like Mel has met his match.

1518 days ago


this women is trying to destroy Mels life as an actor she is a bitter bitch . but all his fans know better don't they mel has a lot of friends that will stick by him

1518 days ago
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