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Kelsey Grammer: I Called My Kids On Father's Day

7/6/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer had a lot to say about TMZ's story ... that Father's Day was a tipping point in his marriage that led Camille to file for divorce.

Kelsey posted on his blog that he ultimately did call his kids on the evening of Father's Day.  He says he was surprised they didn't call him in the morning. He also said he had texted Camille to wish her dad a happy Father's Day, hoping that would remind her to have the kids call him, which didn't happen.

Kelsey, who has been in New York doing a play, says, "I and two of my old buddies drove up-state to spend a little time in the mountains.  We stopped for dinner and when we got to the house (which has no cell service, by the way), I called them to see how they were doing as I do almost every night."  And, Kelsey says, "Perhaps it was foolish of me to expect a call on Father's day, but frankly I did."

Kelsey adds, "Mason had been upset earlier that day because she was missing me." 

TMZ broke the story that Camille filed for divorce.  Kelsey wrote he and Camille had been discussing the possibility of separation for some time.

And, he says, "Certainly, the time will come when I do see another woman.  I expect Camille to see other men.  I hope people and the press will understand that we are both free to carry on with our lives."


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I don't think this is about father's day at all. He sounds like he's been neglecting his family for a long time now for the freedom of single life. To do whatever he wants without consulting his wife or caring about his family.

Kelsey suck it up, quit new york and get your ass back HOME where it belongs. Stop going through women until your bored. It's so stereo type. Save this marriage. Do the right thing. The grass is NOT greener. You will have a new wife who looks and acts exactly like this one only your kids will despise you and the new kids you bring into this wold. Families are NOT replaceable. You are making the wrong decision.

It is so clear he is cheating on her or wants to at the very least.

1534 days ago

you know it    

Yes he should have been home. It seems his marriage was not very important as most men take for granted that when you are married that the work stops. No it doesn't and will vouch for that. Being married doesn't mean that we women will take your childish behavior and tantrums when you don't get your way. Compromise with everything! even taking the trash out. One party shouldn't have to do it all the time. But instead of ranting "I always take the trash out and you never do!" Say instead "Sweetie, would it be possible if you could take the trash out today?" Put it in a question form that way you don't get smacked in the face for being a monster!
Sorry for the rambling, I'm going through this right now!

But seriously, Kelseys actions speak louder than words. he's not fit for any relationship if his response is this. Men do not get it. He should just apologize and say he was wrong, but men can not say that. It makes them vulnerable and their egos are too swelled. That's why they marry so often. It's not too late!

1534 days ago


Al Gore is a crazed sex poodle.

1534 days ago


Hey Kels!....nothin' like workin' on a marriage there eh? Perhaps you should consider for once thinkin' with your northern brain, than your southern pee pee. There's a reason why she's pi$$ed at you. Start putting her & the kids first for once, and you just may be surprised that your reception might be alot warmer.

1534 days ago


I have to agree w/Kelsey on this one. My ex lives in another state. The first thing I said to my son on Fathers Day morning was: "Call your Dad!" On top of that, we'd already bought a gift card & card & mailed it to him. So didn't work out, that's their dad. In my opinion, if the child is at least at an audible talking age, it's the custodial parents responsibility to make sure the child INITIATES communication on Fathers Day & B-days. Seems a little strange to call your child & say; "Hey it's my B-day or Fathers day.....wish me a happy day." In addition.....what are you teaching your children? You HAVE to make effort in relationship & that means BOTH ways. I WANT to raise a child that considers "others".

1534 days ago


Why does he have to call his kids on father's day?, Shouldn't they call him?

1534 days ago


Sorry TMZ - but I think the way you reported this information was improper - and just out to make a buck... The first reporting was a lie --- outright... Just simply tabloid news.

Don't you think - for a moment - that what you write is read by hundreds of thousands of people - and instead of creating a shock value lie - you could take the time to get to know the celebrities and actually print decent TRUTHS --- whether good or bad angles?

Grammer is one of the kindest men in the world - and anyone who has met him will agree. In every business dealing - every contact - every marriage - all will say that he has been nothing but a stand up person.

In that respect - perhaps TMZ ought to take the time to get to know the people - and actually report Truth for a change.

Shock reporting is great - but it isn't the truth - it's FICTION -- and that makes a difference.

Sure - it looks great when you have the PR capabilities and you pay your teams to get the word out. But in the end, my friends - iwhat you say is not the truth - until you go back and fix it - then people will begin to understand that...

Honestly -- you have some really good reporters and good writers - and they are excellent at their jobs - kudos to them for that... I would just like to see some more accountability.

And some more truth.

Thanks for listening.

1534 days ago


*******!!!! who say's that??? There children, not dogs. What money does to MEN(****).

1534 days ago

kate pp     

You're away from your family yet it's more appealing to go road tripping with your buds. How about a trip to see your children? Then you go to a place where no one can contact you? What were you thinking? We are supposed to be sympathetic to your plight? KG not cool young kids or your cronies? Can you say Deliverance? Banjos in background fading out! Frasier has left the building!

1533 days ago


LyricsExpress...he's the only one trying to smear anyone here. "Please respect our privacy", though he's out talking about it and being quoted everyday always with a dig against his ex. Have you seen one word out of her?.....THE ANSWER IS NO! She's the only one with class in this pair.

Kelsey's game plan.

Phase 1) Media statement about respecting their privacy especially the wife. Look like the hero.

Phase 2) Go to media and make statement to diminish his wife and clear his name of any wrong doing.

Phase 3) Have a story released to a media rag about his wife or girlfriend to have the publics view of her so low. This is were he shines. He collaborates with others and has the final say on what's to be released. It always must be juicy! The last go around was she was crazy and tried killing me and herself. This time? Drugs, adultery or what? We are waiting for this phase, it's always the most scandalous. I'm sure this heartless person even gets physically aroused by hurting his duped woman. What an awful despicable excuse for a human being....

Phase 4) Play coy about phase 3 knowing full well he was behind it. Never deny or admit that he's is already done this one either way because the damage to the ex has been accomplished.

Phase 5) Work on and publicize any acts that he can which are contrary to the damning truth about him. You'll see pictures of him doing mundane things that no one cares about. His PR people are great at getting this BS out to the public.

Phase 6) Be seen out with his new girlfriend***. "Who he just met!". That's the comic relief. Anyone with a brain knows the new girlfriend is one he's been sleeping with for months.

(***whomever you may be dear lady, I beseech you to get your fastest running shoes on and head for high ground, YOU ARE HIS NEXT VICTIM, ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!)

Phase 7) Publicly defend new girlfriend to the world.

Phase 8) Push the envelope on having more torrid things said about his ex. You know just in case people see through the first round BS. He always needs to be the one who has done no wrong, heaven help us, if only he could just be a man.

Phase 9) We don't have to worry about at this point as everyone is sick of the man.

As it goes, it's exactly the same thing every time with this narcissistic misogynist a-hole. Please see his other break ups in this regard. Always a different pretty lady hung out to dry by the same ugly insecure man and his cold soulless character.

1532 days ago


who cares if he has another girlfriend, who cares if she is pregnant, he has a choice and so does his wife, if the marriage is over, its over, money gets split and everyone goes their happy ways, i wish my husband was loaded when we got divorced, money can't buy happiness but it makes things allot easier

1501 days ago


I can see why Kelsey left Camille. She only talks about her things in the RHOBH show and seems like a terrible mom...4 nannies and 2 kids? Come on... She appears to be a gold digger and it is too bad that Kelsey didn't protect his assets. I wouldn't be surprised is she ends up with his best friend/her tennis partner who joined her in Las Vegas.

1403 days ago

Vickie Sauve    

Kelsey got her confused with Arleen Sorkin.

1398 days ago

les davis    

Run kelsey!!Your very lucky with the new girl,be glad you got rid of that crazy camille,she is disgusting always bragging about how rich she is and jealous everyone is of her.I hope you kept mauricio as your real estate guy.Good luck with your new love,you and your chilodren deserve to be happy.

1376 days ago


I'm so glad to have this opportunity to butt into kel's life. Though having NEVER watched him in any of this projects, I could never get past his ugly demeanor, and awful his awful thirst as a publicity hound. He continues to prove me right when I see his name in rag's. I am not qualified to say anything about him, which makes me very happy. I could give only an unadulterated opinion as an unadoring fan.

1065 days ago
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