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Goldberg -- Mel Gibson Needs His Butt Kicked

7/4/2010 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former wrestling superstar Goldberg thinks Mel Gibson needs a good ol' fashioned butt kicking to cure him of racist tendencies -- and wouldn't you know it ... Goldberg is willing to do it himself.

Goldberg was at the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas yesterday, where he also made a pretty accurate prediction about the Brock Lesnar fight.

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Gsharon 710    

This is not the first time we have heard this word. You teach racists about love through love. Although Mel may have said it, this time it was not for our ears.

Tell me someone you know who has not uttered a racist name toward another.

Everybody get over this crap. It is just too bad we don't tell all the ugly things we have said at one time.

1571 days ago


Goldberg? The name says it all.

1571 days ago


Dont give me that ****.. how many times have you heard someone of another color call white people cracker? It's never gonna end.. deal with it

1571 days ago

Hugh Jass    

nonsense. What Mel wants to say in the privacy of his home is his right and his business, no matter what. It was the woman who taped it secretly and publicized it. Goldberg should 1) shaddap and 2) kick the broad's ass back to Europe.

1571 days ago


This crap against Mel is sick.

Everyone has said the N word,or made references to jews..It dont make us a racist...It's one's actions that define a racist..Not words being spoke in anger in the privacy of a person's house...

I don't know a person who has not said the things Mel did...So get over it people.

What..you all think the world is so perfect,and people dont say crap like this?...TMZ,you should go hang out in the break roms at places of work all over this country..Then you could attack all of us,and have America's picture up here.

Black,White,Indians..and Jews all say crap abouit others...Wake up and smell the dam coffee....Geeewhiz.

1571 days ago


Mel Gibson will probably have a difficult time being accepted in Hollywood (the movie industry) after his latest episode of verbal diarrhea...antisemitism is NOT COOL.

1571 days ago


Why don't they ask Weisbaum, Arsberg or Narcisstein

1571 days ago


I am sick and tired of people that put their religion before their country. They are shoving their agenda down our throats.

1571 days ago


I'm not on 'Team Mel' but with this guy it's probably the steroids doing the talking!

1571 days ago


This guy sounds like an Internet toughie!

1571 days ago

South Beach    

Taping someone without their permission, unless it's clear your life is in danger, is a felony. They leave it on voicemail, different story. But these 2 deserve each other, they both are trash.
Sad statement for a long career Mel. Robin has got to be laughing her butt off, while sad no doubt about having to explain to your 7 children with her how their dad had just gone off the deep end.

1571 days ago


Gee, two of Mels favorite people in one pic. And yes everybody is racist or has said a racist comment in their life. Remember that old saying,"sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me". Time for people to toughen up again!

1570 days ago


Southbeach, "Taping someone without their permission, unless it's clear your life is in danger, is a felony."

I'm guessing you didn't go to law school.

1570 days ago

Esther Heras    

it is not about that word. it is about this couple. what is going on with this couple to make such a violent theats.

1570 days ago


Isn't Goldberg Jewish? Sounds like a Jewish name.

1570 days ago
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