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Lindsay's New Girl -- Israeli Fighter

7/5/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a new lady in her life who is battlefield ready -- she's a former member of the Israeli Defense Force.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay and Eilat Anschel -- who completed her mandatory stint in the Israeli army -- met a while ago in L.A. ... but things have been getting pretty serious over the last month.

According to sources, Lindsay started using Eilat as a "shoulder to cry on" during the whole SCRAM thing ... and then things just evolved as they do.

But again for Lindsay ... love may prove elusive. Her friends understate the problem this way: "It's not the healthiest relationship in the world."  The friends say Lilo's totally obsessing over the chick. 

Who really cares though -- the new girl's SMOKING HOT.


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Another reason why we Jews have to date shiksas then beg them to convert for us. All the hot Jewish girls are lesbians or on a foreskin hunt. :(

1573 days ago

george fudge!    

She can't OD fast enough. Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, should be ordered to work with her to ensure this goal is acheived. Come on Dr. Murray, make that scram bracelet go off like a 5-alarm fire!

1573 days ago

someone who reads    

"I have heard that Israels fighter pilots are given better and harder training than any others. Is this true?"
Posted at 2:12 AM on Jul 4, 2010 by rickmake

"I would love to see their flyboys try and complete BUD's training for US Navy Seals--no one can touch our Navy Seals or Delta Teams!! That is why we have to cover the Isreali's ass everytime there is a conflict."

Posted at 8:00 AM on Jul 4, 2010 by nick

Nick, its the other way around.

1573 days ago


Nick your iggnorence is apparent...before trying to put a people down, learned about them before you make comments you know nothing about.

CS LL can sit on my face anytime.

1573 days ago



#103-Sheila Shigley

1573 days ago


Nick your iggnorence is apparent...before trying to put a people down, learned about them before you make comments you know nothing about. CS LL can sit on my face anytime. Posted at 6 :46 PM on Jul 4 , 2010 by Jo

Umm...Jo. Its ignorance.
"Put a people"........huh?
"Learned about them"......again, huh????

not trying to be the spell check of the board, but you might want to check your spelling/grammar before you make a comment regarding someone else.

1573 days ago

Prince Jnr    

Open up Lindsay you are a lesbian rite?good picture above lol

1573 days ago


You vitriol spewers obviously have such miserable lives, I almost feel sorry for you. Don't you know that curses against people that have never done you any harm will rebound against you?
Be afraid, be very afraid.

It's obvious that you are filled with so much hate because
your lives are empty of meaning and purpose.

1573 days ago


BS. Lindsay already said there is nothing to this story. They did a photo-shoot together--that's it. Some of you are such sheep. BAAAAAA

1573 days ago


Bad boobs, no butt, doughy looking. Not the worst ever but HOT? NOT! This chick was in the Israeli Defense Force? What is that like mall cops? No wonder Israel needs the worlds help all the time if this is their average soldier. Weak. Maybe she has a big penis.

1572 days ago


Wow, interesting comments. I just had to post that i for one think the girl IS SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!1

I mean she has a beautiful face, and that hair, and i love the boyish looks, on a hot femme.

Happy 4th!!!

1572 days ago


Is that an open container I see?? Just sayin'.

1572 days ago


Ewww Lindsay you nasty lesbo! Umm all Israelis must serve in the army by a certain age, it doesn't mean she is "battle ready"!

1572 days ago


all you lesbian haters are simply jealous. I would take either of them over Paris any day, or mel or any of the other wife beaters out there; let us not forget the biggest wife beater of all, John Wayne!!

Posted at 12:23 PM on Jul 4, 2010 by ginny

Crawl back under the rock you came out from under ginny. John Wayne was not a wife-beater. He had three tempermental latina wives during his lifetime. The real love of his life was a schoolteacher (Irish family) from Louisiana. Pat Stacy was not a wife. She was John Wayne's secretary and faithful companion for seven years - up to John's last heartbeat. Don't fabricate wife-beating by John Wayne to further lesbian agenda.

1572 days ago


does anyone see this chick has a moustache?
wax it hunny, and pick up some breasts while you're out~
pass~ this one's the same kinda fugly as sam~ lilo's got bad taste in women xP

1572 days ago
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