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Lindsay Lohan -- Nailed With Another Lawsuit

7/6/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Under the category ... "When it rains, it pours" ... Lindsay Lohan was just served with legal papers in a civil lawsuit while she was in the courtroom elevator.

Lindsay was in the elevator at the Bev Hills Courthouse, on her way to Judge Marsha Revel's courtroom at about 8:25 this AM, when a process server working for a company called Tough As Nails attempted to hand Lindsay legal docs. 

The process server says Lindsay "freaked out," told people around her to get the guy out of the elevator and away from her.  The process server says he attempted to hand Lindsay the papers but she would not take them so he dropped them on the elevator floor, by her feet.

Under California law, generally a process server has done his job when he comes face to face with the person served.

TMZ broke the story -- Lindsay is being sued for not paying for more than $17,000 worth of clothing, and accessories from Church, a store owned by Tough As Nails.


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wow didnt know qbout this stuff until now! wonder if the judge will ever know. she needs to goto jail or something.

1537 days ago


To get out of this mess, she needs a good head on her shoulders, steady nerves, and wise advisors. Unfortunately for her, she has none of these. So the poor thing might as well start drinking again. It is so sad. The end is near....

1537 days ago


This business about no consequences for the scram going off is ridiculous. The Judge must have been bribed or something. What's the point of having her wear the bracelet if there's no penalty for it going off? WTF? Celebritiy justice strikes again.

1537 days ago


P.S. She is a beautiful girl. I hope she wises up.

1537 days ago


We should rename her to Daffy Lohan with those duckbill lips.

1537 days ago

John Stone    

She can't get a break because she isn't a responsible person. If she grew up and took care of business she would be fine.

1537 days ago


Time to get a job and pay your bills like everyone else!! The store that sold you the goods had to pay for them, so do you!

1537 days ago


She can't pay for her shopping sprees, but she can afford to have fillers injected into her lips. Lindsay and Lisa Rinna share the same lips now.

1537 days ago


Put her in jail! Maybe being put away for a while will force her to grow up. At the very least it will keep her out of trouble for a while.

1537 days ago


i know she ****ed up, but seriously. Could they not have waited at least couple days? she might be heading to jail here, i would have freaked out on the guy too.

how does someone get away with taking $17000 worth of clothes in the first place?
you would think a store like that would have better security? does anyone else think this is odd? do people in LA just take **** bag it up themselves and walk out of stores unbothered?

1537 days ago


She's going down! Finally!

1537 days ago


< Nelson Voice > Ha Ha!

1537 days ago


wow, can this girl get a break!? i know she ****ed up but
seriously, they couldn't have waited?

I guess they felt the need to bombard the girl with even more legal papers, when she might be going to jail soon, i would have freaked out to.

1537 days ago


wow, can this girl get a break!? i know she ****ed up but
seriously, they couldn't have waited?

If you read the whole article it states the process server's job is completed when he/she comes face to face with the person. They have to actually see the person. If you know where they will definately be i.e courthouse for another case, you show up. Period. That's why they did it now.

1537 days ago

Marilyn Wittenwyler    

When was the last time she worked? She must be out of money soon. Poooor Lindsay...its her own fault.

1537 days ago
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