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Kentucky Basketball Players Subject of NCAA Probe

7/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the NCAA is taking an aggressive look at University of Kentucky basketball players -- past and current -- and their possible involvement with professional agents.


According to a source who was interviewed by an NCAA investigator, the agency is interested in at least four players -- two current and two who were just drafted by NBA teams.

In the case of one former Wildcat, we're told the NCAA wants to know about his relationship with his current agent. We're told the investigator asked about multiple meetings the agent allegedly had with the player ... dating back to the player's senior year in high school.

The insinuation is the agent had an arrangement with the player before he went to Kentucky. 

It is a violation of NCAA rules for a student athlete to receive anything of value from an agent -- or
to have any agreements, verbally or in writing, with an agent. Just ask USC, Reggie Bush or OJ Mayo.

Kentucky "declined comment" -- and a rep for the NCAA tells us, "The NCAA does not comment on current, pending or potential investigations."

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#34 Big Daddy brings up a great point: If last season's wins are vacated, then the UK merchandising machine can go back to work re-selling UK2K shirts for many more monies!

1481 days ago


Funny how Wall is apart of Lebron's agency now. UK is dirty and Calimari is the janitor with his hand in the toilet.

Posted at 7:25 AM on Jul 2, 2010 by Rob

Thanks for your wonderful insight ROB. If you actually knew what you were talking about then you'd know that John Wall DID NOT sign with Lebron's agency. But please, by all means keep making yourself look like a complete idiot (I quite enjoy it). You can now go back to finding out about the Spice Girls Renunion Tour and what hair gel Ryan Seacrest likes to use.

1481 days ago


Cal's hands are dirty......he knew it when he bolted like a flash from Memphis to Kentucky.....and he knows it now. Instead of having a squeaky clean program (which may take several years to truly be competitive) It pays more to cir***vent the system to get players in to hurry up and WIN. Common practice. Nail hi and let the sucker lie in his own mess!

1481 days ago


Its nice to see that UK fans think that an Elite 8 season is back on top........now it may appear they couldnt even get there without cheating.. not surprising they have been one of the most corrupt, win at all cost universities with their 6 major ncaa violations.. tied for third amongst all universities......

1481 days ago

Wally Checkers    

Funny to read all the "back on top" comments. Didn't UK lose in the Elite Eight with 5 first round picks? If this is what UK fans consider "back on top" then I guess they are happy with falling short and being considered the program most likely to be put on probation.

1481 days ago


HAHAHA! UK #1? Really? It's been 12 YEARS since UK was even in a Final Four! UK fans are so oblivious. It is pointless to defend your coach as well. The fact is he has had not one, but TWO Final Fours stripped from him! He is a cheater, and I will laugh when he rips your program to shreds again. Might as well keep your cheating history alive, and don't start crying to everybody else when EVERYBODY rips on and has NO sympathy for you UK fans. You all act much more reasonable when UK sucks. When UK has a good team, you guys are unbearable.

1481 days ago


you guys are effin idiots. UK on top? what constitutes being on top? being ranked 1st for a week out of an entire season? not making the final four? just because you have become a stopping point for nba scouts does not put you on top. you have become the new texas. plus the sec is a joke as far as basketball goes. win something that matters, then we'll talk.

1481 days ago


I am not a UL fan or a jealous rival but y'all (Kentucky) know you're cheating and you deserve to go up the river, FACT.

1481 days ago


Can't find one other web site reporting this. Looked on espn, cbs sports, sports illustrated. none. remember some of this (if this story is true) could date back to billy gillispie. I will wait and see on a real sports news site.

1481 days ago


LOL What other team in the nation could generate such passion on a site such as TMZ! That in itself shows the love that the fans have for Coach Cal and the "Team of the Century" as well as the envy that many feel for the program. UK has always been in the spotlight and any mention of an "investigation" is to be expected. You can read forums across the nation and see people that know NOTHING of the UK program of Calipari crying for investigations. I find it hysterical! Wall already sat out two games for those of you that don't know because of his association with an agent through his former select program. The investigation into the Memphis issue was extensive and UK was aware of everything that was happening there long before the general public! Like someone else said.... the NCAA stated that Calipari was NOT implicated in any way. People.... stop hating and learn the facts!

1481 days ago


LOL. UK is number 1 now after losing in the Elite 8? 5 first rounders and you still can't even get to the Final 4. Congratulations. UK will never win a championship with Cal at the helm.

1481 days ago


Guess what UK fans, you sold your souls. and for a elit 8 lol, wow you guys are dumb. time now to pay up

1481 days ago


Yawn!!! Yeah, yeah. Calipari's a cheater, Kentucky going on probation, blah, blah,blah. Come on TMZ isn't Mylie Cyrus flashing her boobs somewhere? Boooooring!!!!!

1481 days ago

Coach Canive    

Haters??? Coach C. has tracked crap thru to other schools. You had to see this coming.

1481 days ago

Big Blue Wizard    

The NCAA makes millions off of these kids.You people do realize that Wall did get caught taking money from an agent and the NCAA didnt care. They wanted to make money selling his name! There is not one IU,UNC,UL or Duke fan that would have disapproved of Wall being on that floor for your team,because he was cleared to play.IU fans certainly have no room to speak.I live in Indianapolis and for a short while you people thought Sampson was the second coming.LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!

1481 days ago
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