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Lindsay Lohan

Begging, Pleading, Crying

7/6/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

53 seconds -- that's exactly how long Lindsay Lohan was able to beg for mercy in open court before she started to break down and cry.

Judge Marsha Revel allowed Lohan to address the court just moments ago -- and in between teary-eyed breakdowns ... Lindsay apologized multiple times and tried to explain why she missed alcohol education classes. 

So we gotta ask ...


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I voted YES on 'real tears' cuz SHE IS NOT THAT GOOD OF AN ACTRESS.

1572 days ago


@sadsadsad- Ding fries are done. Ding fries are done... lol.

1572 days ago


Cry me a friggen river ! She consistantly has gotten away with murder for years now. She deserves jail, and I think she deserves much more then 90 days ! And as far as her father saying the system failed her, and she should be in rehab, she's been to rehab more times then she can count and it hasnt done her any good. How many scram braceletes has she had to wear now ? Sometimes it take something like jail to smack someone like Lindsey who thinks she is above the law, into shape. And her comment on, she had to work ? Work ? What work ? Lindsey hasnt worked for years cause no one will hire her. Her work is done on the insides of her eyelids, cause she oversleeps till 3:00 in the afternoon every day. And her mother & sister ? Where were they ? How come the one person Lindsey wants nothing to do with is the only one who stood by her side ? Just saying. It took jail to wake Robert Downey Jr. up. and he was a much worse drug offender then Lindsey. Downey Jr. is clean sober, and working now.
Lindsey needs the same kind of treatment, and I agree jail time is the only thing that make her very well take things seriously now !
I agree with the judge.

1572 days ago


Heck yeah those are real tears...This heffa is going to jail. She thought that she was above the LAW. But the judge just slapped her ass back to reality...

1572 days ago


...actually it was 63 seconds

1572 days ago


What a great actress (oh please). She still didn't take responsibility. She blamed the place instead. They told her it was okay, blah blah blah. It is about time some of these celebrities learn they are not immune to the law.

1572 days ago


Reality check for Ms. Lohan and her continous downward spiral of life headed to county. Time to own up and be adult.. do the time. Save the tears cause not even high powered attorney could not save ur troubled self.

1572 days ago


The real tears didn't come until she found out she wasn't going to get away with it.

1572 days ago


Oh, I think they are real tears, but not because she feels remorseful. She's crying real tears because she's afraid of going to jail.

1572 days ago


I think she's crying for real... she's finally realizing how much she really screwed up...

1572 days ago


Wow, she really is a decent actress. Never saw anything she did professionally, but she's pretty good.

1572 days ago


Lohan SMELLS, in every way, imaginable! Jail is where she belongs, and jail is where she should stay! She is a sweaty, snotty, sniveling mess. She will be among appropriate "sisters", in the Lynwood jail...

1572 days ago


Real tears. Bitch was scared and rightfully so. She's going to jail.

1572 days ago


I hope Revel feels as ugly of a person on the inside as she is on the out...way to prove a will prob cause Lyndsay to be pushed over the edge...why give her the scram if you knew you were going to do this in the long run anyways??? To get more money from her..shame on the justice system and on Revel...Lyndsay needs rehab not the nasty joke of the jail system!! Wonder if Revel will be on a court show soon! Wuit watching TMZ and basing your judgments on what TMZ and random people say..that's hearsay not factual!! Must suck being a judge and having to go home with yourself...but then again you'd have to be a control freak to do your job.

1572 days ago


She's 24 and a product of Hollywood..give her a break!

1572 days ago
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