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World Cup's Message for Mel Gibson ...

7/2/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Dave Miller    

Mel Gibson speaks the truth that no one else is brave enough to say... We need more people like Mel and less phonies in Hollywood!

1511 days ago


I guess this is like the mandate that voter intimidation will only be considered a crime if it is white on black and not black on white. Obama has HURT, HURT America so much with his racist agendas. He has given hundreds of millions to historically black colleges in the same breath as he took millions from elementary schools. In his racist quest to further his brothers, he is hurting a generation...a generation I hope will be colorblind.

All of America needs to be disturbed by the mandate on voter intimidation.

Dear Hispanic brothers and sisters, don't buy Obama's bull; he cares only for your vote.

1511 days ago


I see this and just heard on the news that there is a "Black Pride Festival" in LA today. I want to know know why blacks have a festival and when is the White Straight Festival and march?

Why are only whites racist?

1511 days ago


Wake up!!!If everyone drank like Mel,Half the people would be saying the same crap as Mel Gibson.Cut him some slack, as for as those Europeans,there a bunch of hypocrites!!!

1511 days ago


would love to hear the audio..GOGO GET!

1511 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

I'm sure Danny Glover still Loves Mel. Oprah is the the queen of the racists in this country. AND...I just got back from China...and if you really wanna see racism...it's in full force there. If you are not full blood chinese and a born buddhist through and through...you are NOT getting in anything worth doing over there...business or politics.

1511 days ago


what about the black racist?

1511 days ago


You are not back in our good graces! Didn't think I would ever feel respect for you again after your posted BS stories on murdering murray. I hate sports but LOVE THEIR BANNER. GO HARVEY!

1511 days ago


@Stan...you obviously can not recognize sarcasm when you read it. My comment was for the idiot who was blaming Obama for the increase in racism in this country. (and he was #11 not 12...sorry #12) How you concluded that I was using the race card is beyond me. You have a nice day.

1511 days ago



Why are you still ranting about OUR president? Get over it...If you ppl would have rode Bush and paid attn to Bush like the whites are doing to Obama then we wouldn't be in this mess. Hes playing the janitor cleaning up all of the mess Bush and the others left behind....I must say that I am more informed now that a Black man is in the office than I ever was before! The white presidents acted so fake...Obama doesn't bite his lip thats one of the best characteristics blacks have...We speak our mind and in return we get called LOUD and ghetto because we speak our mind. Blacks who do rap about b*tches, ho3s, and N*ggers (as u put it) do not say ******S...ni99a is what is said and it's not just for blacks Ni99a can be any one...so whites, purple, and etc can get called ni99as too...we don't discriminate!...JUST SAYING.

1511 days ago


Charlotte...Obama reinstated aid to historically black colleges that Bush cut from the federal budget. Aid that had been in place for YEARS!! So if Obama is a racist for reinstating the aid, was Bush a racist for cutting the aid? Obama is damned if he do damned if he don't. Whites screaming he helps blacks too much, blacks screaming he is not doing enough. Educate yourself on the facts before you start regurgitating the Limbaugh/Hannity bull****.

1511 days ago

mike licavoli    

This is to easy and obvious. The sign should have a message like...Stop taking it up the ass.

1511 days ago


#13 you are a credit to humans. Let the person who has never said a slur throw the first stone.

Ill tell you this, Ive dated alot of girls from all over the world. And have worked for every culture. Eastern European woman are the most heartless people in the world. I'm a 47 year old white guy. Blacks are wonderful to me, asians the same, Jews wonderful, Eastern Europeans dont share the values of everyone else. Mean nasty, cheap people. So I dont believe anything she says. Nothing! Not saying Mel is a good guy, I dont know but dont believe her period.

1511 days ago


Hate to shock most of you, but the USA is probably the least racist country I've every visited or lived including western and eastern europe.
You want to see racism, go to europe. Most of the former soviet bloc countries are overtly racist as is France, GB, Germany, Italy, etc..

God bless the USA.

1511 days ago

Jeep Fu    

"Say No To Racism!"*

* Unless it's racism against Whites. In that case, it's perfectly acceptable.

1510 days ago
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