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Paris Cleared

in Marijuana Caper

7/2/2010 7:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is off the hook for the whole pot thing in South Africa.

0702_paris_hilton_EX_TMZ_01A rep for Paris tells TMZ ... Paris was detained and questioned by police, after someone in her entourage allegedly was caught smoking marijuana at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, where the World Cup is being held.

We're told Paris has been released and cops even apologized for misidentifying her.

The rep claims the culprit has already pled guilty, paid a small fine and was released.

That's swift South African justice for you.

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I'm actually surprised they even arrested her. The police normally just turn a blind eye here in SA.
A friend of mine was caught after the Spain v Chile game in Pretoria, they just told him to throw the joint away, hand over the rest and sent him on his way.
Nothing wrong with a little bit of herb...
Paris you're welcome to stop over at my place for a smoke and maybe a remake of "One night in Paris" ;)

1518 days ago


Oh darn I wanted to see Paris do time in the "Big House" and enjoying the lovie cccommodations at Africa's version of Club Can.
Now we won't be able to see he lovie suite (jail cell) well maybe next time. She's still a BITCH.

1518 days ago


I have a FANTASTIC idea: How about putting Paris, Linsanity, Adumb Lambert and a few other worthless "personalities" on a rocket and blast them into space where they can do anything they want and we won't have to hear about it again!!!!!!! So much wasted blogging about them. Just an idea.

1518 days ago


Paris is kind-hearted and minds her own business. She has grown up in the public eye with little margin for error. Let her enjoy life and give her some breathing space. There are many others whose public exploits probably deserve far more scrutiny.

1518 days ago


Birds of a Feather Flock Together.
Tell me she wouldn't have hit if it made to her.

1518 days ago


She must have had a good interface with the judge and she put them DSLs to good use!

1518 days ago


It is amazing. Maybe it was a setup like Schapelle Corby... It is obvious because they are calling her "sweet."

I have nothing to do with Africa ever again. Forever.

1518 days ago


Well, it was just a matter of time before she managed to find something "newsworthy" to get involved with. I wonder how much she paid those cops to "bust" her entourage? She is such a media whore!

1518 days ago


I saw Bill Clinton in the crowd during the U.S. game I watched on TV. I wonder if him and Paris hooked up?

1518 days ago


Yaba daba dagga doo for you . Too be a rich bitch will do . Too be poor then then bail and jail for you

1518 days ago


It is even more amazing... Not that I noticed... the Hilton family, is world renowned for employing people in the Hotel industry. And the Hilton family has provided a roof over your head at night. Perhaps people should sleep outside at night?

But what surprises me most, not that sports people make millions and millions, and everyone gravitates to this, even the poor, but to pick on a young woman.

Where are the police to provide written literature for people to understand their laws. It's called a pinch, a setup, a being framed, a goal to entrap people. Why are the police allowing drugs in their country. Is it to entrap and detain innocent people.

I wish I was a Hilton. I wish I had a smart and inventive person like Paris in my family.

There are people on this planet who see everything wrong and love it.

I cannot believe the police actually detained a little girl, or is that what the police want there. A little girl... wow

Wow. wow. Perhaps people should read what it is really like there, before strong men (or weak) pick on little girls. (Excude me for saying little girl Paris, when you are a successful and strong business women)


1518 days ago


Sounds like most of the people here need a joint...it's just marijuana. Relax folks

1518 days ago


Who cares? As far as I can tell, Paris Hilton's only purpose to date has been to serve as a bad example.

1518 days ago


She probably hit the joint in her scraggly puss.

1518 days ago


Anthony, are you shipping into Africa ( as your post says ), or South Africa? There is a difference you know? I myself am in the import / export game and I strongly disagree with you. Maybe into or out of Africa yes, but not South Africa.

1518 days ago
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