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Dave Chappelle

Deemed 'Safety Risk'

on Private Jet

7/4/2010 8:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A private jet carrying comedian Dave Chappelle made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh last night because the pilot couldn't handle Chappelle's erratic behavior, TMZ has learned.

A source extremely familiar with the incident tells TMZ Chappelle boarded a private jet in New Jersey last night bound for Ohio -- where the actor lives.

During the flight, we're told Dave "freaked out" and refused to put his seat belt on. Then -- according to sources -- Dave repeatedly walked into the cockpit, asking how much longer the flight would be, and started grabbing the pilot's arms.

Sources say the pilot determined Chappelle was a safety risk and diverted the plane to Pittsburgh.

We're told Chappelle then checked into a nearby hotel for the night. Sources at the hotel tell us Dave has been telling hotel employees he wanted to rent a car to drive back to Ohio ... only he couldn't remember where he lived.

Chappelle was spotted wandering out of the hotel early this morning.

A rep for Chappelle explains the incident to TMZ by saying Dave really needed to use the restroom -- he ate something that didn't sit well -- and the bathroom on the plane was "not the kind he needed."


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get a life ho    


1543 days ago


Had to be a bad case of the mudd butt

1543 days ago

get a life ho    

OK he needed a bathroom with a bidet to wash his the Shi* off his A$$.
He had an Crack ( pun intended ) accident in his pants and rather then state the real story his PR people came up with a poorly worded excuse .,.

1543 days ago


He had a case of MudButt.

1543 days ago


Again if you didnt see my post from before. All you ppl that are saying TMZ is making this up to make chapelle look bad, I work at the airport at one of the car rentals. I was the only person open at 530 am an spoke to chapelle several times throughout the day from 530am to 2pm..100% true, guy was wacked out of his mind. But again I wont get into details, just clarifying this is a true story. At 1 point he asked me how long it takes to get to Pittsburgh.

1543 days ago


Bottom line: It's drugs. He was cravin' hard.

Chappelle was on a PRIVATE JET. No way the facilities were jammed up or not up to par. He probably wanted to smoke something hardcore like meth or crack but knew he'd get busted big time the minute the smell hit the air.

1543 days ago


No wonder he went off he lives in OHIO ? He should be in Hollyweired with the rest of them..I like his so funny..Hope he'll be ok...Stars are not the only people who crash..regular people do the same crazy stuff..By the way if the Eagles take Michael Vick back they need about it on his co-defendent in dog fighting was shot in the leg did not die lucky thug at a b/day party for Vick . In virginia Beach, Virginia

1543 days ago


I was at the airport today and I talked to Dave today. He was kind of out of it. It was kind of sad. He is one of the funniest people in comedy.

1543 days ago


TMZ said: "and the bathroom on the plane was "not the kind he needed."

HUH??? What kind of bathroom was it that he needed? Couldn't he go without his lux potty with "Wash'N Blowdry" while playing his fav music? Now that has to be a good reason to go into the (LOL) ****pit to nag at the pilot, grabbing his arm... If this info. is correct, how ridiculous! Being stupid enough to even enter the ****pit to disturb the pilots, is really.... beyond stupid! I hope they teach him a lesson! Actually, any person who would attempt something like that on an ordinary (commercial) plane would be arrested. Acting like that on an airplane is a serious thing and so it should be. Seriously - C'mon! I don't care how famous you might be, the pilots of a plane is off limits! What I really don't get, is how somebody thinks they are so famous and special that ordinary rules do not apply to them! Shame on them! This is just something YOU DO NOT DO!!! But obviously some just get so full of themselves, they think they're even above the law (and above RESPECTING not only the law, but other people, including pilots). SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! Then it is about time they spend some time incognito somewhere, e.g. volunteering for some good cause, stripped from all their material possessions and people around them worshipping them as if they are Gods, not just a human being, all while having some mandatory reflection time each day, set aside for reflecting over their own worth as well as other people's worth in this world! Hopefully that would teach them some ground rules, #1 being that they are not worth more than other human beings! Heck, I'm sure that being famous and rich is cool, but when you boil it down, an entertainer like that sure isn't the one I would put on top of my "humans to admire" list! Not even close... BUT, just so that is said, he would be on my "important human being" list, together with (most of) us all! :)

To Superman: Maybe the ****pit door doesn't have to be locked on private airplanes, maybe the rule only applies to commercial planes? Or it has to do with the size of the plane, small planes being exempt from the rule about locking the ****pit door. But, when DC had gone into the ****pit once, or at least after the second time - why the heck didn't the pilot lock the door then? IF he had a door to lock? Unless it had an open ****pit, as I remember some small planes having, at least before (incl. after 9/11). A few years back, at least in 2004, the rule was that planes carrying 19 passengers or less, did not even need to have a door between the ****pit and passengers. I do not know if this rule/regulation has since changed.

A few airlines where I live (overseas), use such planes. On September 29th, 2004, a commercial plane (a Dornier 228), carrying 7 passengers as well as 2 pilots, was almost brought down by Brahim Boutaraa (a severely disturbed and out of balance man from Algeria seeking asylum here), who went completely amok on board the plane. He managed to grab and pull an emergency axe off the ****pit wall and attacked the two pilots with the axe and pushed the control column forward, causing the plane to go into a vertical dive. The plane was in free fall, until two passengers rushing to the ****pit, got control over the man, making the pilots able to regain control over the plane - literally yards before it crashed. It was a very close call... The pilots, despite their head injuries, then managed to perform an emergency landing. One of the passengers that intervened also suffered head injuries from being hit with the axe and he also broke his back when the plane landed (he got permanent injuries, but luckily he wasn't paralyzed). In the end they were all very lucky, seconds later and they would all have been dead. The incident of course caused a huge debate regarding safety on such small planes that had been exempt from the rule about the ****pit door being locked post 9/11... I have taken quite a few trips on small planes since then, but can't recall seeing any open ****pits. I see on the airline's website now too that the Dornier 228 now has a ****pit door. On Google I saw mentioning of the new generation of 228's and "****pit door" is mentioned, so obviously the standard for this plane has changed after this incident.

Gosh, it's obviously time I get off my soap box! Sorry... :)

1543 days ago


Once this idiot INEVITABLY OD's, don't try to say he was "murdered" like Jacko's nutty fans are. HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING.

1543 days ago

Ms. Bossy    

People please....he is a comedian duh...not his fault the pilot
lacks a sense of humor and it appears a quite a few more lack as well....He is not crazy!

1543 days ago

Ms. Bossy    

With regards to comment 124 what a harsh statement one you should have kept to yourself in reality I believe as many others he did not and when you have MD caring for at your home wouldn't you feel safe??So no Mr. Michael Jackson did not know what he was doing other than pleasing his fans we are what he lived for prior to his kids...

1543 days ago

Dave C.    

****pit!!! Why can't we say ****pot??? HAHAHA

1543 days ago


Another a-hole. First of all I never heard of him. But just another jerk thats thinks he can do whatever he wants because he makes a few bucks.

1543 days ago

Linda Hogan plz do porn!    

Stopped reading in the 80's.
The kind of bathroom he needed was one with a counter top.
Haven't any of you commentors ever used coke?

1543 days ago
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