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Lindsay Lohan

Time is Not on Her Side

7/7/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Friends of Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ ... they fear for her safety -- even her survival -- during her two weeks of freedom before going to jail.

The judge could have sent Lindsay to the slammer immediately, but instead gave her until July 20 to turn herself in.  Friends worry that Lindsay is now fully off the hinges and may not be able to resist the drugs and alcohol.

The catch-22 -- if Lindsay falls off the wagon she could end up getting even more jail time.  Even worse, her friends worry Lindsay could become so irrational she could harm herself.

As if there weren't enough temptation ... there's a big belated birthday bash for Lindsay set for tonight at an L.A. club -- not the best place for a future inmate with a SCRAM accessory



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Just put this whiney little 'ARROGANT' beeetch in the slammer now...for the FULL 90 days...then RE-HAB for the FULL 90 days...She needs a BIG time reality check - She's living in another world!!!

1569 days ago

Malaya Kadiri    

That girl is on a ****tail of drugs poured stronger than Kanye West'S personality they should have given her more time just to sober up! Should would have at LEAST gotten six months it were up to me, now she gets to go back to having a white christmas in less then 3 months!

1569 days ago


So the courts let her continue to take super strong narcotics because she has a prescriptions during probation.Which is total bull ****, she just wants to use. I dont think thats going to fly in a court ordered rehab and if it does what the hell is the point in sending her their. Rehab is to get clean and sober . How can the courts send her to rehab when shes got dum ass doctors out there saying she needs it? Does anybody no how this works in court ordered rehab. Its seems to me she doesnt want help , shes in TOTAL denial and at the point of no return.

1569 days ago


Was anyone else vomiting when she got up to plead her case, telling the judge that she was not trying to be disrespectful and that she thought she HAD been following her court orders? How is it that every news entity in the country reported that she had not been attending/nor been in compliance with her court ordered alchohol classes, but yet LL does not know this? If she did not know this, then she should fire her lawyer. Does she really think everyone is so gullible? Yes LL, TMZ has the scoop on you and so does the rest of the country. We only watch because you are such a mess. It is like passing an accident without cannot be done, however, you need to get over thinking we are looking because you are such a star. No, we are waiting to see if the junkyard can do anything with you besides throw you into a crushed heap of useless junk.

1569 days ago

Drink My Puke Snot    

I would so do her! But first I would bend her over my knee and give that B I T C H a damn good spanking first! Oh yeah! Enjoy your new roommates Lindsy, and remember suck don't blow! Ha Ha Ha!

1569 days ago


I just want to know WTF Lindsay did to her lips!? Her upper lip looks like a frisbee. A little too young to "plastic up" your face, don't 'cha think?!

1569 days ago


I bet she tries to report to jail earlier than scheduled to try to outsmart the papz.

1569 days ago


The more I read about Lindsay the less I am feeling sorry for her. I try to give her a break but, how many breaks does she need before she "gets it"? If her parents are so worried about her why don't they pay her legal fees, go with her to court for at least moral support, or make sure she doesn't go to the clubs and drink or do drugs or whatever else she may be doing. If she lived in the real world she would have been in jail by now and for a lot longer. If rehab is where she is headed they better not send her to a celebrity rehab as they do nothing but, keep condoning the behavior that put them there in the first place. Dr. Drew could have helped her if they would have tried. He has helped many celebs get clean and sober. It will not be easy for Lindsay but, nothing in this world is ever easy, unless you are rich and famous. THey live by a different set of rules than the rest of us. i think Hollywood should band all children from entering the acting business, or least make them get a phsyc evaluation, to see if they can handle the stress they will have being in the public's eye. Sad state she lives in and that is the PARENTS fault. If they would have done better by her and not be so selfish she would have been okay. Whenever parents divorce it is most ALWAYS the children that suffer.

1569 days ago



How can this bi*** get help if she keeps denying she is on coke? America is not stupid!! we know how pple on coke and f*** pills look like....they look unhealthy skinny like you lindsay, your ugly a** D.J galfriend samantha and that naked naked a** walking scarecrow Gaga!!!! Go to jail n see if it can save u before its too late!!! u r not fooling anyone but urself!

1569 days ago


She still has money to pay for "Friends"?

1569 days ago


" I said 'Ha hah!"

1569 days ago


Once Lindsay owns to being an addict/alcoholic, recovery support groups such as AA, NA, or Lifering have a good chance of turning her self-destructive life around. Let's pray she makes it.

1569 days ago


I wasn’t going to comment but I’m really amazed at all the hate out there. Can’t anyone see that the poor girl needs help? To her mother and father: your beautiful and talented daughter was a blessing. It’s a shame that you couldn’t give her the love and guidance she needed. Maybe her jail sentence was a good thing. Some kind of intervention was called for. I hope Lindsay will get the help she needs before she ends up dead.

1569 days ago


Don't be jealous she is still a babe.... Yumm

1568 days ago


Redheads are usually emotionally abused o na daily basis so I think that Lindsey probably is mostly emotionally stong and will pull through but redheads are very sensitive physically and she was already punched on her birthday when she did nothing to this girl that girl should be sitting in Jail with her for physical hurassment.

1568 days ago
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