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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Pulled Over by Police

7/3/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and driving just don't mix ... even when Lindsay isn't the one behind the wheel -- her assistant was ticketed by police last night on her way to Lindsay's birthday dinner.

Lohan's new/old assistant Eleonore was pulled over by cops as she dropped Lindsay off for dinner at Beso. The cops told us she was cited for running a stop sign, having covered license plates and tinted windows.

Lindsay was in the car at the time, but jumped out and went into the restaurant once Eleonore was pulled over. On her way out, Lindsay said the cops let her leave and she didn't think it had anything to do with her being a celeb.


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Why not jail the entire crew? Surely they are guilty of something!

1388 days ago

Michael Knight    

Your assistant is pulled over by the cops and your first instinct isn't to make sure she's ok, but rather to hop out of the car and escape? Way to stay loyal to your friends.

1388 days ago


What do you expect if you have your license plates covered.
Strange that the police would let her leave the vehicle. Did they recognize her, as a celeb? special treatment..never heard of this, generally they make all parties stay in automobile..right?

1388 days ago

LA Native    

What is wrong with this creature that she just cannot stay at home once in awhile? Especially while on probation....just idiotic.

1388 days ago

Big Daddy    

Please Harvey. No more about this useless human. Please allow her the dignity to die in peace.

1388 days ago


Whatever this "assistant" gets paid could never be enough to have to work with the likes of this trainwreck.

Who abandons their entourage in a situation like that? She's probably the one that told her to run the stop sign so she wouldn't be late for her precious party.

Lindsay, you have no class, no manners, no dignity and certainly no conscience.

I know you don't care right now but someday you will.

1388 days ago


Were they in the assistant's car or one that Lindsay owns? If it's Lindsay's car, isn't she responsible for the covered-up plates?

1388 days ago


@Trainwrecks, i guess you missed the memo. Lindsay's EX assistant came crawling back to her and is on probation for a month to see how things work out before she's in the clear.

1388 days ago


@Teamlindsay So that gives her a reason to act like classless? OOh so i get it, if im getting paid for a job i lose all my humanity and become a piece of office equipment? Thanks for clearing that up for me. Then again i know better then to work for a no talent whore.

1388 days ago


The paps should pay for the ticket

1388 days ago


What in the world is wrong with you people? Lindsay is a passenger, the car pulls over and stops, Lindsay gets out of the car, the police say go ahead, she goes into the restaurant. How is this a story? The assistant got a ticket for a minor traffic violation. SO WHAT???? Never thought I'd say this but GET A LIFE!!

1388 days ago


"Lindsay said the cops let her leave and she didn't think it had anything to do with her being a celeb." Riiight.

1388 days ago


Did Lindsay have to ditch something in the restaurant?

1388 days ago


Interesting the cop answered the paps questions. Think of what you want about Lindsay, but she has rights. The cop was out of line. The assistant should fight the ticket.

1388 days ago


Lidsay probably ordered the assistant to break the law called the cops and the Paps for her daily rakeing in the media!

1388 days ago
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