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Lindsay Lohan

Begging, Pleading, Crying

7/6/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

53 seconds -- that's exactly how long Lindsay Lohan was able to beg for mercy in open court before she started to break down and cry.

Judge Marsha Revel allowed Lohan to address the court just moments ago -- and in between teary-eyed breakdowns ... Lindsay apologized multiple times and tried to explain why she missed alcohol education classes. 

So we gotta ask ...


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I agree with the judge she deserves to go to jail, There is no excuse or reason why she should miss her court dates or she shouldn't attend the programs she was suppose to go to.If she would have just did what she needed to do she wouldn't be in the mess she keeps getting her self into and the tears were real because she knew she couldn't beat the law this time and she was going to jail. She deserves jail time and hopefully she will really wake up and learn this time.

1540 days ago


Can't say Lindsay didn't deserve jail time, but let's not act as if we're not partly to blame. More in my latest blog post, Taking responsibility for Lindsay Lohan.

1540 days ago

robert h    

Wow, she started that plea waaaay wrong. The judge wants to hear that you admit to doing wrong, not that you did everything right when you know damn well you were in the wrong. I'm so glad she's going to jail. I bet you anything she will be a much better person when she gets out, and she will probably be a better actress too. But she needed to go to jail to get her off the frikkin coke and other drugs. seriously.

1540 days ago


Excuse me but what did she do to any of you guys? where does all this hate come from.. none of you even know her? gheesh!

1540 days ago


Blah, blah, blah...what a load of garbage she's dishing out to the judge. The jail time and probation will hopefully wake her up and save her live. Her current life is a totally disaster.

1540 days ago


Funny how Lindsey claims she didn't know she was doing anything wrong. All she had to do was check out TMZ once in a while to notice that she might be in trouble. How could she imagine DUIs and missing court-ordered classes by leaving the country would add up to happy times? The court should have required her to check in with TMZ periodically to note her lack of compliance.

1540 days ago


You celebrity worshiping fans and the court system are killing this girl;

She has THREE! 3 DUI's; cocaine possession; 2 parole violations; one for not showing up in court and another for testing positive while wearing her ankle bracelet.

She has been above the law and because you worship her and the courts keep letting her off easy, she slowly kills herself.

She's very mildly talented but because of all this drama she keeps getting more famous.

She needs to be put in jail; but I think they will give her house arrest; but she needs to go to jail for 90 days and be humbled. If this were you or I we'd be doing jail for year.

I know some people with 3 DUI's who got 6 months in jail and with 3 it's for sure a year.

1540 days ago


She pushed it too far now the other one needs to go next (Heather)

1540 days ago


Poor kid. I felt sorry for her. I think the tears were genuine and I think she was shocked by the jail sentence. I am shocked by all the cold hearted comments here. What is the matter with you people? This young lady clearly needed some support here which she didn't have. Clearly being a actor or actress is not the field to be in these days with so many cold hearted people in this world. You give to fans and they give you cold hearted mean hateful comments. So sad.

1540 days ago

"why is she on TV?!"    

She was blaming her work schedule?!
Where is she working?!

1540 days ago


I love how Shawn Chapman Holly was so embarrassed that she couldn't even make eye contact with Lindsay!

1540 days ago


they are real tears becuz she knows she going jail she isnt sorry for the deed shes sorry she got caught

1540 days ago


Another bull**** Paris Hilton cop out im sure. These young celebrities cant handle their fame, money and the peer pressure. We as a society cater to them rather than hold them accountable for their actions just like every other person. She needs help, positive support and guidance by the right people in her life. I dont really have any respect for this person but it would be a shame if she became another part of the celebrity morgue. Then every dumb ass can ask why?? Why did this happen? Was there a warning sign? What should of her parents done? blah blah blah... Same story over and over. And here I am typing about it

1540 days ago


Oh - I think those were real tears....only because she was scared....not because she was really sorry. I know people say show compassion and all but if that would have been any regular joe or joanna off the street - they would have been underneath the jail by now.

1540 days ago


Stop all the whining, drop the hype and sensationalism, you do the crime you do the time and her time is not anything compared to those who have been in prison wronfully accused and sentenced to years, lost their hope and freedom for something they did not do. Look at the plight of those that are starving around the world, no clothes, living in dumps, no family, being abused, forsaken and die alone under a bridge or in a drug den. So many suffering, innocent people, what is the bg deal here? Look at all those animals being killed by the oil, citizens lived altered forever, lets place our attention on things that really matter.

1540 days ago
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