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Lindsay Lohan

Begging, Pleading, Crying

7/6/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

53 seconds -- that's exactly how long Lindsay Lohan was able to beg for mercy in open court before she started to break down and cry.

Judge Marsha Revel allowed Lohan to address the court just moments ago -- and in between teary-eyed breakdowns ... Lindsay apologized multiple times and tried to explain why she missed alcohol education classes. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Yes, her tears were real. But, that's because she knew that the jig was up. She knew that the Judge was not falling for any of her excuses. And, she would finally have to go to jail and serve time.
I am glad that Michael Lohan came to the Courthouse with his Attorney, Lisa Bloom. And, equally happy that he voiced his concern for her continued drug use regardless of his past estrangement from her and the family.
Moreover, I feel that Dina Lohan is a pathetic excuse for a parent. I wouldn't doubt it her little sister, Alley will be tip toeing down the same path.
I can only imagine that she wanted the SCRAM bracelet removed so she could party like a rockstar for the next two weeks. I'm glad the judge stuck to her decision and declined that request.
Will be watching for her to report to court in two weeks. Hopefully this will save her life...

1568 days ago

dirty diana    


1568 days ago


She could have killed someone by drinking and driving and instead of being remorseful and apologetic she snubbed her nose repeatedly at the court system and the citizens out on the roads that she drives on. Folks that like her--she missed SEVEN court appearances. Who does that and gets away with it?? Nobody. I sure hope this judge stands firm and does not let her get out before 90 days. if not, it will be dangerous to all of us that drive on the same roads as Lindsey. If she wants to throw her life away that's ok with me, just do not do it near the roads I drive on. It's ridiculous how celebs get away with everything and I am happy this judge finally said ENOUGH!

1568 days ago


Glad she added the 90 day program after the jail. 25 days in jail and a 90 day program will definitely help her.

1568 days ago


She has thumbed her nose up to authority for way too long, and now she has to pay the price. She didn't know she was non-compliant? If I was placed on probation and had to attend a rehab program, I would make darned sure I followed the judge's orders. It would be MY responsibility to know what those orders were. And, if I knew jail was my penalty for any mistakes I might make, I'd be damned certain I wouldn't make any mistakes. Stop the "boo hoo hoos" Lindsay, it's your fault, period. The system didn't let you down, you did this to yourself.

1568 days ago


Los Angeles County court system is a JOKE. Poor Lindsay, this is too severe and I hope she bounces out of there with house arrest w/in a day or two.

Keep your head up Lindsay! All of you people talking sh*t, I guess, have never done ANYTHING wrong and I hope when your time comes to be judged that you are shown as little mercy from your peers as she has. Self righteous big mouths.

1568 days ago


Real but to little to late .....

1568 days ago


I think the cry is real.... she is not that good of a actress =P

1568 days ago

LA Native    

And no apology...she still doesn't get it. Hopefully after this she will for her own sake, and us who drive the roads with her.

1568 days ago


wow....listening to her crap: it's still not her's the stupid people at the program...not her! Right! It seems to me that she truly believes in her lies...

1568 days ago


those first tear prior to sentences were not real. Her atty had to prepare her for those tears or they would have started already. She was prepped like a role for that. When she heard she was getting more than 30 days, the real ones came! She did not pay attention to the judge speaking ever, rewatch it, she is off in the background paying attention instead of listening to the judge

1568 days ago


Did anyone else notice that her eyebrows & forehead DO NOT MOVE during this whole speach? What is up with that? Too much botox? I think it hurt her testimony today.

1568 days ago


real tears, wrong reason. shes not sorry for what she did, shes sorry shes being made to pay

1568 days ago


Defining moment for a drug addict in denial. This judge just might save her life...hopefully she makes her serve the full sentence, because she's going to need it to clean herself up.

1568 days ago


I think she said "I take responsibility." That should have gotten her off. Any time a politician or other crook says "I take responsibility," it makes everything okay.

1568 days ago
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