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World Cup's Message for Mel Gibson ...

7/2/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Chris in Canada    

I'm not sure this is a message to Mel Gibson, int'l soccer is reknown for its terrible displays of racism. I saw a piece on TV a few years back with the last World Cup (or Euro Cup) and it's rampant in soccer.

1543 days ago


I am so sick of anything that has to do with the world cup and soccer. Is it almost finished?

1543 days ago

La Mom    

LOVE the banner, but please tell me these fine men of football did NOT put their game on hold for the sake of Mel Gibson???? Gibson is NOT that important folks - the future of our world is.

And to the poster upthread who asked "Why are only white people racists?" I take it you don't get out very much, otherwise you'd see clearly as day that every different ethnic orientation under the sun has racism in them. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Just seems to me that there are more white people trying to end racism than any other group. But I suppose if we all ended racism then our esteemed rap stars of the US and their fans wouldn't have anything to write about. Sigh.

1543 days ago


I don't care if Mel is racist or sexist. While I might not agree with these attributes, I can admit that I have a little bit of racism and sexism is my mind too. We all have prejudices, we all have stereotypes we believe in, and we all think things about the other sex, such as women are usually pretty horrible drivers, etc etc.

I've said worse things, twice over, than Mel's caught saying. Why? Because I could, because I was mad, because I was drunk? All of the above? Bottom line is this is America, and if a gay jew can have his own trashy TV show, then an aging actor can be racist and hateful - we allow for it all!

PS: The World Cup is lame. It's the only time all these corrupt, dramatic little pissant countries from around the world lift their head up from the slums of existance and even attempt to compete with America - the greatest nation in the world.

PPS: Yes, I am a nationalist too.

1543 days ago


This doesn't have anything to do with Mel. If you've ever been to a european pro league soccer game, you'll find the racism in the crowds to be at a level that would never fly at American sports events. Monkey chants at black players is the norm, not the exception.

1543 days ago


It's pretty surprising that most of you don't get that this banner being tied to Mel Gibson is a joke.

1543 days ago


@mspaap ..."Their using the "N" word does not make them racists." That's some good **** you're smokin'.

1543 days ago


@Misha the CrackHo Harvey is not out to get Mel Gibsn. Mel Gibson is out to get Mel Gibson. He brought it on himself.

1543 days ago


Good for Fifa. Good for TMZ. Bad for Mel Gibson.

1543 days ago


"I am sick of the race card being thrown left and right. Never has the race card been thrown more since Obama took office. A "unifier"? Hell no. Obama has divided this country more than ever."

Hey number 12..you are right. Since Obama has been in office, those who use to try to hide their racism have just said "F*ck I'll wear my hood and sheet proudly" Using your logic, no person of color should be POTUS, because the biggots and racists can't handle it?!? Lord help us if an Hispanic American ever gets in right? Its not Obama's fault that this country has suffered from the ugly, disgusting,stench of racism for damn near 400 years.

1543 days ago


"Just seems to me that there are more white people trying to end racism than any other group." WTF. Even if that were true, who created racism in the first place?

1543 days ago


To #28 Stan: you got it right.

Ignore Misha the Crackho. S/he obviously has big issues with race, not to mention gender confusion.

1543 days ago


This message was not for Mel Gibson it is for the soccer fans (football) because they are known for being blantanly racist towards the Black players. I watched a video on Youtube that was displaying a soccer game in Spain and the audience began throwing bananas on the field at the Black players, one player even threatened to walk off the team. Soccer may be a beautiful sport (I don't watch it), but it is ruined by the ignorant fans. Regardless of what race, color, or culture you are from you should not be throwing racial slurs or derogatory statements at anyone.

1543 days ago


@ Getagrip The phrase "race card" was not created by a person of color. It's for non-people of color to regurgitate when they refuse to look at their own racism or someone else's and accept that racism is still in the midst. So the "race card" card is a way to shut down blatant injustice as opposed to manning up and addressing it. And your comment was an example of this overused and ineffective approach.

1543 days ago


sign should read say no to america i believe its going to change but slow i see lots of white people moving to the ghetto's in this recession

1543 days ago
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