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Lindsay Lohan Probation Officer's Report

7/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's probation officer's report lists 5 drugs Lindsay is allowed to take, and the combination is powerful.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

According to the report, Lindsay is allowed to take Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and the extremely powerful painkiller Dilaudid.

Under the terms of probation, Lindsay is allowed to take these drugs.


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Dilaudid is 10 times stronger then morphine and Trazodone is a sleep aid with a slight antidepressant quality to it. So she is using speed to wake up and who the hell is on Dilaudid for any extended period of time except for someone who is addicted. Who is the Doctor on this on??? Why is no one asking that question??? TMZ why don't you find out! Dare you!

1571 days ago


What's up with the FREAKIN' Dr.(s) that's prescribing this crap to her? Who are they? Umm.. another case of enabling an addict!

Poor girl, hope she gets help and these doctors get their license pulled!

Enough is Enough!

1571 days ago


- Drummer17

TMZ could careless, they are waiting for her to OD so they can report on it and get hits on it all day!

I'm with you, I Double Dog TMZ to find out who these enablers are!

1571 days ago


With all of the alcohol she drinks? These doctors need their heads examined. I wonder if all of their reports acknowledge all of the alcohol.

1571 days ago


I would imagine her night club hopping doesn't help the acid reflux at her age and Dilaudid is for serious surgical/infection pain or end-of-life comfort. This girl is an addict and expect to hear of another Hollywood tragedy if she doesn't change her life soon.

1571 days ago


What the heck does she need a painkiller for?

Seriously. She's a dead man walking.

1571 days ago


#106 - Crowgirl: It's clueless people like you who excuse all sorts of addictive behavior and don't look at the whole picture. Dilaudid is a very serious narcotic and not for dental pain. "Heart burn med, who cares?" - at Lohan's age it could be indictive of a very serious digestive issue. On top of that she's under alcohol monitoring? Her mother also said in an interview she has asthma. Add all these up and the other drugs she's taking and she's a very unhealthy person. You remember why Heath Ledger died? He was on prescription drugs and he had people all around him acceptive of his behavior. It's not the tabloid 'bashing' that's doing the most harm - it's Lohan's multiple doctors, 'friends' and associates enabling this addict.

1571 days ago


She's better off snorting cocaine and drinking beer than ingesting THOSE.

1571 days ago


Also, don't you think she is only using the Adderall for weight loss?

1571 days ago

I thought she had asthma. Does anyone remember the drama over hospitalization for asthma 5 years ago? Why Dilaudid(Morphine)? No wonder she's a train wreck. She's stoned out of her mind. Imagine adding alcohol and cocaine to the mix. She needs serious help from the kinds of therapists who would take her off those drugs and teach her to be human again. Where's Dina? Is she getting spa treatments, a face lift? Spending the money...Sad. Lindsay was talented once upon a time. Fresh faced and full of life. She looks like she's aging in dog years.

1571 days ago


Crowgirl: you should be ashamed of yourself for saying something so reckless as should Dina Lohan for not stepping in on her daughter's behalf. These are dangerous drugs that should not be mixed with alcohol, cocaine and amphetamines. All these substances were also found in her system at one time or another. Prescriptions drugs have side affects. Some being pain, insomnia, heartburn, anxiety. It's a vicious circle of trying to constantly take something else to combat another thing. Before you know it you are a raging addict to many substances. Thank God for Michael Lohan constantly ranting about his daughter's life!!!!!! This girl is 24 years old and probably weighs under 120 lbs. Just how long does she think she can continue on with this pattern before she overdoses or dies or a stroke or heart attack??

1571 days ago


The Doctors who prescribed these drugs should be named and prosecuted for pushing drugs. This is a young girl who does not need to be treated for acid reflux, insomnia, depression or any other thing. If any, she should be taking vitamins.

Who are these Doctors????

1570 days ago


Let's all pray for Lindsey. She obviously has some problems that are managaed by drug use. Let's pray that she finda a way to manage them without drugs. She is God's daughter.

1570 days ago


I can't believe that not one person has pointed out that Trazadone can be used for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. We're talking about La Lohan who went from partying every single night to wearing a SCRAM bracelet. It wouldn't surprise me if she needed it.

1570 days ago


She was taking trazodone for years. Long, long before the SCRAM bracelet 2010. According to TMZs own PDF she took dilaudid 2 times. She also showed proof of prescriptions. From what I've learned in research, this amount of prescriptions is not dangerous or uncommon. As for the person who talked of alcohol, yes, of course that can be dangerous. But she did not drink alcohol due to the SCRAM, I believe that one alarm was a false positive. Anyone on medication that mix it with alcohol face this danger and that's a whole lot of people, certainly Lindsay is not unique in this respect as many people take prescribed medications.

1570 days ago
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