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Lindsay Lohan Probation Officer's Report

7/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's probation officer's report lists 5 drugs Lindsay is allowed to take, and the combination is powerful.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

According to the report, Lindsay is allowed to take Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and the extremely powerful painkiller Dilaudid.

Under the terms of probation, Lindsay is allowed to take these drugs.


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dirty diana    

so mike lohan the money grubber.... why are you not sueing the doctor??? and yes she needs the stomach pill for all the booze and other pills she takes!!! this is bull **** period!!!i do see a doctor going down!!

1569 days ago

normal person    

I would say that she has been abused and harassed by the press and the haters on these sites

1569 days ago


They should just inject her with heroine-this is BS. Everyone knows those are abused and addictive drugs. There is NO justification for her to need dilaudid. Pulling wisdom teeth does not necessitate THAT RX. 5 Vicodin would have more than sufficed.

1569 days ago

george fudge!    

It looks like she is allowed to OD while on probation and sitting in jail.
As Nike would say, Just Do It! Take all the pills of all those pharmaceuticals, Do It Now! The public never wants to see or hear of you ever again. You are useless and wasting oxygen by breathing.

1569 days ago


Unless you have ADHA, Axiety or Depression that hinder your life, you should not post here. You have no idea what it is like, or what you are talking about. Without the meds, Lindsey might just be another suicide. Think about that one. But dont comment unless you have walked in her shoes.

1569 days ago


No wonder she is so messed up. All those powerful drugs prescribed. Someone might want to check and see what doctor would do that, even for money.

By the way, who did she keep looking back at for support?
Was a friend sitting behind her? No one commented on this that I heard or read.

Her lawyer wants her to be treated like anyone else?
Ok, now she has been. Others would have gone to jail long before now. And showing up with the messages for the judge and I assume the general public on her fingernails...........just low class and no class. She's what 24 now? Grow the hell up.
Show some class.

1569 days ago


Maybe I'm not in the same age group as some of the other commentators, however i recall when she first got together with Paris Hilton and her 'entourage' including " the greasey oil heirs". This was at the same time Paris 'befriended' Britney Spears. Why is it Paris, who herself went to jail comes out smelling sweet (international invitations to high functions) and the rest are left in Paris' wake. Anyone who goes near Paris better watch out... she's a physcotic, narcissitic danger waiting to happen to those who she comes across.

Lindsay actually has talent and I wish her nothing but the best. Please people don't beat someone when they're down... it could happen to you in more ways then you could even comprehend possible.

1569 days ago


Another nurse here ...

Who in the hell is her dentist and why is he doing something as irresponsible as dilaudid? For Christ's sake, that is one bad-ass narcotic that's usually reserved for the worst kinds of pain, notably cancer pain.

It's not the kind of drug that any physician (in his or her right mind, worried about the consequences of prescribing such a drug to an irresponsible patient) would ever give for a surgery as minor as wisdom tooth extraction. Codeine or Vicodin for a day or two is usually just fine. Some people require even less, plain tylenol or an NSAID and that is adequate.

But dilaudid??? She had better be off of that stuff WEEKS ago. Geez, I take vicodin for multiple back surgeries and I worry about taking 2 of those a day!

1569 days ago


She gets out and party party and does all sorts of stuff, but she cannot go to her court appointed appointments. She always has excuses and excuses. Yet, Nancy Grace even showed pictures of her doing all sorts of stuff. She needs help now so that in the future she will be well. This judge is a hero, for she is fair. She could of gave her 180 days in jail. Anyway, this girl has been to rehab before and it's not working so. this is truly a blessing in disguise for her. This will help to save her from herself. She is so very young and she needs to be around good influences and it's not about how many movies one makes or how much money it's about health.. Without good health life is nothing.. When it comes to money and material things no one can take it with them. Elvis could not take all his things or money with him.. Most important is for her to be well and be in her right mind off medz.. good luck to her.

1569 days ago


This is why she is broke , to get a good script deal like that you have to be giving up something , money or sexy dances. She has the opiates , and the adderal to keep her awake so she can enjoy the opiates , and the tranozone to help her sleep , and tha anti- depressants for coming down and when her tummy gets upset from all the goodies she even has something for her acid-reflux, Add to this a few lines of Columbia's finest and a red bull and double vodka and you are definately THERE!!! This is a carefully arranged deal here , mark my words it will all come in time

speed , heroin , downers , sleepers and tums by their other names

1568 days ago


why for any reason does she need opiates...cause she's a ****en junkie...any normal person who did what she did would of been in and out of jail already...but nooooo pretty little bitch cant go to jail she a celeb...**** u go to the cell and cry..... you've got your chance now do your time crackwhore

1568 days ago


Trazodone is technically an antidepressant, but about the only thing it is used for these days is as a sleep aid. What she is on is not that powerful at all, with the exception of the Dilaudid.

1568 days ago


Wow...thought I would add my two cents about Lindsay's prescriptions; she should most definitely be off the Dilaudid by now if her oral surgery was on June 10th. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I was prescribed Dilaudid by my oral surgeon and it knocked me RIGHT out; I couldn't feel a single thing and it put me into a weird coma-like sleep. I wonder what her dosage is; her 'tolerance' (I don't know if you can even build up a tolerance to something like Dilaudid, I am certainly not an authority on painkillers or controlled substances) must be pretty damn high.

1568 days ago


WOWOWOWWWWW NEXIUM!!!1! Powerful stuff TMZ...

1568 days ago


I'm amazed that any physician would prescribe that combination of drugs. What kind of pain would need Dilaudin - especially at her age with no significant physical ailment. There needs to be an investigation of the the drs in CA, big time.

1568 days ago
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