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Kentucky Basketball Players Subject of NCAA Probe

7/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the NCAA is taking an aggressive look at University of Kentucky basketball players -- past and current -- and their possible involvement with professional agents.


According to a source who was interviewed by an NCAA investigator, the agency is interested in at least four players -- two current and two who were just drafted by NBA teams.

In the case of one former Wildcat, we're told the NCAA wants to know about his relationship with his current agent. We're told the investigator asked about multiple meetings the agent allegedly had with the player ... dating back to the player's senior year in high school.

The insinuation is the agent had an arrangement with the player before he went to Kentucky. 

It is a violation of NCAA rules for a student athlete to receive anything of value from an agent -- or
to have any agreements, verbally or in writing, with an agent. Just ask USC, Reggie Bush or OJ Mayo.

Kentucky "declined comment" -- and a rep for the NCAA tells us, "The NCAA does not comment on current, pending or potential investigations."

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According to the rumor mill, the player in question is likely DeMarcus Cousins. Rumor has it that his agent has given over $200,000 to his family over the years with the understanding that Cousins would sign with him when he made the NBA. Apparently, the two have had a relationship since Cousins was 14. I guess we will have to wait and see if this rumor turns out to be true.

Another rumor is that Terrence Jones was paid $400,000 to go to UK

1538 days ago


There is nothing apoplectic about it at all. It is a fact that Calipari runs corrupt programs, look at his last two gigs, so even a rumor, or a tabloid story, or some random dude screaming through a bullhorn on the corner are actually all good reasons to start truly worrying. The incredible naivety of Kentucky fans and the college itself thinking that Cal wouldn't do the things he's done elsewhere, not here at Kentucky!!! is laughable. They hired a guy who is truly bad for college basketball, he couldn't cut it in the pros, he is resentful of that fact, of being stuck in college, and so he recruits whoever, whenever, and does not care at all what it might do to a university's reputation. How about when Kentucky not only has to forfeit a season, but gets put on probation for two years, meaning no tourney, how many kids are gonna jump on that ship? Not many. The students will be hanging Cal in effigy before his time is through at Kentucky. This guy just said the other day that he would prefer going 4-20 and having 5 guys drafted than winning a championship. I would have fired him on the spot.

1538 days ago


Hey I'm a Uk fan. But not a crazy one. ALL top programs in Basketball AND football..well let's not say cheat but bind the rules. No way you always get the top players ALL the time.
To the folks saying Uk and it's coach are cheats please look at the allegations. It's PLAYERS that are doing the wrong by talking to agents. Do you really think UK is Cheating and getting players to come there by "allowing" them to talk to agents and make deals....UH NO. That's all on the player. To bad when players do this they take down the school also. Back to cheating. Look at Tennessee hmm they sure started getting good player fast must be a GREAT coach..... or USC football, or Ohio State Football or or or or or or. Short of it. Players tend to screw things up more than the coaches and Schools. Oh well

1538 days ago


No one hates UK! Well, some people do. It's the fans that make them look bad. They are a good team and they have potential. There fans just make them look bad. Plently examples on this post.

1538 days ago


Only cat fans an Calimary read tmz. well tonight me tooooo GO CARDS!!!!!

1538 days ago


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1538 days ago


Who ever wants to listen to this BULL SH---T, should jump on bob knights band wagon. Coach cal is AWESOME. Has he got into any trouble by ncaa? dont think so. you think he has cheated since umass? well why hasent ncaa gotten him by now? DONT B JEALOUS JUMP ON THE BIG BLUE BAND WAGON AND BECOME A WINNER.dont be scared if so call the law ,or shut the hell up. GO BIG BLUE

1538 days ago


UK are champs of the NBA Draft....are y'all going to hang banners for that?! "Calipari the best coach" is laughable and extremely ignorant of his performances in big games. He can outrecruit most college coaches, but can't outcoach an AAU coach.

1538 days ago


What John said! TMZ, you SUCK!!!

1538 days ago


Why is it there are no other credible sporting news sources covering this? When the Tiger story was leaked (by National Enquirer first) TMZ copied the report. This is a sorry attempt to be in the breaking news business. Sick to what you are good at Harvey, getting beaver shots of scarlet's and leave breaking news reports to the journalists.

1538 days ago


It's about time they get investigated.World Wide Wes has funneled players to the slum lord Cal for years.There is already hints that Bledsoe made very unusual leaps in his test scores that were highly unlikely.UK was built on cheating and scandal so they got the right man to continue it.

1538 days ago

Not Fooled    


LOL! You crack me up! What took longer? Looking at your thesaurus or - nevermind, I know that took you forever.

1538 days ago


Kentucky fans need to get over themselves really its always oh yeah spout your haterade & the like, take a good look at what you guys bought into as your coach, Memphis drank the koo; aid as did UMass. Please some folks always hate but to say everyones a hater of UK & jealous is just ridiculous. Some just try to point things out to you & get your blinders off.

1538 days ago

Not Fooled    


LOL! You crack me up! What took longer? Looking at your thesaurus or - nevermind, I know that took you forever.

1537 days ago


I loved this comment above:

"You all are just jealous of UK... Get over it. Eff you!"

Sounds just like Mike Garrett at USC about their sanctions:

"I read between the lines and there was nothing but a lot of envy, and they wish they all were Trojans"

I hope it ends up the same for you at Kentucky.

1537 days ago
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