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Lindsay Lohan Probation Officer's Report

7/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's probation officer's report lists 5 drugs Lindsay is allowed to take, and the combination is powerful.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

According to the report, Lindsay is allowed to take Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and the extremely powerful painkiller Dilaudid.

Under the terms of probation, Lindsay is allowed to take these drugs.


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And if she drives while on those...technically she is Driving Under the Influence in California......that is the law! I got a DUI for driving while on prescription drugs...that were PRESCRIBED to me....**** California! **** is going down in the dumps because it has been run by morons!

1538 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

Two antidepressants & a painkiller??!!!!! Someone please tell me that there isn't something wrong with that picture. I think the doctor who has prescribed these things needs to answer several questions.

1538 days ago


she really needs to do something about those duck lips-they make her face comical looking-what was she thinking lol

1538 days ago


Oh my god! She is taking Dilaudid.
I hope she gets help because she is too young to throw her life away and anyone enabling her should be ashamed.

1538 days ago


woww...why are they trying to stop her from drinking when she is on all of these much more dangerous drugs...justice system is a joke if they are going to take her to jail but let her keep taking these drugs...this girl has one foot in the grave already

1538 days ago


EXCUSE ME!!!! DILAUDED is USED FOR AFTER SURGERY AND FOR PEOPLE DYING OF CANCER!!!WHAT THE **** IS THE DR GIVING HER THAT DRUG FOR?THIS GIRL IS GONNA END UP DEAD BEFORE LONG AND THEN THE FINGER POINTING WILL BEGIN!!!and will then seem that her dad WAS RIGHT!!!i have a very debilitating disease with chronic pain and i dont even get drugs that strong!!!!SOMEONE had better SAVE this kid from HERSELF and her MOTHER!!!!

1538 days ago


It's interesting that there isn't a single asthma drug on the list, not even for emergency use, although we know she has a history of asthma. I wondered if Adderall would do in case of an emergency, since it's a stimulant, but when I googled Adderall + asthma, found reports that Adderall is risky to mix with asthma. It can even cause asthma symptoms in people without the disease.

In any case, keeping away from alcohol is recommended with those drugs. That's probably why she's been looking better with the SCRAM, although I suspect she has tried to beat the system by slow, carefully timed drinking at least once, the night the SCRAM reported alcohol use. The SCRAM takes readings only once an hour and the vibration can be felt by many people. The SCRAM reported .03 or .04 BAC, which is quite high for a skinny woman like Lindsay and makes it less likely to be a false positive (especially when she didn't have trouble any other time). The legal limit is usually .07 or .08, and that just means the blood alcohol level at which a DUI is automatic and hard to dispute - you can be drunk well before that point and still arrested for a DUI if you fail the functional test. Just one glass of chianti would practically put my mother under the table when she drank it on an empty stomach (generally at a restaurant, when she was tired and hungry).

1538 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@Delmar"72. Morgana, I dont' care about your personal opinion. Who here has met Lindsay's doctor, dentist or know anything about her health and the responsible use of prescriptions? Who has seen her brain scan which can determine ADD or ADHD? If you aren't a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, you are ignorant of the drugs. Ignorant in the sense that you don't know facts. If you insist on talking about it and stating your opinions like they are facts about why Lindsay is taking anything, you are just making noise and signifying nothing. Even medical professionals are ignorant if they've never treated Lindsay. Harvey, where are the drugs you are prescribed posted? How about any of your loved ones? Lindsay Lohan was in full compliance with the drug tests, passed them all, and that's all the public needs to know. They don't need to know anything else and the responses on the board show why that is.
Posted at 3:01 PM on Jul 7, 2010 by Delmar

125. She was taking trazodone for years. Long, long before the SCRAM bracelet 2010. According to TMZs own PDF she took dilaudid 2 times. She also showed proof of prescriptions. From what I've learned in research, this amount of prescriptions is not dangerous or uncommon. As for the person who talked of alcohol, yes, of course that can be dangerous. But she did not drink alcohol due to the SCRAM, I believe that one alarm was a false positive. Anyone on medication that mix it with alcohol face this danger and that's a whole lot of people, certainly Lindsay is not unique in this respect as many people take prescribed medications.Posted at 5:25 PM on Jul 7, 2010 by Delmar"

Delmar stop talking about Lindsay as if you know anything about her. which you don't. - loopy e

1538 days ago


I am a chronic pain patient who must live on a substantial dose of Norco (Hydrocodone) every day in order to have some semblance of quality of life. The fact that this brat is abusing something much more powerful (Dilaudid) recreationally and regularly with a flippant attitude and the blessing of a doctor makes me beyond angry. Celebrities such as her give pain medications such a bad reputation and make them so much harder to obtain for those of us who truly need them to live a normal day-to-day life.

1538 days ago


And I know PLENTY about pain medications and what each is for and unless she is dying or has just had MAJOR surgery we don't know about then there is no reason for her to be on a continual dose of Dilaudid. I can't even get Dilaudid and I am on disability because of a major chronic pain condition. I have had 7 major surgeries with long term hospital care and would not be given Dilaudid. It is NOT a casual pain drug.
I have a nursing background with a full family of doctors and nurses. There is NO reason for this girl to have a casual prescription for this drug. Period.

1538 days ago


No wonder all these celebs are ODing.. why does she need all those meds??? that combo mixed with Her drinking will for sure kill her.. what a shame.

1538 days ago


Our society could care less about peoples lives. Here is a chance to help someone (rehab)and what does the judge do? Throws her jail with harden criminals.

1538 days ago

The Watcher    

No. 84: "The mother should be charged with neglect..." Are you serious? Lindsay Lohan is a grown-a$$ woman. The parents have exhibited bad parenting skills, but at some time she has to grow up and take responsibility for herself. Having a terrible childhood myself, it took years of therapy for me to be able to function and I'm still broken. Never, however, would I suggest that my parents were somehow responsible for any decision I made from the time I was 17 forward. SHE'S A GROWN WOMAN!!!!!

1538 days ago


Dilaudid for dental pain? Really? How about just vitising a dentist?

1538 days ago


She is perscribed diliadud from her dentist?!! That is equal to oxycontin and I've never heard of a dentist perscribing that strong of a pain killer for dental work. Something is fishy here and I don't know why police are not investigating this dentist. She is obviously addicted to pain killers and she is obtaining them off her status through a dentist....TMZ GET ON THIS BEFORE WE HAVE A MICHAEL JACKSON CASE... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK WHY A DENTIST IS GIVING OUT HIGH GRADE PAIN PILLS TO SOMEONE THAT DOESN'T NEED THEM FOR PAIN...why do these people get away with this.

1538 days ago
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