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Lindsay's Prescription Drug -- Stronger than Morphine

7/7/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a current prescription for a drug she's technically allowed to take despite her drug testing requirement -- and it's several times stronger than morphine ... TMZ has learned.


According to sources familiar with Lindsay's most recent probation report, LiLo has a prescription for Dilaudid -- an extremely powerful painkiller ... often compared to morphine ... and even heroin.

As long as she has the prescription, Lohan is in the clear to pop the painkiller -- presuming she follows the dosage guidelines.   We're told a doctor wrote the prescription after Lindsay's recent dental surgery.  We do not know the quantity the doctor prescribed.

But as we first reported, that's not all she's allowed to have in her medicine cabinet -- Lindsay also has prescriptions for two other drugs -- Ambien and Adderall.

Linds -- who just got sentenced to 90 days behind bars -- is still subject to drug testing before she surrenders on July 20.


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Why do *all* of you *believe* it's the Dentist Rxing the Dillie? As mentioned way back on page 2, Did can be used as a sub for Morphine when Morphine causes reactions in the patient. Morphine can be used to help addicts get off other street drugs such as heroin.. Think about it.
Adderal is widely used in Hollywood as the *Skinny Drug*. Also used by those who need to do highly concentration reading, such as college students, those who much read many Tech manuals regularly, etc..Its pretty easy to fake the ADD/ADHD symptoms so its easy to get.
I've been told that people crush up Ambien, snort it, and stay awake to get a hallucinogenic high. I was on Ambien briefly and I had some bad night coming off of it, like a bad LSD trip with panic attacks.
Someone thinks she's bipolar. She does not have many of the basic Bipolar symptoms as laid out by the DSM 4/5, unlike Britney, who classically has that I'm a happy bubble of chaotic energy that crashes into deep hopeless,unconnection in the world and basically an unremitting dead state, then pops up again. Lilo is a hopeless person however, she doesn't view herself as hopeless -"I did the best I could"--she seems more classic addict.
How would you all feel if she subbed her drinking/drugging ways with food instead?

1536 days ago


I'm with Commenter #3. My dad was administered Dilaudin in his last 36 hours of life due to end-stage cancer. There's noooo way Lindsay should be on Dilaudin....sorry. I've had dental surgery before myself -- the removal of four impacted wisdom teeth. They put me on a mild painkiller, and weaned me off all inside of a week. I was not prescribed Dilaudin, or even morphine. If her teeth/mouth is hurting her that bad, why hasn't she gone to the dentist yet? I don't buy any of this.

1536 days ago


WTF?! I had Dilaudid for pancreatitis before surgery and this is a POWERFUL medication! It caused me to believe I saw bugs on the hospital ceiling and I couldn't carry on lucid conversation with anyone. And Lohan mixes alcohol with this drug? WOW. This girl really needs rehab. I had dental surgery and cannot imagine using Dilaudid for the pain; Vicodin is more than enough.

1536 days ago


When i had my gall bladder out, i went to emergency in such pain that i couldn't stand up. The emergency tried Morphine and it didn't work, so they gave me Dilaudid and i said what is that, they said it's Morphine x 10. Well, it not only took away all pain, but it made me high as a kite. This is serious pain medicine. I bet it's a tough detox.

1536 days ago


Tha is ABSURD! I have worked in the dental filed for over 37 years. I have assisted in many oral surgeries including removal of wisdom teeth! NEVER has a patient ever been prescribed this drug for pain! I agree, this Doc needs to be investigated! I have never in my career, seen a patient prescribed anything close to this. The strongest medication that is prescribed for dental surgery is Vicodin ES! Usually only 12 to 20 pills and no refill. YES! She has a feel good doc. Someone take a real close look at this person before this young woman is DEAD!

1536 days ago


Pardon my typo's in my last post. it just shows you how shocked I was to read that she is being prescribed this medication. I am SERIOUS when I say, someone INVESTIGATE this Dentist! He is going to kill her with this drug. With all of the people that read these posts, I pray the right people see it and start making some calls. This is a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE! This is a DENTIST for God;s sake!

1536 days ago


Dilaudid? Really? My questions would be why is it STILL necessary for her to be taking that prescription when her dental issues were over a month ago and why was it prescribed in the first place for dental surgery?

This appears to be yet another case of a Hollywood doctor prescribing unnecessarily strong narcotics to a celebrity. I've had dental surgery was was given Vicodin or Percodan - and then only for a few days. I'm beginning to wonder if the doctors in Hollywood have a courtesy contract with the funeral directors because they are getting alot of business lately.

1536 days ago


I work in a hospital and there is no way in hell she needs to be on Dilaudid!!! We only give that to patients that are either dying or are in debilitating pain! Her doctor definitely needs to be investigated!

1536 days ago


Oh.....and to WTF.....I'm a recovering addict (10 years free of all alcohol and drugs) and yes, dilaudid is a horrific detox. That girl is in for it because I don't believe she'll be allowed to have it in jail.

1536 days ago

Um, wow...    

This PROVES she's an addict...and this PROVES why she hasn't had withdrawals from all of her other addictions!!! Dilaudid is VERY strong... 2mg of it equals 10mg of Morphine!! I've only had Dilaudid twice, and that was for Kidney Stones (twice out of 39 kidney stones!!) Dental surgery does NOT warrant something this strong...The Dentist should be investigated!! PLUS, it's been long enough, that she shouldn't need ANYTHING, much less this Narcotic!! The strongest thing I've ever gotten from a dentist was the lowest dosage of Hydrocodone!! And, even that is enough... She should be on MOTRIN, now... This is total BS!!!

1536 days ago


Well her Dental work is she should be done taking that.

1536 days ago


My father had Bone Cancer and was taking Dilaudid for pain I can not believe that dentist gave Lindsay Lohan that strong of medication for her pain Something is not right

1536 days ago


Uhh, I am an RN, and dilaudid is not stronger than morphine. Morphine is the gold standard for narcotics. The only way dilaudid would be stronger, is if someone took a higher dose. But that's beside the point. Dilaudid is for short-term use (like right after surgery). Why someone would be walking around with a prescription for it is beyond me...Anyone who is out partying in clubs every night certainly isn't in enough pain to warrant a prescription for that!

1536 days ago


Bull****! I had lots of dental surgery and my doctor NEVER prescribed any high performance pain killer like that, at the most tylenol 3, that is just absolutely wrong! There is no way she would need it!

1536 days ago


Oh really, somebody needs to get a life. Just because something is stated on TMZ you all believe it. LOLOLOL Notice, TMZ even states "we do not know the quantity the doctor prescribed". That is to cover their rear end.

1536 days ago
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