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Lindsay's New Girl -- Israeli Fighter

7/5/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a new lady in her life who is battlefield ready -- she's a former member of the Israeli Defense Force.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay and Eilat Anschel -- who completed her mandatory stint in the Israeli army -- met a while ago in L.A. ... but things have been getting pretty serious over the last month.

According to sources, Lindsay started using Eilat as a "shoulder to cry on" during the whole SCRAM thing ... and then things just evolved as they do.

But again for Lindsay ... love may prove elusive. Her friends understate the problem this way: "It's not the healthiest relationship in the world."  The friends say Lilo's totally obsessing over the chick. 

Who really cares though -- the new girl's SMOKING HOT.


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This woman was in the Isreali Army. She seems stable. She is very athletic. This person might be a stablizing force in her life. They are developing a relationship when Lindsay is not drinking, so this may be a good friendship if nothing else.
I wish Lindsay the best of luck with her new friend.

1535 days ago


Oh please, just a few weeks ago she was with Indrani the photographer in that awful Double Exposure show on Bravo, then she got punched in a bar over some dude Danny Cipriani or something like that at a club, now her friend is her lover. When does this utter stupidity stop? Eilat is the same girl that Michael Lohan called a "zombie" when he barged into Lindsay's apartment to "rescue" Ali. She's a friend, much like Patrick Aufdencamp was a friend. That's all. She probably isn't even lesbian or bi not that that matters. Also, for those that say she doesn't have curves, better look at some recent pics of Eilat. She's very curvy and wide in her hips even though she's thin.

1535 days ago


I'm going to make the prediction right now that Lindsay is dating females in part to rebel. And when the situation suits her she'll claim that she's not getting any work, not because of her instability, but because they're discriminating against her for being lesbian. I'm waiting for it.

1535 days ago

Oh Brother.....    

Doesn't Lindsay EVER just stay at home for ONE NIGHT instead of going out? It's really ridiculous seeing her in the tabloids every day going out YET AGAIN.

1535 days ago


I have heard that Israels fighter pilots are given better and harder training than any others. Is this true?
Posted at 2:12 AM on Jul 4, 2010 by rickmake
I would love to see their flyboys try and complete BUD's training for US Navy Seals--no one can touch our Navy Seals or Delta Teams!! That is why we have to cover the Isreali's ass everytime there is a conflict.
Posted at 8:00 AM on Jul 4, 2010 by nick

I have spoken with people who have lived in Israel & have read about the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) & I do believe that the people of Israel get extensive training.
They start young. There is a pre-army program that is optional, but many Israelis join. The young teens that join can take a machine gun apart & put it back together blindfolded in minutes. They can do much more, but that one always impresses me. When they turn 18, both men & women must serve in IDF with a few exceptions.
The people of Israel are very proud & they should be. They have been at war for 1000 years with the Middle East. They are beyond tired of continuously being displaced & shot at.

I really hope you are not serious. If you are, you are misinformed & clearly you can’t read or spell.
The United States NEEDS Israel as much as we need them. Actually I believe we need them more. Israel is basically the only allied country that we have in the Middle East.
“It is the only country in the Middle East that resembles the U.S. in its values and democracy, is very strong. Both countries have long-recognized that their mutual interests of deterring war, promoting stability and eventually achieving peace are only possible if the United States continues to stand firmly behind Israel.”

Our country (U.S.) is extremely dependent on Israel. It is the only place where the U.S. has openly sold military weapons without an Oliver North situation – our weapons used against our troops. This is done because we (U.S.) need a place to put missiles etc. No other country in the Middle East would / could be trusted with our military intelligence. The weapons we give to Israel are superior to other countries, but the modifications that the Israeli’s make to our planes /weapons & share with us is beyond superior.
So you think all the U.S. does is “cover Isreali’s ass every time there is a conflict.” Considering that they are surrounded by countries in the Middle East that WANT to wipe Israel off the map, I think it’s safe to say that the U.S. has NOT COVERED ISRAEL’S ASS EVERY TIME THERE HAS BEEN A CONFLICT. We help, just as they would if it were us.
The IDF is one of the strongest military's in the world. Considering that there are fewer than 8 million people in Israel & over 300 million in the U.S., you do the math. Yes they need support as a group of people & as a country. So you think we should just turn a blind eye?
I am not going to indulge in your bizarre fantasies regarding who would kick whose ass. Why the hard on with Israel? Is it your ignorance or something worse?
The Israelis need & must have a country.
Please read the info that I attached & learn how to spell ISRAEL.

1535 days ago



Doesn't Lindsay EVER just stay at home for ONE NIGHT instead of going out? It's really ridiculous seeing her in the tabloids every day going out YET AGAIN.

Posted at 10:47 AM on Jul 5, 2010 by Oh Brother.....

Lindsay said in an interview that if she were not in the media she would feel like she did not matter anymore. Why do you think she is always out looking like a walking / stumbling STD.

1535 days ago

Lisa Giordina    


THANK YOU! Your intelligent post is highly appreciated (although I doubt many people will understand it).

Too many haters here...

1535 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

She's lackin a lil in the tush and the breasteses but she's still a lil hottie. The fatties with their fat lil utters are just jealous that this girl has less fat in her whole body than they do in their cottage cheese thighs. Like a few others have said, these two would make an interesting sex tape.

1535 days ago


That shows you that she doesn't care bout any thing. Gives the judge more ammunition to put her a55 in jail.

1534 days ago


Her a55 is skinny as hell!! If she's a hottie some one is smoking crack or had to much to drink. I think Lindsay is going kosher, no more swine looking women!!!!

1534 days ago


Shes in dire need of a shrink!!!!

1534 days ago


That is hot. Lindsay needs new friend

1534 days ago


lohan has denied this--and i think she is more interested in Danny Cipriani

1534 days ago



Lindsey looks like a duck, the lips are a mistake...

Posted at 5:02 AM on Jul 4, 2010 by Jaded

1534 days ago



The Israeli chick is probably a spy! Has she registered with the government as a foreign agent?! Has the government dutifully informed the spy that Lohan is an STD infected skank?!
TMZ, please inform your paps that they must disclose the facts about LL to the Israeli agent, that LL only has diseases and no gov't secrets.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Jul 4, 2010 by george fudge!
I really hope the spy thing was your lame attempt at humor. The girl served in the Israel Defense forces.
Since when is Israel spying on the U.S.?
Please do a little research before you make dumb blanket statements like that one.

1534 days ago
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